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The Best Real Estate CRM’s for Real Estate Agents

The Best Real Estate CRM’s for Real Estate Agents

Connecting and communicating with your clients and leads is paramount in growing your real estate business. Fortunately, we live in an era of technology where we have access to a wide variety of tools, including CRMs, to make our jobs more manageable.

Can you imagine having to manually track the contact information of each of your clients and leads, and record each of your communications by hand? It’s hard to believe that real estate professionals used to have to operate in just such a fashion.

But now we have the benefit of CRM software.

Best Real Estate CRM List

So what’s the best real estate CRM? The answer may surprise you. Here’s a list that might fit your needs.


Keap is known for its intelligent client database software that makes staying on top of key decisions simple and easy. It will help improve your efficiency while improving your organization with all of its essential tools, including your client management. 

You can keep tabs on all your customer’s info in one place and use automation to streamline your pipeline through every stage of your process. 

There are tools that will help you make a strategic growth plan that maximizes your business and gives you reports that outline your progress.    

What users liked best:

  • Easily Connect Your Outlook or Gmail for Ultimate Management 
  • Massive Variety of Software Integrations Available
  • Drives Sales with Personalized Communications
  • Makes Following Up On Leads Super Easy
  • Excellent Mobile App Interface  
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Funnel Builder
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Tasks
  • Record client communication
  • Integrates with Text message software
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The main goal for the creators of Pipedrive was to provide a CRM experience that is simple and easy to use. Not only were they successful with that ambition, but their tools are perfect for real estate agents to follow their deals through a customized pipeline.

If you want easy access to follow all your client deals from start to finish, Pipedrive is the ideal solution. You can update your client’s details whenever necessary throughout the sales process and can easily integrate with some popular third-party apps (Trello, Asana, Slack, etc.) 

What users liked best:

  • Available on Mobile App 
  • Timely Reminders with Syncing Through Google Calendar
  • Simple Process for Deal Creation
  • Task Automation
  • Drag ; Drop Feature

At, everybody feels like they are at home. This software was created by people who wanted to give their users an experience that made them feel good right from the start. Keeping track of your listings and closings has never been easier. 

You won’t need any training to use this software, and you can just dive in and allow the flow and simplicity to guide you. You’ll be able to set up automation within a few seconds that eliminates all the hassles of keeping track of all your tasks.      

What users liked best:

  • Simple To Use and Set-Up 
  • Over 200 Templates to Choose From (Visual Tables; Boards)  
  • Customize Drag; Drop Feature (Including Moving Files)  
  • Real-Time Syncing with Linking Features 
  • Incredibly Easy for File; Data Sharing Among Team Members 


If you love the Google platform, you’ll enjoy using Streak for all your real estate needs. You can easily track everything between your clients using the Gmail interface. There is no need to switch between other screens when everything you need is right at your fingertips. 

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Streak offers an extension that can be applied to your Chrome browser, making the onboarding process extremely user-friendly. It’s compatible with all the Google apps and comes with a ton of powerful features. 

What users liked best:

  • Email Tracking; Automatic Categorization 
  • Superior Pipeline Management 
  • Tasks; Reminders 
  • Advanced Reports (Pro and Enterprise Versions)
  • Tracking with Streak API (Pro and Enterprise Versions)

KW command

An up and coming CRM created by Keller Williams Realty for it’s agents. KW command offers an end to end solution with a contact relationship manager that includes lead routing, neighborhood snaps, opportunity stages, email and text campaigns and much more.

Property Base

Property Base is an integrated CRM real estate platform that covers all the bases, taking all the guesswork out of your listings. You’ll be able to both manage and boost ad campaigns on social media, along with all the major MLS providers.

You can easily automate all your daily tasks making more time for finding new leads and following up. Website creation has never been so simple, and you’ll have access to all the details that provide a clear vision of your business.  

What users liked best:

  • Easy to Manage Campaigns  
  • Helps Grow Your Database Without Missing Any Leads 
  • Integration for Creating; Promoting Your Listings Via Social Media
  • Lead Scoring to Actively Target Leads 
  • Google and Office 365 Syncing    

Whether you work independently or with a team of real estate agents, Realvolve can help streamline your process and provide you with the necessary tools to create a more innovative workflow. Synchronizing has never been easier than it is with this software!  

You can easily sync all your data across your calendars and any other platforms you currently use. This includes monitoring tasks using Google Workspace and keeping track of all your clients details.     

