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The Best Chrome Extensions

The Best Chrome Extensions

There are incredible chrome extensions that can help you run your day-to-day business activities more efficiently. Whether you’re an online retailer, a marketing professional, or a blogger; ever since the Chrome browser has been rolled out it was clear that it was made to be compatible with extensions.

Here is a list of some great Chrome Extensions every digital marketer should have installed; and trust me they will make your day-to-day activities a whole lot easier.

Email Chrome Extensions


If you’re a Gmail user, it’s a total no-brainer to have the Boomerang Add-on installed. This is one of the most used Chrome extensions by professionals and small/medium entrepreneurs; it allows you to schedule messages (SMS, Emails, etc.) that will come back at some time in the future.

Boomerang allows you to manage your time more efficiently than using something like Hootsuite or Buffer, which do not allow you to schedule messages in advance. Moreover, this Chrome extension has an incredible support team who are constantly rolling out updates; they care about their customers, which means lots of added value for you.

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Social Media Extensions

Pocket: If you want to save content from social media, blog posts, news sites, etc., put it into your Pocket account and go back later to read them at any time. Just click on the “save for later” button when reading something interesting online and add it to your pocket!

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Inside View Chrome Extension: This Chrome extension will help you to track your competitor’s performance on social media. It also shows their most popular content and who is sharing it!

Sendoso Chrome Extension: For those who want to send gifts: Sendoso is an awesome Chrome Extension that allows you to send personal gifts and swag.

Litmus Chrome Extension: Preview and send HTML emails from your browser with this extension. Reduce errors and reduce turnaround time.

Simpleposher Chrome Extension: SuperPosher is a Chrome extension that runs your Poshmark account with 24/7 automation that you can manage from your phone. Gain more exposure by increasing your follower count on Poshmark. Follow jail protection is built-in, and you can follow all of the closets you’d like.

RING DNA Chrome Extension: This extension is a one-stop shop for every marketer. It allows you to update social media posts directly from your desktop or mobile browser, manage multiple active campaigns simultaneously (such as AdWords and Facebook Ads!), and more!

CoSchedule Chrome Extension: It’s an excellent tool for managing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., from one central dashboard! You can schedule content at any time from anywhere!

Dubb Chrome Extension: Dubb is another extension that allows you to track and monitor your competitors’ ads on Facebook. This tool also lets you see the exact times when each of their posts was made so that you can schedule your campaigns accordingly!

Hootsuite Chrome Extension: Look at the latest Twitter conversations from influencers in your industry or even companies important to your brand. This is a great way to stay in front of relevant news stories and develop relationships with key players in your market!

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Facebook Friends Mapper Chrome Extension: #FFM is a simple and easy-to-use chrome extension that will let you map your Facebook friends by their relationship.

Reddit Comment Mapper Chrome Extension: #RCM is another great Reddit extension for mapping comments on any given topic or subreddit. This is an extremely valuable tool for both qualitative and quantitative data collection – especially if the subreddit has a lot of activity!

LinkedIn Offer Chrome Extension: #LO helps you to reach the right person at the right time; this is why LinkedIn believes it’s one of its best tools ever. It allows you to create targeted connections which will lead to more effective B2B relationships.

Writing Extensions

Grammarly (Free & Premium options): This Chrome extension will ensure that your content is error-free thanks to its spell checker, grammatical correction, and plagiarism detector. Grammarly also gives you tips on how to improve your writing in general.

GoLinks Chrome Extension: This Chrome extension allows you to connect your Twitter or LinkedIn account with a website and get users to sign up for your app. When someone visits the page, they will be shown a list of other social media accounts that you want them to follow; when they click on the one they like, it redirects them to their profile link!

Skimlinks: The Skimlinks Editor Toolbar is the easy-to-use Chrome Extension that any publisher who writes commerce content should have installed. When a publisher goes on a merchant’s website, they’ll instantly be able to see if they provide commission rates and what those are. And easily be able to create an affiliate link directly from the toolbar – without leaving their page! Features of this app include being able to easily find out how much money merchants typically pay in commissions over time as well as whether or not there are exclusive offers for affiliates- all while only having one click away from access with no need for additional tabs

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Sales Extensions

Find That Lead Chrome Extension: Find That Lead is a great tool for salespeople! It tracks more than 120 different sources of contact information and updates it whenever there are new results.

