The Best Real Estate CRM’s for 2019

Can you imagine having to manually track the contact information of each of your clients and leads, and record each of your communications by hand? It’s hard to believe that real estate professionals used to have to operate in just such a fashion.

computer in the background, letters spell out the words best real estate crm

But now we have the benefit of CRM software.

Connecting and communicating with your clients and leads is paramount in growing your real estate business. Fortunately, we live in an era of technology where we have access to a wide variety of tools, including CRMs, to make our jobs more manageable.

Best Real Estate CRM List

So what’s the best real estate CRM? The answer may surprise you. Here’s a list that might fit your needs.


My company, Ballen Brands, has built out a real estate version of Infusionsoft.

It’s complete with real estate campaigns (tested and measured by me in my Las Vegas real estate business (Lori Ballen Team), Auto Pilot Isa, a text and email conversion campaign, dashboard, sales pipeline, lead tracking and so much more. 

The best thing about choosing IS with Ballen Brands is that we are agents too, using the software, and constantly moving with the demands of the industry.

  • Document Management
  • Automatic Lead Importing
  • Automatic Text Campaign
  • Email Campaigns and Drip Marketing
  • Sales Funnel
  • Scoring System
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Team Management
  • Landing Pages
  • Auto Responders
  • Email Tracking


Organize, Track & Sell With Ease. HubSpot CRM is Free. Get it Today! No Technical Setup. HubSpot CRMJust Works. No Contract Needed. No CC Required. Types: Pipeline Visibility, Customizable Dashboards, Live Chat Tool, Interaction Tracker.

  • Get 1000 Contacts Free Forever
  • Automate CRM tasks you hate to do
  • Manage your Pipeline
  • Do more deals and Less data entry
  • Track, Manage and Organize your Sales Pipeline
  • See everything about a lead in one place

Top Producer

Top Producer has been present in the real estate community for many years. Mobile-friendly and intuitive, Top Producer® gives today’s agents, teams and brokers the robust client management tools they need to maintain relationships at every stage of the client lifecycle


LionDesk is a Cloud-Based CRM & Communications Tool for Realtors & Brokers! 30 Day Free Trial. New Integration Features. Services: Power Dialer, Task Management, Video Emailing & Texting, Property Management, Lead Distribution

Followup Boss

Simple Software to Convert More Real Estate Leads. Highlights:  Instantly Assign Leads To Agents, Notify Your Agents.

Realty Juggler

Lead incubation – drip emails, bulk emails, phone call list creation and more. Free Phone Support. Highlights: Cloud-Based Software, Automatic Redundant Data Back-Up, Free & Automatic Upgrades, Uses SSL Data Encryption.

Wise Agent

Wise Agent is a real estate business management solution for brokers and agents, combining CRM capabilities with marketing, contact management and transaction oversight.


Nurture Leads, Develop Repeat Customers, And Generate Referrals. Try Us Today! Sign Up For A Free Trial. Grow Your Business Today. Maximize Relationship ROI. Proudly Made in D.C..


From Small Business to Enterprise, Companies Trust the #1 Business App. Support Every Customer. Convert Leads Faster. Find and Nurture Leads. Build Custom Apps. Services: Sell, Service, Market, Connect.


Accelerate Sales. Build Relationships. Deliver Projects. Try For Free! 1.5 Million+ Global Users. Email Tracking. Advanced Reporting. Types: Acclerate Sales, Build Relationships, Deliver Projects.

Referral Maker

Send and receive referrals to top-notch real estate agents who are also part of the Buffini & Company Community. Designed to help tap into the peer to peer pillar of your business, this powerful network generates hundreds of out of area referrals that gives you the opportunity to go from local agent to national agent!


Intelligent Website, CRM, Lead Gen The Tools You Need in One Solution. Request A Demo. Integrated Solution. Features: Flexible Lead Distribution, Custom Lead Matching, Shark Tank.


Chime is a complete real estate CRM solution suite to help realtors close more deals.


IXACT Contact offers real estate CRM and marketing all in one integrated solution. Explore our program for REALTORS® and sign up for a free 5-week trial.

What Is CRM Software?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. It’s more than just a database that stores information. A great CRM solution offers a way to communicate with that customer through “touches” via direct mail, email, text messaging, and social media campaigns.

