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All In One SEO vs. Yoast

All In One SEO vs. Yoast

Side by Side Comparison

All-In-One SEO and YOAST SEO plugins are the two biggest WordPress SEO plugins available at this time. The free version of All-In-One-SEO has over two million installations whereas the free version of YOAST has over five million installations!

These features include basic and premium options to get a look at the key features that are available.

All In One SEOYoast
Robots.txthtaccess and robots.txt editor
XML SitemapsXML Sitemaps
SEO Data Import and ExportSEO Data Import and Export
Open Graph MetatagsOpen graph meta tags
File EditorGoogle webmaster tool data import
Performance ManagerGoogle Post Review
Bad Bot BlockerBreadcrumb Navigation
Taxonomy OptimizationProfessional support
Video SitemapRedirect manager
RSS Sitemap FunctionRSS Sitemap Function
Tutorial Video LibraryMultiple keyword optimization
AMP supportSocial media post preview
Google analytics integrationAutomatic internal link recommendations
Bulk metadata configurationBulk metadata configuration via a template
WooCommerce SEO features.Schema Blocks
Google News SitemapCornerstone Content
Custom User RolesAbandoned Content Checker
SchemaTable of Contents Creator


Free Plan Winner

Comparing the free version of YOAST and All In One SEO, All In One SEO seemingly offers more features. The question here is – will you make use of the performance manager and bad bot blocker?

The question should be are the performance manager and bad bot blocker worth sacrificing a clean user interface?

YOAST offers a cleaner user interface which we feel trumps the performance manager and bad bot blocker in All-In-One SEO simply because we rely on alternative options for those two features anyway.

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Premium Plan Winner

Comparing the premium versions of these two WordPress plugins, both are prime candidates for search engine optimization of WordPress content. Both plugins have the “basics” and depending on what your needs are, you may find the additional “perks” of YOAST or All-In-One SEO more beneficial.

Would you be better served by the advanced WooCommerce SEO, video module access, and tutorial access that come with All-In-One SEO Premium or the multiple keyword optimization, redirect manager, and social media post preview that comes with YOAST Premium?

There are two additional features, however, that may lead you to choose one plugin over the other and that is the premium perk limitations of All-In-One-SEO and YOAST Premium bulk pricing.


Customer support can be a big plus for technical plugins like All-In-One-SEO and YOAST, so how do the support teams for each plugin compare?

When considering the free versions of each plugin, neither offers customer support features to users, so support ratings apply to paid versions of these plugins only.

All-In-One-SEO limits their priority support to users who purchase a license for ten sites or more where YOAST offers support for all users who purchase a pro version of their plugin. For this reason, YOAST comes out on top.


You may be able to overlook the limitations on premium features of All-In-One-SEO Pro if you are dealing with a large number of websites. There is a stark difference in pricing when it comes to buying multiple site licenses – we are talking about the difference between $299.50 and $4,895 for one hundred website licenses.

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The difference in pricing between All-In-One-SEO and YOAST premium is significant no matter how many licenses you purchase. YOAST premium is the most expensive option where All-In-One-SEO is the most affordable.

All-In-One SEO Pricing

All-In-One-SEO premium offers four membership options – Basic, Plus, Pro, and Elite.

The Basic package is for one site license and costs $49.60 annually.

The Plus package is for three site licenses and costs $99.50 annually. The Plus package offers the same features as the Basic package and access to the local SEO module and Image SEO module.

The Pro package is for ten site licenses and costs $199.50 annually. The Pro package offers the same features as the Plus package and priority support, news sitemap, and video sitemap.

The Elite package is for one hundred site licenses and costs $299.50 annually. The Elite package offers the same features as the Pro package.

Yoast Pricing

YOAST Premium pricing is done differently from All-In-One-SEO Premium. YOAST premium members pay a one-time fee that is based on the number of sites being licensed. Each license comes with a year of free updates and support.

Once the year’s license expires, the YOAST plugin will still function, but you will no longer have access to updates and support. You can regain access to updates and support, by purchasing an annual license again.

A single site license for YOAST Premium Pro is $89.
Three site licenses for YOAST Premium Pro are $253.65.
Ten site licenses for YOAST Premium Pro are $756.50.
One hundred site licenses for YOAST Premium Pro are $4,895.

