Agent Success Series | Lori Ballen Interviews Jordan Matin

In this Agent Success Series interview, Lori Ballen interviews Jordan Matin. Jordan is a 5th generation portlander and leader of the Matin Real Estate Group. With nearly $30m in production for 2016, and growth from 2 agents to 9 team members, Matin Real Estate is poised to close $60m in volume. 70% of Jordan’s business comes from prospecting expireds, fsbo and cancelled listings. When not selling houses, Jordan enjoys traveling, skiing and spending time with family.

You can contact Jordan and his team by visiting The transcript of the interview can be found below:


Lori Ballen: I’m Lori Ballen and I run a real estate here in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have agents in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and all the way up into Reno, and we’re playing around, testing the market a little bit in Seattle. I am here today with Jordan Matin of Portland, Oregon, who did $30 million last year and has a goal to do at least, and let me put asterisk on the at least, $60 million. Who recently grew from a team of only two to nine team members and we’re going to talk to Jordan all about how he did that.

Let me see if I can see who’s here today. Anybody in there? I just want to make sure that we are live and that you guys can hear us. Normally I have a pile right now, so let me just make sure. Brenda, type something into the question bar for me so that I can just see … Oh, there we go. Okay, Amy Schrader says, “Hi, Jordan.” I don’t know if you can see the comments.

Jordan Matin:    Yes. Hi, Amy.

Why and When Did You Get Into Real Estate?

Lori Ballen:    Great, you can. Okay. All right. Cool. All right, so Jordan tell us first of all how and why did you get into real estate, and tell me when, because I didn’t ask you when.

Jordan Matin:  No. Okay, so I actually got into real estate in September of 2009. I had just got out of college, I was 24 years old, which happened to be the month that was the lowest amount of sales in the last 50 years in the Portland area. Short sales were big. I remember the Obama credit, I think that’s what it was. It was an $8,000 credit. I jumped from brokerage to brokerage for the first year and I almost got out of it because I didn’t have any coaching, I didn’t have any training. I didn’t sell anything for my first year and a half in the business.

Lori Ballen:    How did you survive that?

Jordan Matin:    Staying with family. I had a little bit of family support, but it was I was also … Part of my story is I was also getting sober. I got sober and, well, my first date was March 15th of ’08 and then again, January 3rd, and I’ve been sober seven years now.

Lori Ballen:    Wow. Congratulations.

Jordan Matin:    Yeah, so I was struggling. I was trying to get into real estate. I was having a tough time. I ended up getting pretty level on my playing field and got into a couple of different brokerages. Anything that if anybody would teach me I would try to learn. September of ’09 and I didn’t sell anything, I think, until it was maybe late 2010 or 2011.

Lori Ballen:    We’re you lead generating during that time or did you not know?

Jordan Matin:    I didn’t know what lead generation was. I mean what I remember, I was at a different company than am I now, Prudential, which isn’t around anymore, at least here. I remember they literally gave me a phone book, right? It was like you should call a 100 people a day and I was like, I had no script, I had a wood desk in a room. I was the youngest person by 30 years in the office. It was brutal. I was the youngest person in the brokerages that I’ve been at until about two or three years ago.

Lori Ballen:    Because you’re getting older.

Jordan Matin:    I’m getting older. I am. Yeah, so now I’m 31, so it’s been a good ride.

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What was the first year that you did over 10 million in production?

Lori Ballen:    Wow. All right. Your first couple of years you didn’t do any production. What’s the first year you did over 10 million?

Jordan Matin:    Okay, so I did-

Lori Ballen:    What your average price range there? I’m sorry, what’s your average price range in Portland?

Jordan Matin:    Average price range today is 400,000, but you’re talking five years ago it was 250, right? So it’s jumped up.

Lori Ballen:    Okay. All right. What’s the first year you did over 10 million at about a $250,000 price range?

