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Types Of Blogs That Make Money

Types Of Blogs That Make Money

There are many different types of blogs that make money. It depends on what you’re interested in and what you’re willing to put in the work. If you want to start a blog to make some extra money on the side, there are a few options for you to consider.

But if you’re looking to turn your blog into a full-time business, there are a few more things you need to know. In this post, we’ll explore the different types of blogs that can make money and how you can make your blog successful. So whether you’re just getting started or ready to take your blog to the next level, keep reading!

4 Types of Blogs

There are four types of blogs that make money: personal, professional, corporate, and collaborative. Individuals create personal blogs to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Professional blogs are written by experts in a particular field and provide valuable information and insights to their readers.

Corporate blogs are used by businesses to promote their products and services and to connect with their customers. Collaborative blogs are created by groups of people who share a common interest and use the blog to share information, resources, and ideas.

Whatever the type of blog, they all provide a unique perspective on the world and a way for people to connect.

How Much Money Can Successful Blogs Make?

Let’s start here because it is the fun, juicy part. How much money are people making from their blogs? Well, it varies significantly because your ability to earn is uncapped.

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Be prepared for your eyeballs to pop out if you are new to the blogging world. If you look at the highest earning bloggers – the estimated revenue is millions per year, even tens of millions!

For example, Copyblogger is estimated to reach over $33 million annually.

That is some of the very top and pretty massive operations. Not every blogger is raking in millions of dollars every year. It is shared to show how lucrative something seemingly simple as blogging has become.

The average blogger might earn $1,000 to $10,000 or more in their first year. If they have been a bit sloppy or inconsistent, they might even make nothing – $0.

As time goes on, maybe that doubles, triples, or quadruples. Of course, it is widely variable – like any business.

Successful bloggers may keep their blog as a side hustle and additional income to their day jobs. Others earn enough to make it a full-time thing. Some bloggers are part of the gig workers’ economy, gaining freedom on how they make money and when.

Blog revenue from publishing, services, product sales, sponsorships, courses, and affiliate income can be $4,000 – $20,000 per month for some – or even more like $40,000 – $50,000 for another.

I earn 6-figures in affiliate income generated through blogs and videos based on affiliate income commissions.

There is no ‘standard’ income for blogging. Find a model you like and dig into that niche and model specifically to find your success formula.

Different Types of Blogs that Make Money

As we will share below, blogs can be about absolutely anything. Nobody is making rules for you.

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However, we will briefly discuss a few popular blog types that have been successful for others.

Niche Blogs

A niche can be anything. Your blog niche might even be about blogging – and why not, if it is your thing! Blogging is astronomical in popularity, and everyone is keen to hear how to make money online.

Take Pro Blogger as an example.

It is a blog about writing blogs. His reported monthly income is $40,000 per month or more. This revenue is through advertising and also selling a course on blogging.

This is an excellent example of niching done well to position yourself as an expert with useful and quality content.

However, you can niche in anything you are into.

The caveat is that it should be something that is also relatively popular and likely to earn you money. For example, there might be a (tiny) market for ear muffs made for marsupials, but probably not a large enough one to base your blog on.

You could create a niche in financial advice for beginners, health and lifestyle, and DIY renovations – the options are endless.

Consider what topic you could write about, for years, with relative ease. Jumping on the latest hot ‘niche’ to make some coin isn’t usually the answer.

People can sense your authenticity in your writing, so make it something important to you.

Food Blogs

We’ve all got to eat. This might be why food blogs are another popular blog that makes money.

Gone are the days of opening a recipe book (well, for most), and instead, we often head to the search engines to inspire us. And, in our quest, we find many, many food blogs.

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There are all sorts of blogs out there on the internet, but one of the most popular types is the food blog. Food blogs come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they make money.

Food blogs are usually packed with mouth-watering photos of delicious dishes, and they often feature detailed recipes that readers can follow at home. But beyond just being a source of recipes, food blogs can also be a great way to make money. Many food bloggers partner with brands to promote their products, and some even have their cookbooks or product lines.

They make money from ad revenue, affiliate income, and sponsorships.

