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Advice to Broke Entrepreneurs: How to Build Trust Online in 2 Hours and 15 Minutes

Advice to Broke Entrepreneurs: How to Build Trust Online in 2 Hours and 15 Minutes

Do you have an extra 135 minutes to spare this week? That’s all it takes to drastically improve your chances of creating a real connection with your customer. 

Every sale is entirely dependent on the first impression you make with your site. It sets the mood, and every buying decision hangs on it. The good news is you’re just four steps away from a better landing page that can help your business sell more almost instantly.

Why Does It Only Take 2 Hours and 15 Minutes? 

Any average guy walking down the street can write five words a minute to boost their conversion rates. In two hours, you’ll have written 600 sales-focused words. 

That’s plenty of space to craft a winning pitch. Add another 15 minutes for editing out the typos. That’s all it takes to give your brand a fighting chance when the traffic comes rolling in. Anyone could do it.

1. The Headline 

The most crucial part of any landing page is the beginning of the page. The headline must flag your target buyer. That means mentioning precisely who the product is for. 

Be specific, and always target your most profitable type of customers. Add one benefit and one frustration to the title to really grab their attention. 

Here are a few great examples listed below to inspire you. 

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• Web Developers: Work Less and Stop Getting Stiffed by Tricky Clients! 

• Need to Lose 20 Pounds? Enjoy Your Favorite Foods (Minus the Extra Weight) 

• Weekend Golfers: 5 Ways to Out-Swing Your Buddies Without Taking Time Off to Practice 

The tool offers an ideal solution for creating targeted headlines. 

2. The Opening Sentences 

This opening is where you’ll build an initial bond with your traffic. You shouldn’t focus on features or benefits in the opening sentences. 

This spot is reserved for letting the prospects know that you understand their wants. For example, most golfers want to spend time on the green and get away from their busy schedules. 

If you are selling a product related to golfing, you should talk about how relaxing it is to play golf. Mention how nice it is to get away from work for a few hours on the weekend. 

That’s how you build trust, and it is the primary determining factor in any selling situation. Spend the first 200 words entirely focused on letting them know you understand how they feel.

Check out the tool to create and improve opening paragraphs. The AI Writing tool helps craft the perfect message.

3. Benefits Versus Features 

For the other 300 to 400 words, you’ll want to focus on every little detail about your product. People who are interested in buying want all the facts before they commit, so don’t be slack about it. 

The only trick here is differentiating features from benefits. It doesn’t matter what type of gadget you’re selling. Always tell your customer precisely what’s in it for them every time you mention a product feature on your landing page. 

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Customers will often window shop based on features alone, but they buy based on benefits. Never neglect to explain why they should care about every feature and how it ultimately benefits them.

The AI writing software called offers a tool that helps with creating features and benefits.

4. The Call to Action 

There’s no way around this. You have to ask for the sale. It might make you feel pushy. Your stomach might churn just thinking about asking strangers for money, but you have to do it. 

If you don’t ask for the sale, you’re going to miss out on many conversions. Spend the last sentence, or two focused on telling the reader to make their purchase today. 

If you want even better results, then give them some kind of incentive to act immediately. You can do this by including a limited-time offer or by upgrading the shipping. Be creative with your offers, and always ask for the sale on every page!

If you are using WordPress, you might like to add the elementor page builder, which offers a call to action sections, and blocks. 

Another way to make offers and include a solid call to action is with the software called Optinmonster

Put This Plan into Action Immediately 

Don’t just sit around thinking about writing a solid sales pitch for your landing page. It only takes two little hours to give your website a fighting chance in the new economy. 

Remember to write a great headline that focuses on getting attention from your highest-paying target customers. Make the first paragraph about what they want and how they feel about it. 

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This builds immediate trust and sets the tone for the rest of the pitch. Wrap it up by focusing on what’s in it for the customer, and always end with a solid call to action.

When customers trust you, they are more likely to become loyal to you and recommend your products or services to potential buyers. They perceive it as safer and easier to invest time and money in your company’s products or services.

As a result, they can build up a relationship with the company as well as its employees. In short, it is easier for customers to buy from you and more likely that they will be satisfied if they do so.

On the other hand, when customers don’t trust you, everything becomes harder. They feel suspicious about your products or services, doubt whether they can get what you claim to offer, and would even hesitate about getting in touch with your team members. They will not engage in more than just buying some products or services from you.

To earn customers’ trust, it is important that you know how to build trustworthy relationships with them. Here are some tips that might be useful to you.

Don’t say what you don’t do

Customers are more likely to trust your company if they know that it is not about creating false expectations. Therefore, try not to use words that may imply the opposite of what the company is offering or selling.

For example, avoid using expressions such as “special offer” which might mislead customers into thinking that your products or services are of high quality, when in fact they aren’t.

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You probably know the feeling. You go online to find a product or service you need and come across some ads suggesting promotions of special offers on the product. However, it is not what you were looking for in the first place, so you move on to a different product or service.

You might also come across some ads with the title “the best company in town” and – as you don’t really know if this is true – you move on as well. As a result, these ads are not effective because they create false expectations about your products or services which prevent customers from trusting you.

Be transparent and honest

Customers mostly trust companies when they are transparent about their services and when they offer honesty when communicating with them. This is because when a company is clear in its messages, it shows that it takes its customers seriously and that it is not trying to mislead them.

Also, if you use abusive or forceful marketing tactics, you might lose customers instead of gaining them.

Don’t talk about your company’s past…talk about its future

Customers usually trust a company more when it is talking about its future plans and strategies rather than about what it has achieved in the past. When you are selling something, the product or service you offer at present is not as important as the future that you want to create for your customers.

If you focus on talking about what your company can do for its customers, it becomes easier to trust you and the company becomes more likely to become a long-term partner (Chappelow et al., 2013).

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For example, imagine that you bought an iPhone and got many good things from it. However, now that the latest iPhone has been released, you are thinking of getting it as well instead of keeping the one you already have.

In this case, Apple Inc. is no longer important at all because there is nothing else to be gained from them – you will not buy another product or service again from them in the future.

They don’t matter. Instead, what matters is that they provided you with an iPhone which you liked very much and that the latest model of this phone is now available, so it might be worth getting it as well.

When thinking about how to earn customers’ trust, Apple Inc. would probably emphasize their future plans for creating new products or services rather than talking about their past.

Avoid being too pushy

Customers are less likely to trust you when you are extremely pushy in your marketing strategies. As mentioned, people don’t like it when they feel that a company is trying to force them into buying products or services that they didn’t intend to buy in the first place.

When someone is too pushy, they also do not take into consideration the customer’s needs and their budget for buying. They only care about making the sale come through by whatever means necessary, which may offend people in some cases.

One example of being pushy can be found in online advertisements of personal loans. Some ads suggest that you should take out a loan right away because it might be beneficial for you, but this is not necessarily the case.

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First of all, most people don’t need to use these types of services on a regular basis and therefore they don’t go looking for them online; if they want one, they might opt to go to a bank in person instead.

Second of all, the interest rate for these loans is usually very high, so it makes no sense to get one right away without assessing your current situation or without knowing how much you can afford to pay back.

To conclude, when selling your products or services, you should be honest and transparent about them; if possible, you should also offer honesty when communicating with customers.

Don’t focus on talking about what your company has achieved in the past because this does not affect your customers at present (unless they are still using a product that you used to make). Instead, focus on selling your company’s future.

The best way to earn customers’ trust is by treating them with respect and by taking their needs into consideration instead of trying to make the sale come through at any cost.

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