Jordan Matin:    That would’ve been about when I first came over to Keller Williams. I got really good at phone prospecting. That’s my story and so 78% of my business comes from expireds, canceleds, a little bit of FSBOS. I’ve been actively working on a database and that’s going up pretty well, but that’s still my bread and butter. I ended up joining the Mike Ferry Organization. I got into coaching. I sent them this really sad, pathetic email about how I was 40 pounds overweight and I could sell to all these buyers because I was doing online leads, which was good, but I wasn’t able to really build a big business and I was really unhappy. Anyways, I ended up going to one of the training events and what was a turning point, I started going to an event of theirs every single month for two years. I’d fly down to where you’re at, Las Vegas, every month for two years and do what they call prospecting school.

I got really good at phone conversations. Now I use Mojo. I’ve been using Mojo for years, but before I would literally just print out the expireds, I would call the five or six that had good numbers and then I would drive two hours in any direction and go knock on their door and leave a package at their door. I did that for three or four weeks when I first started, I got five listings, I switched my business from 22 buyers to 22 sellers and then because of that production and the brokerage I was at was a smaller brokerage, I needed to go somewhere that was more prospecting based. Ended up joining KW. Then I got to have all the learning experiences with how to hire and train people, because I thought I knew better, so I started hiring people. I hired a girl that I literally met off a dating profile, a dating site.

Lori Ballen:    How did that go?

Jordan Matin:    It was awkward. It was definitely awkward. It didn’t work very well. I mean I hired people that I was friends with. I mean I did everything. I did pretty much anything that could think of.

What’s changed for you from 2010 to 2017?

Lori Ballen:    Go back for a second. We’re going to come back to the team building. Go back for a second to the prospecting, I’m curious about something, because … So on my team we had built it pretty big, I got as big as 15 team members at one time, had a full-time inside sales agent that was … We’re internet based, not prospecting based, but his job was to cultivate all the leads that were coming in and I did try a little bit of outbound, but it was not our cup of tea. Not that I would never go back to it, but none of us were really great at it.

One of the things that I have found out since I’ve changed my model a little bit, I’ve taken over all the lead cultivation and one of things that I’m discovering is text is where all the power is, okay? I also find that people don’t answer their darn phones in 2017 and so do you run into this as a prospector? What’s changed for you from 2010 to 2017 and are you having to change anything? Are they answering their phones? What’s happening in your role?

Jordan Matin:    Well for me, I’ve definitely had to change some of my technology. When I decided about a year and a half ago I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go and have that be sole business, right? Like I told you before we started, we have a 110 people moving to Portland every day. We just got passed up by Seattle, but were last year the number one place where people were moving to. That amount of traction and growth has created literally no expireds in the marketplace and the FSBOs are selling and so I said, “What am I going to do?” What I ended up doing was I ended up buying Vulcan. I was just using RedX at the time. That definitely increased my quality of the phone numbers I was getting. It was more numbers, with some more bad numbers, but, ultimately, I had more, I was able to contact the people.

Lori Ballen:    For dials. You could dial more.

Jordan Matin:    I could dial more and I could get a hold of people, 60% of the time I could get a hold of them versus 30% with RedX, so that was a critical piece. I actually did testing, so I bought RedX and Mojo and Vulcan and a couple of other ones and I pulled the numbers versus the expireds in my area. We were ultimately able to get the phone numbers for those people. I tried a mail campaign with that. I spent $20,000. In fact, back in my back bedroom here I have stacks of printing with my face on it and the envelopes were custom made. They did not work. Did not work. Texting is great. Texting is huge when you have like a website, you have someone that-

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How long did you try direct mail and how consistent was it?

Lori Ballen:    Well stop. Hold on one second, Jordan. I want to be careful for all of our listeners that might have not dabbled in this like you and I have and failed forward. How long did you try the direct mail? You got all this stuff with all your face on it and everything, but how long did you actually stay with it and how consistent was it?

Jordan Matin:    Six months.

Lori Ballen:    Okay.

Jordan Matin:    We would send out a very expensive, pre-listing package basically. It wasn’t a CMA, it was just like a marketing book and that would get sent out and then we sent 10 letters over eight weeks and then they would get put on a, basically, a 33 touch.

