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How to Earn an Amazon’s Choice Badge for Your E-Commerce Products

How to Earn an Amazon’s Choice Badge for Your E-Commerce Products

Accounting for over 40 percent of all online retail transactions, according to Statista, Amazon is the world’s definitive e-commerce platform. Each day, millions of consumers turn to the popular platform to shop for products.

If you’re thinking about opening a seller account on Amazon, though, you should strive for an Amazon’s Choice badge. While shoppers can buy any listed and available product, those featuring the platform’s coveted Choice badge tend to generate the most sales.

What Is an Amazon’s Choice Badge?

Originally released in 2015, an Amazon’s Choice badge is a label Amazon places on certain products for certain search queries. Amazon uses them to recommend high-quality and popular products to shoppers. Choice badges consist of a rectangular blue-colored box containing the words “Amazon’s Choice.”

The Benefits of Earning an Amazon’s Choice Badge

You can expect to generate more sales for products that feature an Amazon’s Choice badge. For any given search query, Amazon will award a Choice badge to a single product. The selected product will outrank most or all other products for the search query, resulting in more views and sales.

In addition to ranking higher in Amazon’s search results, products featuring an Amazon’s Choice badge are recommended to Alexa users. Amazon offers a range of Alexa-supported devices, including the Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus.

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The company even offers an Alexa mobile app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Using one of these devices or apps, shoppers can search for products using their voice. Alexa, however, will only recommend a product if it features an Amazon’s Choice badge or if the shopper has previously ordered it.

Go for Prime Eligibility

Amazon won’t award a product with an Amazon’s Choice badge unless it’s eligible for Prime. Amazon Prime, of course, is the company’s premium subscription-based service that gives shoppers perks, such as free one- or two-day shipping and access to streaming media.

To make your products eligible for Prime, you must sign up for either Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP). The former program means Amazon will package and ship products to customers, whereas the latter program means you’ll have to perform these fulfillment activities.

Assuming you have strong and positive seller metrics, Amazon will list your products as Prime eligible, which could lead an Amazon’s Choice badge.

Keep Products in Stock

If a product is out of stock, it won’t feature an Amazon’s Choice badge. Amazon doesn’t want to recommend out-of-stock products to shoppers because it creates a negative experience. A shopper may have his or her eyes set on buying a recommended product, but if it’s out of stock, the shopper will probably leave unsatisfied.

To ensure shoppers have a positive experience while increasing your chances of earning an Amazon’s Choice badge, you must keep products in stock.

You can monitor product inventory by logging in to Amazon Seller Central and selecting the “Inventory” menu, followed by “Manage Inventory.” If you use the FBA, you may want to set up replenishment alerts as well.

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With a replenishment alert, Amazon will notify you via email when units of the product drop to or below your specified threshold level. You can then replenishment the product by shipping more units of it to Amazon.

Optimize Product Pages Around Target Keywords

You’ll need to optimize your product pages around the keywords for which you want to earn an Amazon’s Choice badge. After all, Amazon awards products with a Choice badge for a search query. While a product can earn multiple Amazon’s Choice badges, each of these badges is exclusive to a single search query.

If a product page isn’t optimized for a keyword, it probably won’t earn an Amazon’s Choice badge for search queries containing that keyword.

How do you optimize a product page around a target keyword? Include the keyword once at the beginning of the page’s title and multiple times throughout the page’s description. For product photos uploaded to the page, you can also include the keyword in alt text tags.

Amazon doesn’t support overlay text in product photos, but it does support alt text tags. Just remember to choose keywords that are relevant to your products, such as the name of a product either with or without a modifier.

Offer Competitive Prices

The price for which you sell a product can influence whether it receives an Amazon’s Choice badge. Amazon hasn’t revealed the exact criterium for which it awards Choice badges, but evidence shows that pricing plays a critical role in eligibility. Low-priced products are more likely to earn an Amazon’s Choice badge than higher-priced products.

You can see for yourself by performing some basic searches on the e-commerce platform while comparing the prices of the Choice-badged products to their counterparts. If you price a product too high, Amazon may award a Choice badge to a similar but cheaper product sold by a competitor.

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You should still use an appropriate pricing strategy that allows you to generate a profit, but avoid raising your product prices too high. Otherwise, you won’t earn a coveted Amazon’s Choice badge.

Cultivate Positive Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews can increase your chances of earning an Amazon’s Choice badge. They show Amazon, as well as shoppers, that a product is popular and performs as intended.

To cultivate positive customer reviews, you must offer top-tier customer service. If a customer isn’t satisfied with his or her order, the customer may reach out to you for assistance. Maybe the customer received a damaged product, or perhaps the customer doesn’t know how to use the product. By quickly addressing the customer’s problem, he or she may leave a positive review.

An Amazon’s Choice badge is a vote of trust denoting that Amazon recommends a product. When shoppers see an Amazon’s Choice badge, they’ll feel more confident ordering the product since it’s been vetted by Amazon.

You can generate sales on products regardless of whether they feature this coveted badge, but for the greatest sales success, you should strive to earn an Amazon’s Choice badge.

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