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The Best WordPress Image Optimizers

The Best WordPress Image Optimizers

There are several WordPress optimization plugins that you should keep in mind. But which are the best WordPress Image Optimizers?

With numerous WordPress optimization plugins available, you can streamline your images, reduce your loading speeds, and improve your users’ experience. 

If you run a website today, you need to think about that user experience and prioritize it appropriately. 

Most bloggers find that images and videos can be helpful. Pictures can help you improve your brand identity, entertain your users, and provide additional assets that you can use during the promotional process.

At the same time, unnecessarily large images can boost the loading times of pages. This delay can negatively impact your search engine optimization while also increasing your bounce rate, indicating that your users are becoming frustrated.

Therefore, you need to use image optimizing WordPress tools, which is one of the most popular programs used to design web pages. 

Smush and Smush Pro

Without a doubt, one of the most powerful tools out there for optimizing WordPress image loading speeds is Smush and Smush Pro. 

Smush can optimize images up to 5 megabytes in size. Furthermore, you can even use this tool to optimize your images individually or in bulk.

Smush is an easy plugin to use, even for beginners. It is a straightforward process to install this plugin on an existing site. 

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After installing Smush, you need to go into the settings section of your WordPress page and navigate to the media area. 

Then, you can activate the plugin there and watch it go to work. 

Any new images that you upload to your WordPress site will be optimized automatically as long as the plugin is installed and still active.

One of the most accessible plugins to use for WordPress, there are multiple tiers available. If you decide to go with the free version, you can optimize images up to one megabyte in size. 

If you decide to go with the paid version, Smush Pro, the limit increases to 5 megabytes. Even though Smush can have issues with bulk compressions, it is remarkably efficient for image compressions. 

A customizable, versatile, and efficient tool, it is easy to see why Smush Image is so popular.

Compress JPEG and PNG Images

A tool that is named logically, Compress JPEG and PNG Images is an easy tool that everyone can use to optimize their images. 

This tool provides separate, popular image compression services, which are TinyJPG and TinyPNG. 

The tools will quickly and efficiently analyze the content of every image. 

The tool will then automatically choose the best image compression strategy without compromising the quality of the image itself. 

Compress JPEG and PNG Images can:

  • Distract artifacts
  • Compress Metadata
  • Remove redundant data

Using this tool requires only a few clicks. Users can take images, drag them over the tool, drop them over the tool, and watch the total compress the image. 

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After this, the image’s file size should shrink, making it much easier to upload to a WordPress website. 

Even though Compress JPEG and PNG Images is one of the older tools available for compressing images for websites, it remains one of the most popular because of its ease of use.


For those who are concerned about their bandwidth, Optimus is the way to go. Optimus can optimize images up to 70 percent by taking the photos, uploading them to the Optimus server itself, and sending you new, reduced-size versions that you can use on your WordPress site. 

Furthermore, this tool can do all of this without altering the quality of the images. 

For this reason, Optimus is one of the most versatile tools available for optimizing images for WordPress. 

Because it is easy to use, this plugin is also one of the most popular tools for reducing page loading times, reducing the size of images, and optimizing the user experience.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Another great tool that people can use to optimize their websites’ images is called ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a powerful tool that offers multiple images compressing strategies, allowing people to customize them to meet their needs. The two options available through ShortPixel Image Optimizer include:

  • Lossy: With this option, the image is reduced by eliminating specific, redundant data, leading to a smaller file size
  • Lossless: With this option, every bit of data in the file is compressed, leading to an even smaller image file
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The smaller the file size, the faster the website is going to load. On the other hand, if too much data is compressed, this could impact the quality of the image.

The good news is that ShortPixel Image Optimizer also stores the backup copy of all images. Therefore, those who are unhappy with the results can simply visit ShortPixel Image Optimizer and download the image’s original copy. 

Then, the original image can be restored if needed. Because there are so many options available to the user, ShortPixel Image Optimizer is one of the most popular tools available today for image optimization for WordPress websites.


Imagify is a tool that is compatible with various other plugins, including WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery, and other programs. 

Therefore, this is an excellent tool for sites with many images that need to be compressed in a short period of time.

This tool functions by compressing images during the upload stage. Then, individuals can use this tool to specify the specific degree of compression they desire. 

The three options are normal, aggressive, and ultra. Therefore, this tool also provides users with a greater degree of control regarding the file size and the ultimate result.