Lori Ballen:    Wow, that’s pretty consistent.

Jordan Matin:    We were using GoldMine and it was really … I mean we did get a listing from it. I bet you if we kept running it over time it would’ve worked, but the amount of manpower that it took to do 10 letters … The first week it’s fine, but once you’re doing eight weeks, 10 different letters it’s very complicated and-

Lori Ballen:    Right. For those listening, the key … I’m in agreement that direct mail in no way, shape, or form packs the punch that it once did, but I also know some agents that are still doing a lot with geographic farming and direct mail that still swear by it, but they also have a brand in there and they have a name in there. There’s a lot more to this, but in 2007, when I got in, I could send out seven mailers in a row and I was going to get a lot of listings and it’s not like that anymore in 2017, so I get you. Yeah.

Jordan Matin:    I was only mailing expireds, so these are people that are already getting 15 pieces of mail, right?

Lori Ballen:    True.

Jordan Matin:    I was the larger stack, that’s all I was. It wasn’t like a just listed postcard, where that’s the only piece.

Lori Ballen:    Right. You did the direct mail thing, that didn’t work out so well, so now you can go back to what’s-

Jordan Matin:    Not consistently, I mean I … Now I have a team and we all prospect. I hit the phones four hours, well three to four hours a day every day, right? There’s some weeks I don’t hit my 15 hours. I do 15 hours, that’s my bread and butter. I do lead follow up.

Lori Ballen:    Wait, you do 15 hours in a week is your discipline?

Jordan Matin:    Yes.

How many dials are you trying to do in your 15 hour weekly goal?

Lori Ballen:    You probably do more some day and less some day, but 15’s your goal. Do you know how many dials you’re trying to do in that 15 hours?

Jordan Matin:    I could look those numbers up for you.

Lori Ballen:    Okay. Sorry, I thought-

Jordan Matin:    My goal is a 150 contacts personally. My goal is four listing appointments a week, two listing contracts signed, eight a month. That’s kind of my goal and I’m pretty consistent about that. I’ve gone down and with tracking, and I know different companies have different tracking programs, but ultimately I know that if I make 72 contacts on the phone I’ll get a listing appointment, right? For every-

Lori Ballen:    Okay, I love that. Well let’s drill that home right there. I love that you know that. Out of 72 contacts, not dials, 72 contacts, you’re going to get a listing appointment.

Jordan Matin:    It’s about 10 contacts per hour, especially when you’re doing expireds and FSBOS. Database is longer phone calls, but better quality. Just listed, just sold circle prospecting, right? A lot more contacts, a lot less ultimate sales. Yeah, I know-

Lori Ballen:    Are they answering their phone, though, when you’re actually calling? To get to those 72 are using text or they’re answering their phone or what?

Jordan Matin:    I only call.

Lori Ballen:    Wow and they’re answering their phone for you. Are you calling cellphones?

Jordan Matin:    I am.

Lori Ballen:    Only landlines?

Jordan Matin:    I’m using the Vulcan data. They do offer cellphones. I’ll get a cousin and living in Detroit and they’re like, “Oh my God, I don’t know how you got my number. I lived there three years ago, but here’s my cousins phone number.” Great, thank you so much. I’ll take you off my list. I get a lot of colorful language and we just remove them. That’s okay. We try to not call people on the DNC, but we do, I mean we pound pavement. I mean you have to understand who I am.

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Who are you when it comes to prospecting?

Lori Ballen:    Tell us who you are.

Jordan Matin:    I am a phone Nazi, like I am the most … Like people on my team hear me say a couple of things, and one of them is that I’m a hammer, right? I pound, I pound, I pound, I pound, pound, pound, pound. I’m great at that. I’m really great at just diving in and just going at it. Those tracking numbers, I know that if I have some business expense or something that’s coming up that if I just spend the time on the phone I will get that business, it’s just the math is there.

There’s no, and literally if you look at the revenue of it, I know, and I had it better down a couple months ago, but I could tell you that for every hour I spend on the phone I have a revenue of over $1,400 per hour on the phone. That’s just what it is. I think about every contact that says something colorful to me, it’s like, wow, I just made a 100 bucks, you know? I just made 120 bucks. It’s like, thank you, you should keep it coming.

