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Caryn Prall is the host of The Messy Empire Podcast. Along with AJ Guzman, she produces podcasts focused on growth in real estate. In this interview, Rachel Adams Lee shares the process of Breakdown to Breakthrough.

My name is Lori Ballen, and I am a real estate agent in Summerlin, Las Vegas. I have a team that works Henderson, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and Boulder City. You can reach us at 702-604-7739.

This blog focuses on helping real estate agents build their websites, generate leads, convert leads, and grow their real estate business.

I’m friends with Caryn and Rachel, and it’s an honor to share this interview.

The Podcast

Rachel Adams Lee

Rachel runs a business out in Northern California. She has a top-producing real estate team that has been growing for the past 8 years, but that's just one of the many businesses that she's going to talk about today.

Rachel runs a real estate business out in Northern California. She has a top-producing real estate team that has been growing for the past 8 years, but that’s just one of the many businesses that she’s going to talk about today. 

The thing that I want you to take out of this episode is really at the importance of social media in her businesses. 

Throughout all of her businesses, Facebook and Instagram have been a dominating factor for her growth. 

She’s also now diving into YouTube, as well as podcasting. So just take a look at how you can leverage your social media influence and grow it. 

A Big Life

Rachel said she would never get into real estate. Famous last words, she jokes. 

She got licensed to practice real estate in 2012, following the distressed market. 

At that time, she was in an unhealthy marriage. Her then-husband was 80% disabled and suffered from PTSD from the military. 

She was working at a boutique brokerage. 

During the day, she was the positive light for the agents coming through the door, and she helped run the office.

She spent her nights crying herself to sleep.

It was a dark, challenging time for Rachel. She knew that she wanted more for her life. Her parents had been married for 40-years. 

Rachel shares that her dad still holds her mom’s hand in the grocery store. 

This relationship was what she wanted in life. She wanted a ‘big life.’

Rachel heard about Keller Williams Realty and got her real estate license. She wanted this ‘Big Life’ she heard of from Keller Williams

She also learned that the definition of Insanity was doing the same things over and over, and expecting a different result.  

Rachel, who says she wasn’t raised “growth-minded”, says Bold brought her everything she was missing in her life. 

She jumped into real estate with both feet.

A Strong Mindset

Rachel was 26. 

She had no money, and she was hungry. She defines hungry as being motivated. 

Rachel began door knocking. She knocked 200 doors per week and held multiple weekly open houses. 

It still took her four months to sell her first house. Staying motivated was a challenge.

16 Weeks of knocking 200 doors and holding multiple open houses, everyone kept saying, “You are almost there!”

“I better be almost there because I’m Freakin Tired,” Rachel exclaimed.

Rachel had a strong mindset. Nothing was going to stop her. She changed her circle of friends. She moved into higher-level conversations. 

While her then-husband wasn’t kind, she knew her self-worth. She was choosing happiness. 

Rachel wound up, closing 39 real estate transactions that the first year. She sold 39 homes even though it took four months to close the first one.

‘It’s like a toy car, and you’re pulling it back, again and again, trying to get it to go, and you get this tension on the wheels, but nothing’s happening. And you’re getting so frustrated, but the consistency of doing the right thing FINALLY gets it to take-off.”

The consistency of that lead generation, consistency of learning, and implementation will pay off.

Her 2nd year, Rachel sold 109 homes and 123 in year 3. She was ranked in the top 1000 real estate agents in the country. 

The Showing Agent

She credits the growth from year one to year two to hiring a showing agent. She moved passed the limiting belief that people would only want to work with her. 

With the right script, Rachel says, a showing agent model can work. 

Multiple Streams of Income

In year 8, Rachel is the lead listing agent. She also runs four different six-figure businesses primarily through social media. 

She says door knocking can only create one 1 to 1 conversation, but with a click of a mouse, she can reach thousands.

She has a “Jamming” YouTube channel and teaches social media marketing.

Breaking Down

Rachel was afraid that she gave the impression of a “perfect life.” Perfect car, perfect hair, perfect business. 

She had gotten divorced, gained 32 pounds, and was completely imbalanced. 

She was working morning till night and drinking way too much wine (she says).

And then, she broke down. 

“What could my life look like if I was truly authentic in everything that I did and intentional about my choices?”

Rachel asked herself.

Rachel didn’t want people to know she was divorced. She was the first divorce in her family history. 

She knew, however, that she needed to be authentic. She wanted what Keller Williams calls it the ‘life by design’.

It became her mantra. 

The Break Through

Rachel said that the only way she could attract Ryan was by becoming the person who could.
Rachel Adams Lee and Ryan Lee

She put herself first. She committed to a 90-day challenge to take care of her health, mental and physical.

She changed her group of friends and stopped drinking. She decided to get rid of her “people-pleasing” needs and stop “fixing” everything for others. 

She also wanted to find the right romantic relationship. 

She made a list of the character traits of the person that she wanted to be with: family-oriented, a sense of community faith, driven, supportive.

Rachel shares that every man she dated said he wanted a strong, independent woman until they dated her. “Oh, not THAT independent”, they would say after. 

When she met Ryan, on Tinder, he told her that he loved what she was doing with her businesses and asked how we could make it even better?

She said he was hot and tall and needed to put a ring on it! And he did. 

Ryan left his corporate job and joined Rachel running their multiple businesses. He had been a top-ranked mechanical engineer for 17 years. 

Ryan is 42, and Rachel is now 35. 

Rachel said that the only way she could attract Ryan was by becoming the person who could. 

Rachel said that she heard Gary Keller standing on stage and talking about multiple streams of income. And he said that the average millionaire has seven streams of income. He challenged the agents to grow.

Rachel and Ryan joined Monat, a skin and hair-care company with a network marketing model. 

They now have 7000 people on that team, have a paid car, and have been on multiple paid company reward trips. 

Rachel and Ryan focus on providing value to everyone they are in business with.

Rachel and Ryan also had a beautiful baby boy. They created boundaries in their lives so they could appreciate their time together. 

Today, Rachel lives authentically on social media. It’s one of the many reasons people love her.

And to the haters? 

She has realized that the haters are suffering, and the issue is theirs, not hers. 

Rachel Adams Lee

The Messy Empire

Caryn Prall hosts a fabulous real estate podcast called The Messy Empire, where she, AJ Guzman, and her guests prove that success is all about embracing the chaos and charging into the Unknown.

Caryn Prall hosts a fabulous real estate podcast called The Messy Empire, where she, AJ Guzman, and her guests prove that success is all about embracing the chaos and charging into the Unknown.

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