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Beachbody Affiliate Program

When it comes to changing your life and making a better future for yourself, at-home solutions and affiliate programs tend to pop out as viable options. The Beachbody Affiliate program is just another option when it comes to making money on your own, making yourself better in the process, and trying to set up your own future. 

So what is the Beachbody Affiliate program? Keep reading to find out.

What is Beachbody?

Beachbody is a fitness and wellness company that promotes healthy workouts and lifestyle changes that help its members get the body they have always wanted. 

Most Beachbody content can be used from the comfort of their own home, meaning that they do not have to go to gyms, meetings, or other events that are outside of their home. 

Members can access content whenever they want and can grow and get their dream body at their own pace.

Beachbody does offer a multi-level marketing option as well, but the affiliate program does not require that you are part of the multi-level marketing side of the company. 

The Beachbody memberships offer access to 30 days programs, Beachbody products, and more. 

Team Beachbody coaches can get a discount on the items they purchase and be part of the affiliate program, but the two are not exclusive, meaning you do not have to be a member of both.

What is the Beachbody on Demand Affiliate Program?

Beachbody is currently offering affiliates that are publishing on FlexOffers

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As an affiliate of the program, you can promote various products and services that help you make a commission. 

You can promote memberships to the Beachbody program with plans like $39 for three months, $59 for six months, and $99 for 12 months of membership.

Affiliates can also promote products like specific fitness programs such as the Obsession Accessory Bundle, Yoga DVDs, and even unique classes to the Beachbody platform and company. 

These routines and content are purchased outside of their membership which means that you can encourage someone to get a membership and then buy extra content that is not offered with the basic membership and weight loss classes and coaching.

Affiliates can also help to promote gear and supplements. 

Gear can be used with the classes and the content that members are buying, which can help make the program more successful as a whole. 

Supplements can help the users be healthy from the inside out and truly get the most out of each class or content they use and participate in. 

They also offer workout videos, fitness programs, and a great coaching program as well.

How to Make $1000 a Month with the Beachbody Affiliate Program

Making money on an affiliate program is governed by how active you are and how much effort you put into your success. Here is a breakdown of how much you make per transaction currently with this affiliate marketing program:

  • $8 from every membership sold with your link
  • $9.60 for 50+ actions on the site
  • $12 for 100+ actions
  • 12% of all other sales that are listed
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This plan offers a range of options for making money and using the Beachbody affiliate program to earn commissions as a means of a stable income. 

With any affiliate program, you want to stay active and engage users and keep bringing in new users as often as possible and encouraging your existing users to stay active, and encourage members to go about clicking the link.

With an affiliate program, you want to make sure that you are trying to keep engagement up, trying to make sure that you are encouraging sales, and that if you can do things to promote, you are. 

Of course, your most considerable monetary amount is going to be new memberships with this particular program. 

Though you can get money from residual sales, this will only be effective if you have a team that buys often.

Taking the time to push for new memberships and encourage new users to sign up for memberships will benefit your bottom line and a great form of passive income. 

It would be best to make sure that you choose the right avenue for your affiliate links to be used. If you have a blog, this is a great place to use them; social media is also a fantastic way to reach out and get new customers.

If you have a YouTube channel, you may want to make videos that are specifically geared toward the program and what it has to offer. 

FlexOffers is a great affiliate network that does allow you to get affiliate links and make an excellent passive income.

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For the most part, this is an excellent opportunity to dip your toes in the world of affiliate programs and making passive income with this type of program overall.

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