Lori Ballen:    Yeah. How many of you would allow yourself to get paid that kind of money to be cussed at, right? I’ll take the $100 an hour for you to curse at me, right?

Jordan Matin:    No, totally. Ultimately, I mean I look at some of these expireds and some of them are rough around the edges, there’s no doubt about it, but there’s a lot of people that have just been totally underserved. I mean I love our industry and I love some of the people that we work with. I mean you can go through any one of these local MLSs and you know, you’ve seen the photos and it’s just like, God, I could, they just, is this really … I can’t believe we even get paid to do some of the things that we do sometimes. It’s like, oh no, yeah, like that photo of the bathroom where it’s too dark or why is there guy with his dog in the back? It’s like just looking-

Lori Ballen:    The toilet seat up and the reflection of the real estate agent in the mirror are the ones that drives me crazy. Not that we’re talking about our industry.

Jordan Matin:    I mean it’s just like-

Lori Ballen:    But yeah, we can do better.

Jordan Matin:    No. No. I mean let’s just say there’s a lot of opportunity. There’s a lot of opportunity-

Lori Ballen:    Yeah, there’s a lot of opportunity. Yeah.

Jordan Matin:    I mean we’re just scratching the surface.

Lori Ballen:    Okay, so you’re doing all this lead gen from prospecting and you have had to switch your systems to get better numbers, you have to do more dials, but you’re still seeing the return on what you’re doing. You’re doing this big business off prospecting. Now tell me about … You’ve got this team, does everybody on the team prospect and how does that work? Do they have to do a certain amount of hours or what does that look like?

Does everyone on the team prospect? What does their prospecting look like?

Jordan Matin:    Okay, so we’ve been building our team gradually, right? As I told you, there was a lot of mistakes made on hiring people. Getting into RSTLM Keller Williams training course, was huge for me. Now, career visioning has been huge for me. What I actually realized was that for me, I’m a hammer and I did find a couple of people that I think were talented, but what I do is I squeeze. That is who I am and so I squeeze my leads until they buy or die and I squeeze my agents. That’s become something that over the last 18 months has been incredibly painful for me to learn about myself. I actually first hired … I had a couple different admins over time that were really just supportive of helping me with CMAs, helping me with listings. Whatever. I hired Alicia.

Well, actually she was referred to me by somebody else, my team leader, and she didn’t have any real background in real estate. She was in the car dealership business for about a year and then she worked with her family business that was a dog grooming business for six or seven years. I brought her on, I trained her how to do this stuff and then when I ended up coming to realize through some pretty heavy and intense coaching was that she needed to be the person that ran the business, that she needed to be the person that coached the agents, that hired the agents. I started pouring into her in really, really high level. I took her to see Mark Willis, who was the former CEO of Keller Williams. He did a full one week course called, RSTLM, recruit and select, train, lead, and motivate. We did that twice.

Lori Ballen:    That’s a great way to do that too, huh, that one week intense, packed, yeah.

Jordan Matin:    It’s the only way. I mean RS is great, and the new CD classes are great, but to see it from I have a need to I have, okay, I got to find the person, to going through that process to, okay, this is the right person, then the 100 day action plan, right? We’ve nailed that down. What I do is I take content from other people, I go to Cody Gibson, who’s in my office, or I go to other people, or I watch what you do and I take a piece and say, “God, this works so good.” I just put it all together. The reason why I bring up Alicia is because that’s a critical piece. Ultimately, if you’ve ever read the book, “Rocket Fuel,” compare-

Lori Ballen:    Yeah, I love that book.

Jordan Matin:    Okay. I’m the-

Lori Ballen:    Innovator. Yeah.