Saleswhale Chrome Extension: Saleswhale gives you an overview of all your team members as well as their performance, allowing you to make smarter decisions and follow up on responsibilities.

LeadIQ Chrome Extension: This extension allows you to find the best contact information of the person or company that has been trying to reach out to you through an email. It’s a powerful tool for salespeople and marketers who often deal with potential clients or partners; just type in their name and LeadIQ will quickly have all the information you need on them.

This Chrome extension is especially helpful for companies that work with a lot of new clients on a day-to-day basis. It’s fast and efficient; instead of having to enter contact information manually, you can simply export it into Excel or your CRM!

FreshSales Chrome Extension: Helps you track your leads and the number of times they visit your site. It also tracks any forms you have on your website, and it will monitor how many people are filling them out, which ones completion rate is the highest, etc.

Microstrategy Chrome Extension: Microstrategy allows you to run detailed reports on your website in order to improve sales, customer engagement, and more! You can group similar items together so that it’s easier for customers to find answers- even if they aren’t sure what they’re looking for.

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Salesloft Chrome Extension: Salesloft is a tool that allows you to target potential leads based on their behavior online. It also tracks all of your previous outreach attempts, which gives you an at-a-glance view of what has worked for you in the past! If someone has requested more information from you but hasn’t given them any response, this extension will make sure that they do with one quick click!

Shipping Extensions

Label Resizer Chrome Extension: If your business sells online then you’re no stranger to the problem of shipping costs. This Chrome extension allows you to resize any Amazon, eBay, or Etsy label so that it fits your exact needs.

It’s a must-have if you work with multiple shipping carriers and don’t want to change each time one of them changes their format; sometimes the smallest little thing can mess up your plans!

Website Building and Marketing Extensions

Appcues Chrome Extensions: Add onboarding flows, notifications, and popups to your website. Appcues is an amazing tool for marketers and small/medium-sized businesses because it allows you to create specific messages that a user may have missed when signing up for your service or product. You can also use this extension to build easier check-out processes with a few mouse clicks!

Alireviews Chrome Extensions: Alireviews allows you to get more online reviews by stopping customers from their shopping cart and redirecting them to a short review form.

It’s amazing for your SEO, as well as customer retention; they’re likely to come back after leaving such a great comment! This extension is also available in multiple languages, unlike some options that only work with English websites.

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AMZScout Stock Stats – Amazon Stock Level Spy Chrome Extension: This Chrome extension is another Amazon-specific tool that allows you to find hidden gems on the largest marketplace in the world. Instead of having to manually search each and every product, you can just install this extension and it will provide current stock levels for each seller!

Beamery Chrome Extension: The Beamery plugin is a candidate engagement extension. Use Beamery to sync candidate profiles to your account. Directly engage with candidates from the extension and add them to your campaigns.

Bugherd Chrome Extension: This extension is specifically for companies that make use of several third-party services and can’t seem to squash the bugs. Bugherd gives you a visual interface, so you can see exactly what’s happening with your site in real-time!

Optimizely Chrome Extension: Optimizely allows you to run multiple A/B tests on your website by redirecting a percentage of traffic to different versions of your page. It’s great if you want to test out which headline or image works best for an ad or landing page; just pick two options and let the results run their course!

FBA Multi-Tool Chrome Extension: Amazon FBA sellers know that there’s always a little bit more work to be done! This extension allows you to quickly list new items for sale, check your sales rank and rank history, as well as view your stock levels.

Squarespace Chrome Extension: Squarespace is a great tool for creating professional websites without the hassle of design. This extension will let you quickly create new sites, edit existing templates, and view basic stats for your site visitors.

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Tealium Tools Chrome Extension: Tealium is a great tool to help you personalize your website and better target users. With this extension, you can track individual visitors and their behaviors on your site; if they left without subscribing to your email list or buying anything, maybe this will give you some clues as to why!