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What users liked best:

  • Calculates Net Commissions Per Sale
  • 4D Automation Workflow Engine 
  • Messaging Enabled for Direct Contacts 
  • Synchronize Your Meetings with Calendars and Emails
  • Social Media Messaging Compatible

Top Producer

If you are looking for a mobile interface that offers a clear view of your sales pipeline, then TopProducer won’t disappoint. You can easily sync all your data and make precise decisions based on the Market Snapshot reports.

Top Producer offers a street view for your listings and is compatible with most MLS listing sites. 

You can align all your email marketing campaigns to correspond with the managing of all your transactions. You won’t miss a beat with this software!    

What users liked best:

  • Ability to Personalize Client Interaction
  • Social Media Insights with 360° Contact View
  • Syncs with Calendars, Emails, and Contacts 
  • Market Snapshot Integration with Email; Market Performance 
  • Professional Templates for Real Estate Emails 

Zoho is known for its ability to bridge the gap between the real estate agent and the potential client. It’s one of the best customer relationship management software tools on the market and keeps people connected every step of the way.

Keeping track of your progress is easy with Zoho; you’ll have everything you need in one platform. 

Whether you are generating leads or focusing on the performance of your listings or the analytics of the business, it’s all available to you at any given moment.   

What users liked best:

  • Software to Support Live Chat 
  • Real-Time Notifications and Reporting 
  • Increased Market Presence
  • Excellent Customer Experience


LionDesk is a Cloud-Based CRM & Communications Tool for Realtors & Brokers! 30 Day Free Trial. New Integration Features. Services: Power Dialer, Task Management, Video Emailing & Texting, Property Management, Lead Distribution

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Followup Boss

Follow Up Boss provides each real estate agent with a performance rarely seen by its competitors when it comes to having it all. You’ll be able to set up your emails, messages, and other tasks in the automation and carry on with more important things.  

If you want a CRM that does a lot of the legwork for you, then Follow Up Boss is perfect. It has a streamlined interface that makes even the most difficult task look simple. You won’t need to set aside time to get caught up because this software will keep you up to date at all times. 

What users liked best:

  • Email Auto Send 
  • Call Management for Inbound; Outbound
  • Automated Text Messaging 
  • Integrated with Zillow,;
  • Works Well with Third-Party Software 

Realty Juggler

Lead incubation – drip emails, bulk emails, phone call list creation and more. Free Phone Support. Highlights: Cloud-Based Software, Automatic Redundant Data Back-Up, Free & Automatic Upgrades, Uses SSL Data Encryption.

Wise Agent

If you are looking for an all-in-one CRM, then Wise Agent is not only capable of assisting you with all your real estate needs, it’s also a very powerful program that doesn’t leave any task forgotten. Everything you’ll ever need can be found in one place. 

There’s an option to use a WordPress plugin for lead captures once you’ve used their tools to optimize your landing pages on your website. Everything can be linked together, bringing you success with every effort. 

What users liked best:

  • Advanced Automation
  • Impressive Client Database
  • Flawless Transaction Management 
  • Time management Tools 
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Contactually was built explicitly for ambitious real estate agents who want to perform as top producers. It allows you to spend your time on other things that matter while handling everything else through automation.

The drag and drop pipeline makes working efficiently super easy and allows the workflow automation program to manage all the designated tasks. 

It even comes complete with a referral system for existing clients that is both impressive and effective.  

What users liked best:

  • Template Library for Emails and Text Messages 
  • Integrating Lead Sources 
  • Capable of Bulk Messaging 
  • Supports Both iPhone and Android Apps
  • Personal Automated Campaigns 

Zendesk Sell

This software was designed specifically with real estate agents in mind. The funnel system allows you to generate and follow leads regardless of what step they are in during the process. 

You can even stay in communication with other agents in different markets. 

Suppose you enjoy using Google Workspace and Office 365. 

In that case, the integrated interface that this software uses makes it super easy for the user to sync all their communications via email and the app. 

You will no longer need to search for client history; it will be right at your fingertips. 

What users liked best:

  • Automated Campaigns for Leads 
  • Management Tool with Drag; Drop Pipeline
  • Excellent Automation Program for Workflow 
  • Easy to Use and Navigate Through All The Features
  • Automatic Prospect Searches   


This CRM software is more advanced than some of the others; however, it can be quite valuable for the tech-savvy real estate agent who wants everything at their fingertips in a matter of seconds. 

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You can stay up to date with your customers in multiple ways and even reach out via social media. The features that Bitrix24 offers for keeping track of your sales and progress are top-notch. 

They have numerous platforms available, including a free and accessible CRM interface.  

