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Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

Monetize your content efficiently by becoming an affiliate for one of these insurance companies.

Whether you are talking about car insurance, homeowners insurance, or even pet insurance, there are insurance affiliate programs from major insurance companies that allow you to earn money by referring new customers to them.  

When you join an affiliate program, you will get a unique affiliate link or some other tool that you can use to promote the company that you are an affiliate for. 

This unique link or tool will track how many referrals are coming into the company and signing up for programs based on your referrals. 

Companies will pay you a piece of the earnings for referring new customers to them. 

How much you get paid can be a percentage of the sale, a flat fee, or it could be earned using some other structure. 

Affiliate programs have exploded in popularity because everybody wins. 

It is an excellent way for companies to spread the word about their services through content creators that will promote these companies and not be paid unless referrals are converting to sales. 

Then the content creators, of course, have the opportunity to monetize their content at scale

Allstate Affiliate Program

Allstate allows publishers to earn a commission for every auto, home, and renters insurance quote referral they provide. 

  • You can promote auto, home, and renters insurance.
  • You gain access to marketing tools like banner ads and text links.
  • You gain access to a well-established marketing affiliate team.
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Allstate pays its affiliates a flat fee for each quote that is received by a referral. The structure is as follows: 

  • Home Insurance – $20 per quote
  • Auto Insurance – $10 per quote
  • Renters Insurance – $5 per quote

To Apply:

Go to Allstate’s website to find the application process for becoming an affiliate. You will have to fill out an application, go through a screening process, and then be approved to be an affiliate. 

There are no detailed eligibility requirements or other requirements listed on the website to sign up, so give it a shot!

Axa Travel Affiliate Program

AXA USA provides travel insurance plans with fantastic benefits. Within the Awin Affiliate Network, AXA Travel offers a base commission of $12.00 per policy plus a bonus of up to $199, depending on the insurance plan.

Program Benefits

  • Tracking Cookie: 45 Days
  • Marketing Assets
  • Affiliate newsletter with tips, news, and the latest offers.
  • Last Click Model

Apply at AWIN

Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program

Liberty Mutual Insurance also provides an affiliate program for publishers to earn by driving new leads to the company. They also reward those affiliates that prove they can drive quality traffic!

  • Their commissions are among the highest in insurance affiliate programs.
  • They frequently provide promotions and bonus commissions. 
  • You’ll have access to a high-quality affiliate team.

Potential Earnings

  • Auto Insurance – $10 per lead
  • Home Insurance – $10 per lead
  • Renters Insurance – $3 per lead
  • Multi-Policy – $17 per lead

Liberty Mutual’s program is also free and easy to apply for. Just head over to their site to read more about the affiliate program and to apply today!

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USAA Travel Affiliate Program

USAA provides a huge opportunity for publishers, especially with a military audience, to monetize their content by promoting many of USAA’s products, including but are not limited to insurance policies.  

  • Earn a commission when leads are submitted for auto insurance, credit cards, or many other products. 
  • Patriotic banner creative that will appeal to your audience. 
  • Strong support from advisors that are always ready to answer questions for you and your customers. 

USAA pays flat commissions for its products like most other insurance companies, but they have more products to go around outside of insurance. 

It would be too much to list all of those possibilities here, but with USAA, you can earn up to a $25 commission per referral, depending on the products. 

Most commissions will likely be around $5-$10 per referral. 

How To Apply:

USAA’s affiliate program is run through Flex Offers, so visit their site to learn more about the program and how to apply. 

This program will be best if you have a military (or former military) audience to promote products to. 

Allianz Travel Insurance Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are not just for major insurance companies providing home, renters, and auto insurance. You can also sign up to be an affiliate for travel insurance companies like Allianz. 

  • You have an audience that would be interested in travel and could use the protection. 
  • You want to monetize your content.
  • Allianz is a leader in travel insurance. 

The Allianz affiliate program is based on a tiered structure where affiliates will start by making $12 per sale and can work their way up to $15 per sale. 

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How to Apply:

Visit the site to learn more about the program, and then you can redirect yourself to the application page. 

There are no fees or detailed eligibility requirements to become an Allianz affiliate. Anyone can apply!

How to choose the best affiliate program. 

Out of the programs listed above, the best program will be the one that will genuinely help your audience. 

If you have an audience that is likely looking for homeowners or renters insurance, then the best thing to do is point them in the direction of whichever company you feel is the best for them. 

If you have a mostly military audience, then USAA could be the obvious choice to promote to monetize your content. 

If you have a travel blog or other travel content, then traveler’s insurance could be a great way to pick up some extra dollars by promoting Allianz in your content.

The best affiliate program is always the one that is going to help your audience and not just the ones that pay the highest commission per sale or are the most popular.

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