Aternity Chrome Extension: The Aternity extension is a great tool for those that also use the Shopify platform. In addition to providing live pricing and inventory tracking, you can also see which products are selling the best or least on your site; it’s another great way to improve conversions!

Lighthouse: Lighthouse is a free, open-source tool designed to help developers analyze and optimize their web apps. When auditing for performance or errors on specific pages, Lighthouse will run tests against the page in question before providing feedback on how well they did. This allows users of the app (or anyone with access) to see where there are issues that need attention so they can fix them easily and quickly!

Lighthouse was created by Google as an automated way for developing websites to make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish – both when designing new layouts/pages, but also while running test code live online during all hours of day or night.

SEO Extensions

SEO Minion: SEO Minion is an innovative and clever tool that helps you with your daily SEO tasks. With just a few clicks, it will help you analyze on-page SEO issues, check for broken links, or preview SERPs (search engine results pages).

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Keywords Everywhere: Keywords Everywhere is a chrome extension that helps you with Keyword Research. It provides monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data on 10+ websites like Google™ Search Console, YouTube™, Amazon™ & more. The built-in tools can help find keywords from your seed keyword or show the ones any page ranks for in SERPs!

Keyword Surfer: Keyword Surfer by Surfer SEO is a fast, free extension that allows you to see search volumes directly in Google Search. It’s the fastest way to reveal your keyword research and data-driven content guidelines from two clicks away! With Keyword Surfer for every new search on any topic, imaginable keywords will be revealed with their searches, costs per click (CPC) right there next to them as well as related terms.

This makes it possible even if you’ve never done any SEO before because all of this information was just one or two mouse scrolls away when using an old fashion browser–now it’s literally at our fingertips whenever we want which means no more guessing how much competition each word has nor what other words might yield better results either so now exploring potential

SEOStack: Find long tail keywords quickly and easily with the FREE, powerful keyword research tool. This is a fast easy-to-use search engine that can generate thousands of low competition, long-tail keywords for you to use in your SEO or content marketing.

SEOInfo: SEOinfo provides in-depth SEO and performance data for your website. This allows you to identify issues as they develop so that these can be addressed before any major problems arise with search engine rankings or user experience. As soon as a problem is identified through the extension’s alerts, all relevant information about it will appear on the screen: AMP status (whether there are errors), full-page info from Google PageSpeed Insights (including details of how well your site performs relative to other sites) and URL validation with schema API – if applicable).

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SEO Search Simulator: Nightwatch search simulator is your solution for rank tracking and research when it comes to the SERP. Choose any location in Google, enter a keyword of interest, and you’ll get an unbiased result with positions updated as frequently as every minute. This saves time on manually checking rankings while also giving more accurate results than using other tools like Search Console or Analytics because NightWatch’s algorithm simulates actual users who are “pulling” information from their query regardless if they’re logged into account services such as Gmail/YouTube etc.

FatRank by FatJoe SEO: Fat Rank is a powerful and free tool for checking keyword rankings in Google. Simply visit any website, click the fat rank icon, enter your search term of interest, and it will tell you where that site ranks on the first page of google based on which URL has been indexed with more links to its content than other URLs already ranking there. It’s perfect for competitor research or even just getting an accurate snapshot view into how well a given domain performs by typing one simple query after visiting their homepage!

SEOQuake: SEOquake is an excellent tool for those looking to gain a better understanding of how Google ranks their website. This free service offers several tools which allow you to measure your SEO success more accurately. The SEO bar at the top gives you real-time metrics in regards to core areas like onsite optimization and social media engagement, while the SERP overlay displays additional details about any listing under it (including traffic stats). These two features are helpful when analyzing specific pages or getting detailed reports on page rank performance over time.

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MOZBar: MozBar gives you instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP. You can create custom searches by engine, country, region, and city to find the most relevant results for your needs. Quickly assess the Page Authority and Domain Authority of any site or page with a few clicks on Mozbar’s toolbar buttons; use this information as an indicator when evaluating relevancy. With its ability to access link metrics across pages while browsing through search engines like Google (or Bing), it is easy to spot high-quality links vs spammers that may be hiding in plain sight otherwise!