What users liked best:

  • Live Video; Phone Chat
  • Pipeline Management Tools 
  • Social Media Messenger 
  • Sales Funnel Automation 
  • Tracking Tools for Expenses; Commissions 


Chime is a complete real estate CRM solution suite to help realtors close more deals.


If you want a CRM that feels like an assistant, then IXACT Contact will fit the bill. It can help you get organized and stay on top of all your leads. It’s ideal for keeping track of the real estate process and provides you with all the necessary tools to nurture your leads. 

IXACT Contact allows you to track your commissions, capture new leads for websites like Zillow, and send personalized messages to multiple people at once. You can easily migrate your existing data and spreadsheets into their optimal database.        

What users liked best:

  • Google Sync; Mobile App
  • Automated Calendar; Task Reminders
  • Social Intelligence with Contact Profiles; History 
  • Email Campaigns with Targeted Leads 
  • Impressive Marketing Templates 

Apptivo might be one of the best CRMs for integrating with outside tools. If you rely heavily on Office 365, Google Workspace, PayPal, QuickBooks, and some other apps that put everything you need together, then Apptivo is probably your best choice. 

You can create and assign projects to other team members in your office and create the rules that must be adhered to for any given project. 

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You’ll have access to your customer database, unique invoicing system, and easy-to-manage email campaigns. 

What users liked best:

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Create Work Orders; Manage Listings 
  • Integrates with Various Third-Party Tools 
  • Manages Everything In One App 
  • 24/7 Customer Support

What is Real Estate CRM Software?

Real estate CRM software provides tools that enable agents to manage their business without getting side-tracked in all the unnecessary paperwork. 

Real estate agents can provide services from beginning to end for potential clients on a regular basis through CRM software. 

It’s easy to manage many aspects of the real estate business, such as:

  • Leads
  • Inquiries
  • Contacts
  • Emails
  • Campaigns
  • Marketing 
  • Additional Services 

Everything a real estate agent needs is provided by CRM software. It helps agents remain efficient while having time to track reports with critical details that pertain to upcoming transactions. 

CRM software can assist with following up on leads, responding automatically to inquiries, and allowing agents to see their commissions in real-time. 

Note: Different CRM software tools offer or specialize in some aspects of the real estate business. While other CRMs are available and can be used for real estate needs, it’s best to first look into a CRM software designed specifically for real estate. 

Why Should Real Estate Agents Use CRM Software?  

CRMs are designed to help real estate agents create and maintain a healthy relationship with their clients and develop a pipeline that delivers results. 

Agents can save a ton of time when they choose to use a CRM to manage their business. 

It’s the best way to manage your sales pipeline and stay on track with all your closings!

What Are Some Key Features CRMs Should Offer To Real Estate Agents? 

If you are a real estate agent, you know how essential it is to efficiently manage your time. The best CRMs are designed with proficiency in mind and deliver results faster than any other tracking method. 

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But that’s not all they can do; look below for examples of why every real estate agent needs excellent CRM software to enhance their workload.  

  • Highly Organizational – Keeps all your contact details in one place and allows you to access their info immediately. It provides nurturing programs that can assist with managing all your contracts, existing clientele, and incoming leads. 
  • Reliability – You will have access to all your emails and be able to find whatever you need within a few seconds instead of searching through a stack of files. You can even create automation to respond to your clients during each stage of the process. 
  • Keeps You Up to Date – You’ll be able to know exactly what stage every client is in during the buying process without having to sort or look things up in different programs. Keeping track of your closings and commissions can easily be done with CRM software. 
  • Digital Performance – Having access to your customer’s engagement is priceless. You’ll know when emails have been delivered and opened, allowing you to follow up with perfect timing. 
  • Keeps You On Track – Most CRMs are easy to use and loaded with incredible tools to track just about everything in the real estate business. You’ll be able to see your commissions, pending sales, and any automation that you have created. 

How Do You Know Which CRM Software Will Work Best For Your Real Estate Needs?

Many of the CRM software providers offer a free trial to potential customers. So this great for the real estate agent who doesn’t know exactly what tools are services they will benefit most from. You can quickly test a few different CRMs and then decide which one you liked best. 

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CRM software is designed to make your life easier and assist you with all the tiny details of managing your business. It can help streamline your pipeline and give you all the tools you need to make your real estate sales business prosper. 

If you want to respond immediately to potential leads or follow up on a previous listing or sale, setting up automation can make life much easier. 

Some of the CRMs can integrate with many of the popular tools on the market and provide you with a seamless transition. 

Make a list of everything you think a CRM software should provide you, and then start taking advantage of the free trials or watching some of the demos that many CRMs offer to potential clients. 