Furthermore, those who aren’t happy with the result have the option to restore the original image. Imagify stores a backup copy of all images that are uploaded. 

Storage means that users can restore the original copy of the image at any time they desire. There are multiple tiers available with this tool, providing individuals with a greater degree of versatility and flexibility over their image compression strategies. 

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It is also possible for people to alter the degree to which images are compressed if they would like to strike a balance between their website’s loading speed and the quality of their images. 

For all of these reasons, Imagify is a popular tool among those who have many images they need to compress.

Imasanity (EWWW Image Optimizer)

Imsanity (EWWW Image Optimizer) is a tool that provides features that are not found with other programs. 

Those who decide to use this tool will be able to specify a maximum height, width, and quality level for each image they upload. 

Furthermore, this tool can detect and compress any images that exceed those parameters. Therefore, this tool is ideal for those who would like to automatically strike a balance between the quality of their images and the page loading speed. 

If users decide they are not happy with the quality of their images, it is also possible for them to go back and alter these parameters, changing how images are compressed in the future.

In this manner, Imsanity is a tool that works great for websites that have less stringent image requirements than others. Furthermore, this image also provides something called a bulk resizing feature. 

Any previously uploaded images that are outside of the parameters that have been specified can automatically be compressed to meet those parameters.

Finally, EWWW Image Optimizer is also able to take file types that are not ideal for compression, such as PNGs and BMPs, and compress them to JPG formats, which aren’t nearly as bulky.

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For all of these reasons, EWWW Image Optimizer is a powerful tool that people can use to compress images on their WordPress websites.

WP Compress

WP Compress is a tool that can shrink file sizes via live image optimization. WP Compress is a unique tool that can change its image optimization depending on the device, compression strategy, and parameters of the image that are being loaded. 

Furthermore, WP Compress can provide image compression speeds as fast a 7 ms without making them so small that it impacts the quality of the images themselves.

Furthermore, WP Compress also provides a wide variety of key features for agencies that might be working with a wide variety of client sites. 

In this manner, WP Compress is one of the most versatile image compression tools for WordPress users. Image Optimizer

Another option is called Image Optimizer. For those who work with the API, Image Optimizer is the official image compression tool. 

Kraken offers this tool along with a wide variety of other features, including Dropbox capabilities and Page Cruncher. Image Optimizer itself automatically resizes the images based on the designated dimensions. 

Therefore, users can specify a certain height and width in which they would like their images to be compressed. Then, Image Optimizer automatically takes images and compresses them to meet these parameters.

Furthermore, for those trying to compress multiple images in a single round, Image Optimizer has a bulk image compression capability. 

The bulk image compression can significantly reduce the amount of time that people spend compressing their images.

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Finally, all compression is handled through the library on Image Optimizer. All of the images are taken from Image Optimizer and is output to the user’s individual WordPress Library. 

From the library, everyone can view the compressed images and automatically upload them to their website. As far as compression times go, Image Optimizer is one of the fastest tools available. Image Optimizer

Finally, it is also important to highlight Image Optimizer. For those who have experience with, Image Optimizer is the official image optimizer. 

One of the unique features of this tool is that it provides support for WordPress websites and those built with Magento, Drupal, Prestashop, Joomla, and others. 

With Image Optimizer, it is possible for everyone to compress images of the five megabytes in size for free. Furthermore, it is also possible to use Image Optimizer to handle the bulk impression of images with just two clicks.

For those who have images that are larger than 5 megabytes they would like to compress, it is possible to upgrade to a paid plan through Image Optimizer and compressed these images as well. 

For those who are looking to strike a balance between the loading speeds of their websites and the quality of their images, Image Optimizer provides a sliding scale for optimization. 

It is possible for everyone to figure out exactly how much they would like their images to be compressed and use this to find the right loading speed of the website. 

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Finally, through Image Optimizer, nobody ever has to worry about losing a copy of the original image. Image Optimizer automatically stores the originals in case they need to be restored.

Optimize Images for WordPress with These Tools

These are a few of the most popular tools available today when optimizing images for WordPress. 

Everyone needs to make sure that their websites load quickly and efficiently to ensure their users have a positive experience. Compressing images can significantly increase the speed with which websites load. 

Not only will this improve the user experience, but it is essential for search engine optimization as well. Optimize images to ensure the website makes a positive impression on everyone who visits.

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