Jordan Matin:    I am the visionary. I don’t really have a director of sales right now. I don’t know if we ever will. I am definitely the visionary, I can consistently hit more numbers than anyone on my team. We’re working on that. I’m definitely, that’s who I am, right? I draw big picture and then Alicia, she hires behind it. She regularly tells me no, but I’ve invested in her in a very high level. In fact, I was just yesterday, I think, I spent almost $10,000 on some of the training we’re doing, for us and for her. She has a coach and so that’s been huge. Going back to the prospecting, yes, everyone on my team prospects. My buyers agent, Will, who’s been with us the longest now, over a year, he prospects three or four hours a day every day.

He uses Mojo. He pulls up the online leads, he puts them into his dialer, he calls those leads. He does lead follow up. He also does, he enjoys, and I don’t know why, because I don’t, but don’t let him hear I said that, but he enjoys doing circle prospecting. I give him a 20% on any listing that he finds and then he gets to work with that buyer as well and get a higher percentage on that. He really enjoys doing that, so he’ll do that every week. He also has been calling all the … When I’m dialing and prospecting anybody who basically, I’m never going to buy, sell, or just leave me alone or whatever, I never delete anybody unless there’s a good, good reason to: they die, they’ve already sold, they tell me that they’re going to sue me because they might be on the DNC, those kind of things. I delete those.

Lori Ballen:    Yeah, you got to delete those.

Jordan Matin:    Yeah, but everyone else goes into an old bucket, an old group on the dialer, and that over years has gotten, very, very large. We will call through that list consistently. We’re doing that in our Washington location now and so there’s-

Lori Ballen:    You haven’t incorporated any text in this yet?

Jordan Matin:    No, we don’t do-

Lori Ballen:    Okay.

Jordan Matin:    Well, if you register on our website you’ll get a text and then an email, but we don’t do-

Lori Ballen:    Oh, that’s okay, but these are people you are actually talking to and calling and then putting in a follow up system so you know they answered the phone the first time, calling back would be … I just wonder what this would look like if you were to incorporate some text at high level, with the way people are responding to texts right now, it’s huge.

Jordan Matin:    Yeah, it could be good. I’ll tell you though, you got to realize … I mean when somebody’s home goes expired, by 9:00 a.m. they’ve already had 20 phone calls. The text messages I get-

Lori Ballen:    Yeah, but how many texts? How many texts do they get?

Jordan Matin:    That is a good question.

Lori Ballen:    Yeah, see that’s why I’m obsessed with this and I do have a software product out there called Auto-Pilot ISA, but it is specifically designed for web leads, to cultivate web leads. It’s an automated text system that works, because I’m not cultivating these leads I just cannot believe the amount of people that will not answer the phone, that will not respond to me on any other way, but they will answer a text. It’s just fascinating, so I wonder with expireds how many of them are getting texts in the morning versus all that buried with calls and how many would actually answer, so you have to go test that and let us know.

Jordan Matin:    I would look into it. No, I mean it’s definitely cheaper than mailing them 10 times.

Lori Ballen:    Yeah, it’s just an add on. We use, I’m sure with Mojo you have something, we use Infusionsoft, we’re that geeky company that loves Infusionsoft, you know? We’re using turboDial and I’m able to just open the contact, right from the contact click one button, text them right from there, add a tag, puts them in database and sorts them and does everything else right from there. I would think you adding something small like that could be significant for your team based on what you guys do, just a thought on it.

Jordan Matin:    No, totally. I’d be willing to look into it. I’ll tell you, there’s always those little things, you know what I mean? You never think-

Lori Ballen:    There’s always something.

Jordan Matin:    Oh my God, in this industry, right? I mean there’s always something.

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What has been your biggest challenge?

Lori Ballen:    Tell me what your biggest challenge … It sounds like lead generation, your primary source is expireds. You guys are prospecting based. You got a guy that can do circle prospecting, he gets 20% more if he’s generating that. I understand that. What has been your biggest challenge? It sounds like you hit one, which is leadership in general, because I think all of us, we learned how to be great lead generators. The people that are producing on any level and that are building typically know how to lead gen, right?