People’s Opinion

Here are some of the comments made in our Facebook group when discussing CRMs:

Infusionsoft Square

Infusionsoft is the best and most complete.”

“Probably the best overall CRM for lead follow up, listing and contract management, marketing, market snapshot, etc. There are hiccups, but having tried lots of CRM’s during my career, every site has hiccups, and TP [Top Producer] probably has the ones I can best live with.”

“Top Producer – I’ve never found another CRM that gave me the front end lead follow up and contract management like TP. To be fair though, I really haven’t researched some of the newer products like C, FUB or IS. eEdge definitely still doesn’t get it for me, but we do use it as a lead hub for new leads. Once they become real though, we move them over to TP.”

“I personally like E-edge since it’s all in ONE and campaigns are updated annually”

” eEdge does a good job, once you take the time to learn it, though it is visually busy and irritating. Contactually is a great holding spot for sorting.”

“Top producer. I like it for the listing, closing management, fb, just wish it had the capability of infusionsoft smart client interaction as well and have mentioned it to tp”

“Top Producer for the simplicity. Hear really good things about Follow Up Boss though.”

“Salesforce AND I have some caveats: 1) you must have or know a database person, 2) it takes some time to get it the way you want it. The positives for me are that it is 1) completely customizable, 2) very powerful, 3) has a large app exchange for integrating with other things”

“E-edge for us right now. It does what we need… We’re database and prospecting focused and it handles our Idx for referred buyers, postcard direct mail, email, and phone call reminders for our database very nicely. It’s easy and simple enough for us to use at a high level.”

“I have been using Top Producer for 16 years. I mainly use it for contact management, notes, addresses, phone numbers. Most of what they have available is overkill to me. I just want to be able to look up contact easily, and see my notes on what they want, looked at, bought, will be selling, and to search for contacts – like Angies List only it’s Alan’s List. People come to me for who to call.”

“Insightly. We needed something where the action plans and were more customizable and easier to clear. Plus wanted something that was expandable for new expansions along with the ability to add a person as a Database manager to run it all.”

“I’m using Realty Juggler. I don’t need bells and whistles, plus I don’t want to pay a lot. I haven’t gone through all the features, but so far it’s working for me.”

“eEdge. LOVE the things I can do with it, custom campaigns, customized site, reminders, market insider.. I couldn’t do what I do without it.”

“TopProducer. I have had it for almost 15 years and it seems to keep on getting easier to manage and better and better additional options added as tools change. I like that I can customize plans, communication library and the many ways you can categorize contacts.”

“Top Producer has it and is the best CRM for real estate. The most complete end to end”

“It’s funny how everyone is different and has different needs. For me Top producer was lacking in almost every way I could imagine. But obviously they are keeping some clients very loyal and happy. It’s like trying to sell an android to an iPhone user.”

“Top producer also integrates with mojo dialer and bomb bomb video”

“I love RealtyJuggler. It has drips, allows me to set up action plans, groups people, prospect interest categories, mass emails, keeps up with my lock boxes, expenses, income, goals and more. Best part is it’s only $99 a year!”

“Realty Juggler. Easy to use and most importantly, you can designate what time of day you want your drip emails to be sent instead of at 4am like every other CRM ( as if I would be up at that hour sending emails). This feature alone makes my emails look like I sent them myself instead of looking automated.”

“I use Top Producer, contactually, and Follow Up Boss. I use them all for different reasons”

“FUB ! Great for teams. Awesome integrations. Continues to grow and integrate faster than anything else. It’s built on Salesforce. Curaytor uses it. Lacks postcard and USMail marketing and SMS txt messaging. Most systems don’t have that figured out.”

“Right now running split test with Tp,FUB and I have been “trying” to get infusionsoft up for 12 months now. Seriously time and labor intensive. I want to give up but then id be throwing away the time invested the last 12 months. How I wish someone had warned me.”

Thank goodness we don’t have to manage our clients and leads manually anymore! We don’t have to risk dropping the ball and losing leads because we failed to communicate effectively. There is a plethora of customer relationship management tools from which you can choose, each with unique features and functions.

The nine resources listed are but a few among many of the available options for CRMs.

At Ballen Brands, we began with Infusionsoft, with which we developed our own Autopilot ISA for lead cultivation.

Find out how Ballen Brands can be your lead generation team! Give us a call at (702) 917-0755, or send an email to

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