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15 Best AI Voice Generators

15 Best AI Voice Generators

An AI voice generator uses the same technology to amplify and transform human voice content. The device works through a process called cloning, in which the computer creates a synthetic imitation of human voices. The technology has reached such a stage of advancement that the generated voice is now indistinguishable from human voices.

Voice AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a tool that uses voice commands to receive and interpret directives. This technology allows people to ask questions or give commands in natural language to devices, which then respond.

What began as a limited and highly expensive innovation over a decade ago has become a widespread and affordable consumer phenomenon. If current projections hold, the voice-based speaker market will be worth $30 billion by 2024.

Until recently, the only alternatives to such a device were machines that produced robot voices. High-quality AI voice generators deliver realistic voices. You can even choose the type of voice that you prefer. Male, female, different tones, languages, and accents are all available. Some of the uses of AI voice generators include:







Top 15 AI Voice Generators

Here are the top AI Voice Generators on the market:


The platform has over 570 AI voices in 60 different languages. To date, it has 7000 users worldwide. It provides AI voice generation and text-to-speech solutions. Some of the features include:

-Creation of high-quality audios and download them in MP3

-Commercial rights for all the audios created with no extra fee

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-Broadcast rights for using generated voices in podcasts, audiobooks, blogs, etc.

-Ability to revise the audio until satisfied with its quality

You can also customize punctuations and pronunciations of important words in your script to refine your work’s quality. You can even set a different tone for each part of the script. also has a cloud of its own that stores your audio files securely. The platform lets you import these audio files in MP3 and WAV formats. You also get a widget – text to speech reader that you can embed in your blogs and websites.

Here is a link to their site:


This device is an efficient web-based voice generator that is well-known for its natural-sounding text-to-speech abilities. It offers a simple UI to help new users quickly generate a distinct voice through the speech they provide to the text box.

Spik uses machine learning technology to create its realistic voice effects. The service allows you to generate files with up to 1000 characters in the text after you sign-up to the service. Here are some of its more important features:

-TEXT and SSML utilization for speech generation.

-Free to use

-Three-step speech-generating process

-Choice of three different English-speaking styles.

Here is a link to their website:

3. Murf

This is one of the best and most well-known AI generators on the market. Murf enables users to produce voices for a wide range of purposes. You can create everything from a distinct author’s voice to a voice for an important business presentation.

The tool allows you to choose from over 110 voices in more than 15 languages. You can even add accents in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. With Murf, you can create studio-level audio quality from home. Here are some of its most important features:

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-Add voices to videos or images

-Get a free grammar assistant

-Add free background music to any video/audio

Murf can be used for a range of purposes, industries, and work situations, including:

-AI voiceover

-Voice over video

-Voice changer

-Voice editing

-Voice over presentation

-E-learning voiceover

You can also add emphasis to specific words that you want your listeners to pay attention to, and adjust the pitch and speed of voiceovers according to your needs.

If you need to sync your voice with a video, Murf will allow you to create a separate audio block for every scene in it. You can utilize this same capability for presentations.

Murf also has a noise suppression function, which can dampen ambient noise in the background so that you can enjoy a quiet recording environment. The AI voice changer allows you to convert your audio recording into an editable script, or upload a script directly into the Murf studio. You can remove and add pauses, delete words that you don’t want, and improve the flow and smoothness of the script.

Here is a link to their website:

4. Clipchamp

This tool has 170 unique voices in 70 different languages. You can produce voices that are feminine, masculine, or neutral. The voices can reflect different ages and various accents in different languages.

The tool comes with a speed control feature, which allows you to set the tempo of each sentence individually.

Here is a link to their website:

5. Lovo

If you have been looking for AI voice generators, you have no doubt come across this name. Lovo is an affordable, next-generation AI voiceover and text-to-speech tool that can produce human-like voices of very high quality.

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To date, the tool has over 80,000 users in 41 countries. Over 7 million voiceovers have been created through Lovo. Here are some of the device’s most prominent features:

-180+ voice skins in 33 varying languages.

-Continual addition of new voices monthly

-Ability to create custom voice skins in just 15 minutes

Lovo can be used in a range of industries and work situations. E-learning, marketing, documentary making, games, explainer videos, audiobooks, animations, and IVR are some of the activities and products that can be made with Lovo.

One of the biggest advantages of the platform is its API, which can integrate with your product in 5 minutes.

Here is a link to their website:

6. Replika

This tool is especially useful for animators and game developers seeking AI voice actors. It features a vast array of AI voices recorded by professional voice actors. Indeed, you can try out a variety of demo voices for free before subscribing.

Here is how Replika works. Based on the voice style you choose the device will convert the text you give it into a natural-sounding voice. After you have added the script, you can tweak the pitch and volume of the generated voice. You can fine-tune it to sound angry, sad, happy, or surprised. You can then download this product as an MP3, WAC, OGG, or FLAC at 22 kHz. The platform allows 30 minutes of free voice credit. This provides you enough space to experiment with all of its voice styles.

Here are some of the device’s most important features:

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-Audition voices from Replika’s massive voice library

-Ability to modify speech rate, pitch, tone, and volume

-Ability to add voice effects-

-Script creation

-Voice Line prototyping

Here is a link to their website:

7. Woord

Woord gives you two convenient methods to generate speech. You either type in the text you want to convert to voice or paste the URL of a site that you want to be converted to the spoken word.

This tool features a large library of custom voices to choose from. You can select from a range of styles; and you can choose between a male or female voice. Woord offers 50 voices in 21 different languages. Voice generation is very quick. And you can sample the different voices in the library before you make your final selection.