They’re good at lead generation and that’s what gives them the power then to go build, because they have enough leads they can generate this business. Then you have to go from a phenomenal lead generator and great listing appointments or great salesperson to great leader. How many of us are born with that skillset, right? That’s a whole challenge, and you did mention it already that you had to move somebody else in. What else have been your challenges as far as the actual team building goes?

Jordan Matin:    Well that’s certainly a big piece of it. I mean for me it wasn’t … I’ve always been fairly-

Lori Ballen:    I know you’re still going through it, because if you’re at 30 million to 60 million, Seth Campbell called it the death zone, and I believe this a 100%. You’re in the most painful spot of the build typically.

Jordan Matin:    That’s true. I mean I feel like I’ve already kind of been through the fire at this point. I’ve let go. I mean I have this office space and I ended up getting a second space because we have nine people and our space, I mean they’re basically glorified closets. I mean if it’s a 150 square feet, 15 by-

Lori Ballen:    That’s just this. Yeah.

Jordan Matin:    7 and that’s like 8 people, right? We’re all dialing, so I would say that realizing who I was and what I was good at and totally letting go of what I can and what I can’t do and who I am and who I can be, right? Making the move and letting Alicia … I mean I don’t even meet the people before they’re hired most of the time. I mean she might walk them through the room, but I don’t even meet the people. The quality of the candidates is 10,000 times … I can’t even, that big a room … So now that we have two rooms, she barely even lets me in the room anymore, and my name’s on the door, you know? That was a big-

Lori Ballen:    You’re not experiencing any pain points with this part of the build, as far as hiring or turnover or profit margins or-

Jordan Matin:    Ultimately it’s fear. Ultimately it’s fear, right? I mean you’ve got to understand that last year it was me, Alicia, who’s our operation manager, admin, whatever, and then you have Sarah, who we brought on, who’s really only been with us six months as a TC, me and Will. We’ve had some other people that didn’t pan out, but that’s the thing, I mean really we’ve brought on four people. We empower them. We’re going on some really powerful systems. I mean they’re hitting the numbers. They’re doing activities. That’s always been the problem, is getting people to make the calls, right? Getting people to do the activities.

Lori Ballen:    Absolutely.

Jordan Matin:    I know, and I’ve developed a silly thing that’s in their books, it’s called Jordan’s three things, and it’s three things and at the end of the day Alicia might say, “I want you to do buy tomorrow. I want you to do this and you got to do this and that” and all these little things that we have to do in our industry, but at the end of the day it was you’ve got to be nice to people, you got to show up on time, and you got to hit your 15 hours a week. If you want to be happy with the boss, basically. Other than that, I can basically let Alicia run it.
It’s fear, right? The fear is that we brought on, we got a listing agent, who has signed six listing since, I think, October or November. It was a tough time to get started. It’s literally 12 inches of snow out today, right? I mean I want her to be successful. She’s going to be a superstar if she can just make it another 90 days, right? I just brought on two buyers agents, Marina and Eric.

Lori Ballen:    What’s the fear? What’s the fear? Fear of what? Fear of losing them? Fear of turnover? Fear of success? Fear of failure?

Jordan Matin:    Fear of turnover. I mean ultimately I mean all I’ve ever done is that 27 million, right? I’ve never had a team we they out produced me, right? I’ve never had the experience … I mean I did 15 million, but a lot of that I could’ve probably done if I hadn’t passed it off, right? I mean maybe 20, and Will was critical in that, but there was some other agents that were on the team that pulled a little bit of weight, but I never had a team where it was like I made up 20% of it. Our overhead now is $40,000 a month, so it’s like I think-

Lori Ballen:    I get that.

Jordan Matin:    They have to produce. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tied to production and blah, blah, blah-

Lori Ballen:    You have an overhead of $40,000 a month. See this is what I like to drill home is because you’re showing all of us, and we have to wrap soon, unfortunately, you’re showing all of us that you’re successful through lead generation and that’s your power, you’re prospecting, you’re doing everything. Now you have to become successful through leadership and it’s a completely different skillset and I tell some people this is why Gary Keller says, “There’s the sticky middle or the messy middle,” or whatever it is and I just said, “The death zone,” because you’re highly profitable generally when you start really doing a high level lead gen and you’re doing a lot of business, you’re going out and doing it yourself. You’re profitable, you hire an admin, maybe, that’s helping you process that.

