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The Best Microphone For Youtube

The Best Microphone For Youtube

It’s impossible to have a conversation about the best microphone for youtube without talking about three main things:

1. What do you want your mic to sound like? Do you need a neutral-sounding microphone or something that will add coloration to your voice? There are benefits and pitfalls with both options, so it’s smart to be educated on what they are.

2. How much money can you spend on your microphone? Of course, every dollar you spend gets you better audio quality, but at some point, the cost is too high and won’t improve the sound of your videos very much (if at all). 

We’ll give you several microphones to choose from under different price points so that you can figure out which one fits your budget.

3. What are your technical needs? Some microphones need phantom power, while others don’t need any special equipment to plug in and get started recording. 

There are also options for condenser microphones, which capture audio differently from dynamic mics, making sure you know what type you’re getting before checking out a particular model.

Also, make sure to check the compatibility of your computer with the microphone you want and any software you’ll be using (if any).

So without further delay, let’s take a look at our favorite microphones for youtube based on all these factors:

Best All-Around Microphone For Youtube

The Blue Yeti is a great all-around microphone because it gives you solid audio at a reasonable price. In addition, it has four different pattern settings, which means you can record directly in front of the mic or pick up audio from a more distant location. 

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This is handy if you’re doing multiple-person videos where someone needs to sit across from you while still leaving enough room for other cameras to get good footage of everyone.

The Blue Yeti also has an XLR port so you can hook up a pop filter and go into professional mode if that’s your goal. You can also add a nifty little pop filter designed to be attached right to the Yeti.

Another feature of the Blue Yeti is that it has seven different recording modes, which I think is more than any other mic on this list. 

This makes it a great option for just about anyone, whether you’re doing voiceovers or putting yourself in front of the camera to talk directly into the microphone (which isn’t suggested).

The only downside to having all these options is that they aren’t categorized well, so finding what setting you want can be confusing (who knew that “music mode” was a flat response?)

You’ll also notice when researching mics that there’s a ton of hype around the Blue Yeti. It is a great microphone, and most people who get one are super happy.

But keep in mind that this mic has to be plugged into your computer directly (there’s no phantom power), so if you have your audio interface through USB as well, make sure you can route both cables back to your computer before getting the Yeti.

Best Condenser Microphone For Youtube

The Rode NT1A is my favorite condenser microphone for youtube, but it comes with a fairly hefty price tag ($$$). Many people like to say that Condensers capture audio better than dynamics (in general), but I just haven’t found that true in my experience. 

The NT1A is a good mic all around and doesn’t have phantom power requirements, making it an easy choice for someone looking to do voiceovers or simple vlogs.

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Remember that condensers require you to turn down your gain before plugging them into your computer (and you’ll want a pop filter as well). 

With the proper gear and some basic understanding of audio theory, this can be great for capturing truly professional-sounding audio. 

But if you’re starting on Youtube, getting something with a little less complexity will make things much easier!

Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube

If you’re looking for something on the low end of the price range, I suggest checking out the Blue Snowball. It retails for around $50 and is a solid option if you need one microphone that can handle speaking and capturing decent background audio. 

The Snowball comes with a desktop stand, so it’s also straightforward to use right out of the box.

However, keep in mind that this model doesn’t have multiple pattern settings (just cardioid) that many people would consider a deal-breaker at this price point. If you want something more flexible, check out some of our other favorites below:

Best Microphone For Vlogging Youtube Videos

The Rode VideoMic Me is explicitly designed to pick up audio when you’re speaking directly into it. 

While this is great if you’re trying to focus on capturing one sound source, the issue with vlogging (or doing any multi-person video) is that it has a super narrow pickup pattern which means it may not be picking up all your other voices in the background!

This mic requires phantom power, so if you don’t know what that is or have never used it before, you’ll want to make sure you get an audio interface that supports this feature.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from talking to new bloggers, it’s that many people want to start with a one-stop-shop situation. Particularly if you’re just starting out, you’ll probably be best off getting a Blue Yeti (or other USB mic mentioned above) and an audio interface that can handle phantom power.

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Best Microphone For YouTube Gaming Live Streaming

The EV RE 20 is designed specifically for capturing game audio while streaming or live playing videos on youtube.

This is different from the other options because it has two modes: recording mode and gaming mode. 

In recording mode, sound quality is excellent, but in gaming mode, there’s more emphasis on reducing background noise and picking up your voice clearly for commentary over the top of the gameplay footage!

Keep in mind that you’ll need an audio interface with phantom power (which the Blue Yeti doesn’t have) to use this microphone. But, if you’re serious about youtube gaming, a good investment is worth it!


You can’t go wrong with the Blue Yeti. It’s the best microphone for Youtubers that are just getting started and more advanced video creators as well.

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