After seeing everything that is available to you, you’ll be able to find the perfect CRM that matches your business needs!

Finding the perfect CRM software is essential to every real estate agent that wants to be a top performer. You’ll be able to delegate your tasks through automation and create lasting relationships with clients like never before.
The best CRM software is designed to enhance your portfolio and make managing your real estate business simpler. It takes the guesswork out of keeping track of your listings and customer details and provides everything you need with just a few clicks of your mouse.

People’s Opinion

Here are some of the comments made in our Facebook group when discussing CRMs:

Infusionsoft Square

Infusionsoft is the best and most complete.”

“Probably the best overall CRM for lead follow up, listing and contract management, marketing, market snapshot, etc. There are hiccups, but having tried lots of CRM’s during my career, every site has hiccups, and TP [Top Producer] probably has the ones I can best live with.”

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“Top Producer – I’ve never found another CRM that gave me the front end lead follow up and contract management like TP. To be fair though, I really haven’t researched some of the newer products like C, FUB or IS. eEdge definitely still doesn’t get it for me, but we do use it as a lead hub for new leads. Once they become real though, we move them over to TP.”

“I personally like E-edge since it’s all in ONE and campaigns are updated annually”

” eEdge does a good job, once you take the time to learn it, though it is visually busy and irritating. Contactually is a great holding spot for sorting.”

“Top producer. I like it for the listing, closing management, fb, just wish it had the capability of infusionsoft smart client interaction as well and have mentioned it to tp”

“Top Producer for the simplicity. Hear really good things about Follow Up Boss though.”

“Salesforce AND I have some caveats: 1) you must have or know a database person, 2) it takes some time to get it the way you want it. The positives for me are that it is 1) completely customizable, 2) very powerful, 3) has a large app exchange for integrating with other things”

“E-edge for us right now. It does what we need… We’re database and prospecting focused and it handles our Idx for referred buyers, postcard direct mail, email, and phone call reminders for our database very nicely. It’s easy and simple enough for us to use at a high level.”

“I have been using Top Producer for 16 years. I mainly use it for contact management, notes, addresses, phone numbers. Most of what they have available is overkill to me. I just want to be able to look up contact easily, and see my notes on what they want, looked at, bought, will be selling, and to search for contacts – like Angies List only it’s Alan’s List. People come to me for who to call.”

“Insightly. We needed something where the action plans and were more customizable and easier to clear. Plus wanted something that was expandable for new expansions along with the ability to add a person as a Database manager to run it all.”

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“I’m using Realty Juggler. I don’t need bells and whistles, plus I don’t want to pay a lot. I haven’t gone through all the features, but so far it’s working for me.”

“eEdge. LOVE the things I can do with it, custom campaigns, customized site, reminders, market insider.. I couldn’t do what I do without it.”

“TopProducer. I have had it for almost 15 years and it seems to keep on getting easier to manage and better and better additional options added as tools change. I like that I can customize plans, communication library and the many ways you can categorize contacts.”

“Top Producer has it and is the best CRM for real estate. The most complete end to end”

“It’s funny how everyone is different and has different needs. For me Top producer was lacking in almost every way I could imagine. But obviously they are keeping some clients very loyal and happy. It’s like trying to sell an android to an iPhone user.”

“Top producer also integrates with mojo dialer and bomb bomb video”

“I love RealtyJuggler. It has drips, allows me to set up action plans, groups people, prospect interest categories, mass emails, keeps up with my lock boxes, expenses, income, goals and more. Best part is it’s only $99 a year!”

“Realty Juggler. Easy to use and most importantly, you can designate what time of day you want your drip emails to be sent instead of at 4am like every other CRM ( as if I would be up at that hour sending emails). This feature alone makes my emails look like I sent them myself instead of looking automated.”

“I use Top Producer, contactually, and Follow Up Boss. I use them all for different reasons”

“FUB ! Great for teams. Awesome integrations. Continues to grow and integrate faster than anything else. It’s built on Salesforce. Curaytor uses it. Lacks postcard and USMail marketing and SMS txt messaging. Most systems don’t have that figured out.”

“Right now running split test with Tp, FUB, and I have been “trying” to get infusionsoft up for 12 months now. Seriously time and labor-intensive. I want to give up but then I would be throwing away the time invested in the last 12 months. How I wish someone had warned me.”

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Thank goodness we don’t have to manage our clients and leads manually anymore! We don’t have to risk dropping the ball and losing leads because we failed to communicate effectively. There is a plethora of customer relationship management tools from which you can choose, each with unique features and functions.

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