Picture of a hand with five fingers, and words that read how to use fiverr in your real estate business

How to use Fiverr

In this video, Lori Ballen will walk you through the steps of finding assistants to do the project and ongoing work through Enjoy!

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Create Successful Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns

Here is what you need to know to make Pay-Per-Click ads highly successful for any business.  Whether you’ve never tried it or have tried it without much success, a few facts about how PPC works on Google should show why many who have found it lacking are just not doing it right.

WordPress User Roles

WordPress User Roles – Who Can Do What, and Why?

When we think about widespread data breaches, it’s easy to forget about internal security. Luckily, you website comes with five different, default WordPress user roles that help you, as the site administrator, control how individual users interact with your website. Find out more at

Divorce Real Estate Niche and Lead Generation

Today we are lucky enough to have my good friend Laurel Starks on the call today, the nation’s foremost expert in the divorce real estate niche. As a veteran REALTOR®. She has completed over a hundred and $50,000,000 in sales.

My Personal Improvement Journey and the KETO Way of Eating

I’ve shed 42 pounds in 4 months. 18 pounds of it came out the first month. In this article, I’m going to invite you on a journey of how I, possibly like you, became ultimately frustrated with my health, fitness, and appearance. You’ll gain insight into the Ketogenic Diet, Intermittent fasting, mindset, and more.

How to Create a Brand Board using Canva

Hi, it’s Lori Ballen with Ballen (Lead Generation Systems) and (Las Vegas Real Estate). Today I’m going to show you how to use Canva to create a branding template for your colors and styles.

Man is holding a camera over his eye ready to take a picture and the banner reads how to use canva

How to Use Canva: Branding Images for Your Online Marketing

Branding is an important factor when it comes to online marketing. Your brand represents not only who you are as a company, but it represents you directly. You want to make sure that your branding reflects your aura and what you represent as a person and a company. Canva can help.

How to Create a Youtube Playlist

Derral Eves with shows various methods to create a playlist on YouTube. He also dives into detail on how creating playlists can help you gain more views Learn How to Get More Real Estate Leads

Computer is on a desk with a keyword, cup of pens, mouse, and coffee cup with Ballen Brands Logo and is facing a window. Letters spell out the words The Right Metrics for Search Engine Ranking Keywords

The Right Metrics for Search Engine Ranking Keywords

You have to know what numbers are important when you are tracking your SEO efforts. Is it total keyword rankings? Traffic? Traffic Cost (Value?). I’m Lori Ballen and In this video, I’ll show you what metrics are important and how to find them in the SEMrush Keyword Tool. 

How to Embed your Clicky Tracking Code

In this video, Sabrina Wekerle will show you how to embed your Clicky Tracking code to your website. This way, you can better measure your traffic sources and top traffic pages. 

computer and diagram of the various http status codes

HTTP Status Codes and SEO

Hello everyone, this is Kevin with Ballen Brands and today I’m going to discuss the 5 most important steps you can take to help keep your WordPress website safe and secure.

How to Set Up Clicky Analytics

Hey, this is Sabrina, lead trainer for Ballen Brands, your real estate agent website and lead generation company. Today I’m gonna show you how to set up a Clicky analytics account.

laptop computer spells out words how to update your wordpress plugins

How to Update Your WordPress Plugins

Hey this is Sabrina, lead trainer for Ballen Brands. Today I’m gonna show you how to check for plugin updates on your WordPress website and how to update those plug-ins.