Then you go through this massive growth phase, which, of course, at Keller Williams we’re just immersed in this growth mindset and we really push to grow. Then all of a sudden you’re pushed to grow as a leader now and how do I get other people successful and how do I get other people lead generating and how do I learn to care about them more than my own stuff? You’re in that now and you’re learning that. I want to bring you back when you get to where maybe some of these people have been on your team now for a couple of years and how did you grow them and what are they doing and why did they stay and how did you make your world big enough to keep them, because that’s the next level, right?

Jordan Matin:    That is. Exactly.

What are you doing to learn to be a better leader and grow your business as fast as you’re doing?

Lori Ballen:    Tell everybody that’s listening what are you doing, who’s in your corner right now helping you grow this? What are you doing to learn to be a better leader and to grow the business as fast as you’re doing?

Jordan Matin:    Coaching. Coaching is huge, right? I have a MAPS coach. I was with Mike Ferry, it was great, I got really good at prospecting. I wanted to hire buyers again, they were like, “Oh, don’t do that team stuff, you’re going to lose all your money,” which was totally untrue. I got into MAPS. I was really hesitant of it. I went to my team leader, Leanne, here, made me go to a class called Coaching Skills Camp and I basically got-

Lori Ballen:    Great. Great events and they-

Jordan Matin:    Yeah, I got thrown under the bus in a big way in front of Dianna Kokoszka. I asked a question, like an idiot, and this room is full of the top 100 agents in the country, like it is a mega, really, it’s a mega agent class and I’m standing up there and my team leader’s like, “He’s with Mike Ferry, not with MAPS,” and so I got thrown under the bus in a big way. Dianna Kokoszka had everyone in the room save my phone number and ask me when I was going to make this big goal, was taking my mother to Greece. I ended up going into that. I got into MAPS Coaching. It’s been critical. Getting my operations manager into coaching, investing in her. On top of the 12 grand I spend on coaching, I probably do 10,000 in personal events that I go to. I’m going to be shadowing-

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Will you be here in Vegas for Family Reunion?

Lori Ballen:    You’ll be here in Vegas for family reunion?

Jordan Matin:    I will be there. Yeah. In fact, I’m bringing five of my team members.

Lori Ballen:    Do you pay that bill?

Jordan Matin:    Yes.

Lori Ballen:    Wow, so you’re that invested in it.

Jordan Matin:    So far this year I think I’ve, for some of the planning, we haven’t done Mega Camp yet, but I think I’ll probably have spent about 15 grand in coaching for my team and myself. That does not include my 12 grand, so probably about 40. When it’s all said and done, and including Mega Camp, if it pans out the way I think it’s going to, I’ll probably have spent 50 or 60 grand.

Lori Ballen:    Which, I guarantee is not 3% of your budget, that’s why I’m looking forward to seeing MREA changes in the new book, because the 3% education allowance does not work at Keller Williams, let’s just be real.

Jordan Matin:    Yeah, but I’m going to make a half a million dollars, like-

Lori Ballen:    I know. I can’t do the math. I can’t do the math in my head, 1% of … Okay, we’ll just not try to do math on a webinar, because I’m going to really embarrassed by that. Typically, it way exceeds the 3% of the GCI, it surpasses the education budget that they’ve put in there, so I bet the new MREA book is going to change that education percentage. Do you go by that? Do you create a budget and a P&L statement based on the MREA?

Jordan Matin:    Big time. Big time.

Lori Ballen:    Yeah. Do you what you-

Jordan Matin:    Yeah, no, we follow it pretty religiously.

Lori Ballen:    Do you know what you spent in 2016 percentage wise?

Jordan Matin:    On coaching, you mean?

Lori Ballen:    Yeah.

Jordan Matin:    I don’t think I would know.

Lori Ballen:    Yeah, it definitely wasn’t 3%. I bet it won’t be 3%.