Kylie reported a 4th quarter earning of $72,229 for her blog

Travel Blogs

Ah, the travel blog.

Earning a living from a travel blog is the ultimate dream for some. You get to travel and make money from sharing your fun traveling experiences. Never work a day in your life again!

Like any blog, travel blogs can earn from just a little bit of pocket money to 5 figures a month so that you can quit your dull day job. One reported top earner is Nomadic Matt, who earns at least $50k per month.

His blog posts help people travel smarter, cheaper, and longer – who doesn’t want that? He has nailed his niche, and there is a significant interest in traveling as Matt teaches it.

He has also written travel guides – another source of income on his blog site.

Another successful but slightly smaller blog is, Be My Travel Muse. Blog owner Kristin’s niche is solo female travelers within the travel blog scene.

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She has over 20,000 email subscribers and reportedly makes about $4,000- $5,000 per month. This might feel like a more realistic starting goal for newer bloggers than aiming for 5 figure months.

However, check out some successful blogs for inspiration.

You can see they have put many, many hours into their work. Even making $4,000 a month is not going to happen overnight.

It will take time and effort, but it can be worth it.

Check out some of these high-paying travel affiliate programs.

You are going to commit to writing about this topic a lot. Your passion and enthusiasm for the subject will undoubtedly come through in your writing.

Money and Finance Blogs

Before you can make money, you have to understand money. And before you can understand money, you have to study finance. That’s why blogging about finance is such a profitable niche. People are always looking for ways to save money, make money and invest money.

By sharing your knowledge about finances, you can help people save money on interest payments, make wise investments and achieve their financial goals.

In addition, blogging about finance is a great way to build credibility and attract new clients. If you can show your readers that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to money, they’ll be more likely to trust you with their own finances.

Andrew Herrig shared his income report, where he earned nearly $40,000 in his second year as a new blogger on

Passive Income Unlocked is a blog in the “make money” niche reporting a monthly income of nearly $40,000. His income reports are in-depth, insightful, and inspiring.

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Parenting Blogs

Parenting is one of the most popular topics on the internet, and it’s also one of the most profitable. Parents are always looking for information on how to raise their children, and they’re willing to pay for that information.

Most parenting blogs make money through advertising, affiliate sales, and sponsored content. Advertising is usually done through banner ads, sponsored posts, or product placements. Affiliate sales are when the blogger promotes a product and earns a commission on any sales.

Sponsored content is when a brand pays the blogger to write a post about their product. Some bloggers also make money by selling their products, such as e-books or courses. While there are many ways to make money from a parenting blog, it is important to choose the methods that best align with the blogger’s values and audience needs.

Jillian Harris is one “Mommy Blogger” who makes money in this niche. She has a website, blog, and multiple social media accounts to share her experiences as a mother.

She also has a successful YouTube channel where she posts videos about motherhood, parenting hacks, and product reviews. In addition to advertising and affiliate sales, Jillian Harris also makes money through sponsored content and selling her products.

Tech Blogs

Technology is one of the most popular and profitable blogging niches. People are always looking for information on the latest gadgets, software, and computer hardware. And with the rapid pace of change in the tech industry, there’s always something new to write about.

If you’re interested in starting a tech blog, you should keep a few things in mind. First, choose a niche within the tech industry. Trying to cover everything will make it difficult to become an expert on any topic. It’s better to focus on a few specific areas you’re interested in and know about.

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Second, keep up with the latest trends. This can be difficult, as the tech industry is constantly changing. But stay ahead of the curve if you want your blog to succeed.

Finally, consider your audience. Are you writing for consumers or businesses? Each group has different needs, and you’ll need to tailor your content accordingly.

Once you’ve decided to start a tech blog, there are a few ways to make money. Advertising and affiliate sales are the most common, but you can also make money by writing sponsored posts or selling your products.

A popular tech blogger is Anil Dash. He writes about technology, culture, and entrepreneurship. He also has a successful podcast where he interviews tech industry leaders. In addition to advertising and affiliate sales, Anil Dash also makes money through sponsored content and speaking engagements.

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