Small Business Extensions

JustCall Chrome Extension: JustCall is another tool that allows you to make phone calls right from your browser. It works in conjunction with your Google Calendar and seamlessly maps out all of your appointments, allowing you to see who you need to call, and when! You can also receive reminders about unsaved numbers or contacts as you’re navigating the web!

Moat Chrome Extension: This Chrome extension allows you to track the effectiveness of your ad campaigns so that you can spend more time on ones that are giving you a bigger ROI. You can also use this tool if you’re monitoring a specific social network and want to see how effective one campaign is versus another; perfect for marketers looking to trim the fat!

Copper CRM Chrome Extension: Copper CRM is a great tool that helps you to manage and track your sales process. With this extension, you can see all of the details for each lead in your system as well as view any new emails with openings or files; it’s a great way to stay on top of everything!

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Interactivefics Chrome Extension: This extension helps you to track the effectiveness of your social media posts, as well as view detailed information about which ones are really getting traction in terms of likes and clicks. You can also see how these numbers compare to your competitors!

Crowdfire Chrome Extension: Crowdfire is a great tool for tracking who’s talking about you online and giving you tips on how to get in front of more leads. With this extension, you can easily keep an eye on your mentions and chat with new contacts without even leaving the page!

Intercom Chrome Extension: Intercom helps you to monitor, track, and organize your customer activity across different channels. You can keep an eye on social media mentions or A/B test a new landing page against one that gives better conversions; it’s another great way to save time and money!

Outreach Chrome Extension: Outreach is a great tool for streamlining your prospecting campaign. With this extension, you can find many different leads and follow up with them without ever leaving the page; it’s another easy way to save time and money!

ServiceNow Chrome Extension: ServiceNow is a great tool for staying on top of your tickets and seeing wherein the customer’s journey someone is. You can also view the details of each ticket, such as who it was created by or whether they’ve viewed their account yet; it’s another easy way to save time!

Skrapp Chrome Extension: Skrapp helps to keep your tasks and projects organized so that you can see what’s most important right now. With this extension, you can track your time and stay on top of everything from meetings to specific pieces of work; it’s another great way to save time!

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Aircall Chrome Extension: Aircall is a great tool for managing your phone calls and seeing who’s available at any given time. It allows you to easily send details from Gmail or Outlook to aircall, so you can avoid forgetting things like the customer’s name. Even better? You can even record those calls so that you don’t have to go back through each one later!

Amplitude Chrome Extension: Amplitude is a great tool for tracking user behavior so that you can see what’s working on your site and what isn’t. With this extension, you can easily monitor all of the traffic on your site to learn what they’re viewing most often or how long they stay there; it’s another easy way to save time!

Cyfe Chrome Extension: Cyfe helps you to visualize all of the data that is collected on your site or blog. It allows you to view things like which pages are most popular or how many people visit per day; it’s another easy way to save time!

Home and Travel Extensions:

Groupon Chrome Extension: This extension allows you to view the latest deals and discounts from Groupon. Simply install it and start browsing your favorite categories! You can also receive notifications when a new deal comes up for stores in your area.

DoorDash Chrome Extension: DoorDash works just like Eatery; it only shows information about nearby restaurants that are interested in partnering with this food delivery service. It’s a great option if you don’t want to be bombarded by phone calls or emails from businesses that have no interest in providing your product or service!

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eBay Chrome Extension: If you’re looking to make a few extra bucks by selling some old items around your house, eBay is one of the most popular online selling sites out there. This extension allows you to quickly list any item you want without having to navigate through their website; perfect if it’s late at night or if you’re just not feeling like browsing!

Capital One Coupon Tool: Capital One Shopping has savings at your fingertips, so you never have to shop without the best offers. Shop as usual and when a better offer is found, it will pop up with all of the important details including tax and shipping information for comparison’s sake.

If there are any coupons available on that site they’ll be automatically applied to your cart before checkout – nothing worse than getting home after buying online only to find out about those sweet discounts! On top of everything else, we reward you Capital One Shopping Rewards every time you spend money while shopping which can then be redeemed for gift cards from popular stores like Target or Best Buy!

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