Jordan Matin:    I will tell you really quickly though is that you got to understand that my business, I mean we’re spending a lot of money this year because we’re bringing on a lot of agents, we’re doing a lot of stuff, but like my leads are free. I mean my leads are free. I mean they literally … I got the MLS. I mean I use a dialer, it’s a 150 bucks a month, Vulcan. I mean if you stripped everything from me I could still make $200,000 year, because I got a cellphone. I mean-

What is one piece of advice you would give to somebody that is just getting started?

Lori Ballen:    Yup. Okay, so let me end with this, because we’re at our time. What one piece of advice would you give somebody that is just getting started or that wants to be like you, wants to prospect or build a team, whatever it is, what one piece of advice would you give somebody who wants to be successful in this?

Jordan Matin:    You can’t build a team until you’ve mastered the skills. I see this a lot in my office right now and I love some of these people, but you got to be a strong listing agent. I mean that’s the name of the game and you have to know the scripts and dialogs, whether it’s a referral base. Look, even the referral guys, I got a guy named Morgan Davis in my office, he’s the nicest, sweetest, and he’s got a great team and they do 60 million, whatever, 70 million, and he does referrals and they think, oh, referrals, I’m just going to get all this money and business and people are just going to call me.

He’s on the phone two hours or three hours a day just like me. He’s calling different people, but he’s got the script dialog down. When you have a listing presentation, it’s the same every single time and you would think it’s just, oh, the money and the websites and all this stuff, it’s that you got to learn the skills before you hire, because you can’t build your business off of being a buyer business only. You got to have that listing side nailed down and then coaching. Yeah.

Lori Ballen:    And then coaching. Know the basics, get your skillset down, hire a coach.

Jordan Matin:    Yeah. Fundamentals, man. Fundamentals. I mean it’s like, oh, it’s like new thing. I mean when you got to these events, whether it’s Family Reunion or MFO or any of the training, it’s the basics. I mean they say the same thing every single time. When will we figure it out, you know?

Lori Ballen:    Right. Okay, so in closing, I want to know, did you take your mom to Greece or is that a new thing?

Jordan Matin:    I took her somewhere better. We ended up going to Buenos Aries. We ended up going to Brazil and Argentina.

Lori Ballen:    Wow.

Jordan Matin:    I paid for the whole thing, that was the deal.

Lori Ballen:    Do you think that time at Coaches Skills Camp, with all the oomph and focus on it drove you a little bit more to get that done?

Jordan Matin:    Oh, without a doubt. I got connected to some of the top agents in the country, who knew me because I’m that guy who wants to take his mom to Greece. Greece went a little downhill, so we ended up choosing to go to South America, but it was still a fantastic trip, if you could put up with your mother for three weeks, with your mother.

Lori Ballen:    No comment. No comment. I don’t think my mom wants to spend three weeks with me anywhere. All right, well listen, I really appreciate our time together, Jordan. I think you’re a rockstar and I’m excited to get to know you more and to watch for the growth. It sounds like you have lots of little great specialties and fundamentals that we could revisit in future interviews. We’re going to get this up and do some massive replay on it. People will be watching you for years and so you’ll be calling me in a couple of years, going, “Take that, let’s do a new video, because I’m not at a 100 million and I don’t want anybody hearing the $30 million number anymore,” because that’s what happens as you grow, right?

Jordan Matin:    I love that. That sounds great.

Lori Ballen:    Right. All right, well thank you so much for joining us today and everybody, if you want to, send a referral to Portland, Oregon. You go by the Matin Group, right?

Jordan Matin:    Yeah, Matin Real Estate. Yeah.

Lori Ballen:    Matin Real Estate. Jordan Matin, in Portland, Oregon. I’ll make sure all his contact information is on the video and who on the blog, and if you have any referrals for Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas or Reno, Lori Ballen, right here, I’ll connect you with one of my fantastic partners here and we’ll get it done for you. That’s all for today. Thank you so much everybody and thank you, Jordan, for joining us, I appreciate your time.

Jordan Matin:    Thank you for the opportunity.

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