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Considering the big issues that users have experienced with All-In-One-SEO updates, we have to say that YOAST wins this category hands down. Just how much confidence can you have in a plugin when each update may cause complete failure of your WordPress platform?

All-in-One SEO Reliability

While All-In-One-SEO free offers plenty of great features, how does it measure up when it comes to reliability? This plugin has one big problem when it comes to reliability and that is updates!

It seems that with almost every update that All-In-One-SEO has had over the last year, has resulted in a detriment to users. Most recently, that detriment included:

  • Delayed page save time
  • Deletion of post titles and descriptions
  • Problems with the post system
  • Crashing SEO rankings

While not every user has experienced the same issues with each update, the issues that have arisen are significant enough to make anyone think twice about installing this plugin. Plus, with no support for users of the free version of this plugin, users that are impacted are left high and dry.

Yoast Reliability

Where All-In-One-SEO has major problems with errors caused by updating, YOAST has fewer pressing concerns from users. Most complaints from users of YOAST are linked to compatibility errors caused by YOAST interacting with other plugins and user errors in general settings.

While plugin compatibility errors may be seen as a reliability issue, we have to say that user errors should not be reflected in plugin ratings.

Pros and Cons

All-In-One SEO Pros and Cons


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  • Easy to setup.
  • Easier configuration than other SEO plugins.
  • Available in 53 languages.
  • Better sitemap feature than YOAST.
  • More affordable for bulk licensing.
  • Titles can be bulk edited.
  • Offers advanced eCommerce support.
  • Supports custom post type SEO settings.
  • Includes robots.txt editing.


  • Premium users are only given access to certain features unless they purchase ten or more licenses.
  • Updates to the plugin often cause serious WordPress errors.
  • Lacks content analysis feature similar to YOAST.
  • Not directly compatible with Google search console data import.
  • No URL editing function.
  • Lacks a redirect feature.
  • Does not offer snippet previews.
  • No breadcrumbs feature.
  • Descriptions cannot be bulk edited.
  • Does not include social media features.
  • Does not offer .htaccess editing.

Yoast Pros and Cons



  • Easy to setup.
  • The highest-rated SEO plugin for WordPress.
  • Offers a better variety of features than All-In-One-SEO.
  • A clean and easy to use user interface.
  • Offers a redirect feature.
  • Available in 51 languages.
  • Additional plugin modules are available to further extend YOAST functionality.
  • URL editing function.
  • Breadcrumbs feature.
  • Offers full-page content analysis.
  • Offers snippet previews.
  • Titles and descriptions can be bulk edited.
  • Includes social media features.
  • Includes .htaccess editing and robots.txt editing.


  • Premium pricing is astronomical for a large number of websites.
  • The sitemap feature is lacking customization options.
  • Can take a while for configuration.
  • Does not offer advances eCommerce support.
  • Does not support custom post type SEO settings.

Best for The More Experienced User

Whether you are considering the free or paid version of either of these SEO optimization plugins for WordPress, we have to go with YOAST as the winner all around.

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The free version of YOAST simply offers a much cleaner user interface which makes it easier to use and saves a lot of time in the long run. We also found the unique features of YOAST free to be more appealing since at least two of the unique features of All-In-One-SEO were already offered by alternate plugins.

The paid version of YOAST comes out on top because of the difference in features between plans. If you find yourself dealing with a large number of websites, you may find that All-In-One-SEO is the better solution for you simply due to cost, but for the average WordPress user, YOAST is the better choice.

Best For The Beginner

Although there are many more advantages to using YOAST over All-In-One-SEO, newbie WordPress users may be better starting off their SEO plugin experience with All-In-One-SEO.

For newbies, the All-In-One-SEO plugin is easier to configure and while it has a more cluttered user interface, having most of the plugin settings on a single page can be helpful for less experienced users.

If you are a newbie with the intent of spending a good deal of time learning about SEO, however, you may be better served beginning with YOAST. Beginning with the free version of YOAST will make a transition to the paid version of YOAST much easier than if you had begun with another plugin brand.

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