Some of the most important features include:

-The ability to create and redistribute generated voices across various media

-Unlimited text to speech generation

-Chrome browser extension

-OCR to capture text from images and PDFs

Here is a link to their website:

8. Sonantic

This is a great tool for crafting highly expressive AI-generated voices. Sonantic is an intuitive AI voice generator that is most popular in the entertainment industry. It allows you to easily tweak the tone of your generated voice to produce the specific emotion you seek: anger, sadness, happiness, and the like. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the emotion by switching between three levels.

Another advantage of the tool is its ability to rapidly transform the entered text to voice. This has allowed entertainment producers to create high-end voice-over work within minutes. The tool also provides full control over voice performance parameters. You can control the pitch and pace of all voice-over work.

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Some of the most important features of this device include:

-High-quality sound export

-The ability to modify pitch, volume, pacing, and tone

-A huge library professional voice-over work

-The ability to switch emotion intensity between high, medium, and low variants

Here is a link to their website:

9. Voicera

This is a great tool for people who want to make their written work more dynamic to readers. It can help you create realistic human voices that can be embedded directly into your written content.

The platform support more than 10 languages. It also offers a variety of accents in different languages. Voicera is free to use, which is one of its main selling points. Some of its other prominent features include:

-Free lifetime validity

-Multi-lingual voice support

-One-Click voice generation

Here is a link to their website:

10. Natural Reader

This is also a free AI voice generator. It is a text-to-speech device, and converts any written material you give it to natural-sounding voices.

Natural Reader comes integrated with OCR technology, which makes it easy to capture text from images and scanned PDFs. The tool also has a convenient Chrome extension that makes the experience more compelling.

Additional features include:

-The ability to convert Text files to MP3

-The ability to upload text on the go

-Optimized for mobile devices

-Simple customization features

Here is a link to their website:


This is one of the top AI voice generators. It leverages the latest AI algorithms and text-to-speech technology. It has efficient voice generating software that produces natural voices in very little time. One of the more distinct features of the tool is that it translates text into Hindi.

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Here is a link to their website:


This is one of the most comprehensive tools on the market for the creation of professional AI videos. It allows you to generate videos with realistic AI human avatars from texts in over 50 languages. One thing to note about is that it counts some of the largest and most well-known companies among its clientele, including Nike, Google, and the British Broadcasting Channel.

Here are some of its main features:

-The choice of over 40 video avatars to create a custom avatar

-The ability to create videos of up to 30 minutes in length

-The ability to upload custom images or video backgrounds

-Use of synthetic voices

-Ability to add additional text, image, or shape elements to videos directly

With Synthesia, you need not use the video option. You can do image or audio-only if that is your preference.

Here is a link to their website:


This is a user-friendly AI text-to-speech generator. It can be used to create audiobooks, explainers, news reports, and other types of informative content. The voice generation processing time is quick: only two minutes. You can generate speech in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Korean, Norwegian and many more. is free. However, a paid version with extra features is available. With the free version, you are limited to 500 characters.

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Here is a link to their website:

14. Notevibes

This is a simple online text-to-voice converter that offers MP3 downloads for 201 natural-sounding voices. You can select male, female, and even children’s voice in 22 languages. The tool allows you to adjust speed and pitch to suit your needs, and you can add pauses where necessary. You can also add background music.

The Notevibes commercial plan allows you to use voices for ads, promotional videos, online courses, and more. Once you have done so, you retain the commercial rights to this content indefinitely.

Here is a link to their website:

15. Robot Voice Generator

This is a very basic AI voice generator. You can use the tool to create audio files for free. It will enable you to develop robotic audio, which is necessary in some industries.

The workings of the tool are simple. All you need to do is add text and the AI will do the rest. The tool allows you to shift text to speech, create multiple audio solutions, and download audio. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. And you can adjust the speed and pitch of the audio with ease.

Here is a link to their website:

What’s Different About AI Voice Generators

In most text-to-speech devices, the words put in will be spoken correctly by the generator. Nearly any tool you buy, will give you sounds that are intelligible and easy to understand. However, most individuals and organizations cannot simply get by on the lowest standard. They are work under highly competitive conditions. They must produce the best products, including generated voices.

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The difference between basic voice generators and AI voice generators is akin to the difference between going to a karaoke bar and hearing an experienced and professional band live. Both produce sounds that are real and authentic, but only one is able to hold the attention of the listener. It is the difference between merely singing and making musical art; it is the difference between saying things correctly and saying things well.

If you are a professional, only the latter will do. The human ear is trained to pick up on the slightest differences between a dull synthetic voice and a genuine human voice. The last thing you want is for the people who will listen to your recording to be distracted by its imperfections rather than focusing on your content. You must ensure that the content you provide is so life-like that the listeners will not question whether the voice is a natural one. This is not something that can be achieved even with a heavily edited non-AI voice generator.

No matter whether you make products for the people in your organization or you work in the art and entertainment industry, there is no getting around the need for voice generation that sounds human. AI voice generators are the only devices that can help you meet this aim. Indeed, the proliferation of these tools has become go great that most people now expect the level of voice quality that they have established. In other words, it is really not possible for any serious professional to get away with using a voice generation system that is not powered by AI technology.

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The AI voice generators listed above are the best on the market. Each device has thousands of users from all over the world, and has been used to create hundreds of thousands of voice-generated solutions. There is no longer any barrier of language in this realm. You can make yourself understood in the world’s most spoken languages. It is also possible to make the experience even more authentic with the addition of regional accents.

Choosing the right AI voice generator for your organization or project need not be difficult. Most of the tools listed above have features that cater to a specific industry or type of activity. You can easily select one that has features that are most beneficial to you. They also have different pricing schemes, so that you can choose a device that aligns with your budgetary limits.

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