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26 of The Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

26 of The Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

Let’s take a look at some of the best affiliate marketing website Examples.


You may have heard of this popular affiliate website. Plenty of affiliate marketers are familiar with it. You should know that it is a successful ancestor among other affiliate websites. 

You could say that the reason it has been around for so long is the kind of products they offer.

It’s a competitive market on all grounds, but this website has weathered all adversaries in the market. Nerdwallet reviews financial products such as credit cards, mortgages, and insurance.

The website has an excellent user interface and a competent marketing team. Also, they make a point of updating their key pages as frequently as possible.

The Wirecutter

Another website that is doing well is The Wirecutter. It’s the site you should visit if you are looking for detailed reviews of electronics and such gadgets. Its founder works along with a team that is quite good at what they do.

The site has gained the title of Mythbusters for gadgets because of the number of tests they conduct on all reviewed products. 

Since its creation in 2011, it has grown to have a position among the top 6000 websites—their success comes from describing the best products in various categories and reviewing them.

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This website is doing so well that it has earned a mention in the New York Times. They have managed to rise by overcoming challenges such as developing an innovative test to test their products. 

Also, they don’t let the pressure of commercial interests dictate their content.

The Points Guy

This website has managed to shine among other competitors in the travel and finance niche. The Points Guy has found a way to maneuver social traffic using organic content.

It deals with credit cards and travel.

The site focuses on advising visitors on fully utilizing credit card benefits and offers from travel companies. If you visit the site, you might learn how you can travel cheaply or for free.

The success of The Points Guy comes from their intent to help. One thing that gets in the way of time for them is competition from other sites. The Points Guy stands out for its tactics to help people solve their problems.

The Best

Affiliate Marketing Tools

PC Part Picker

PC Part Picker is a website that computer enthusiasts use to build their rigs. You can get plenty of information about buying PC parts from it. 

They describe the price and compatibility of different PC parts to you.

Philip Carmichael targeted helping people custom-build computers, which he managed to achieve through the website. 

Its founder understood that there is a need to guide people through the frustrating process of building custom rigs.

Gamers, in particular, have the advantage of having access to this site, which has an all-in-one tool designed to get their attention. 

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The website applies a simple cross-referencing method to ensure visitors get the best service.

Runner Click

Runner Click is a website created by runners for running enthusiasts. Visitors get to learn tips and get advice for running. 

Any particulars that you might need when running, like running shoes and supplements, and gadgets, are available on the site.

People seem to trust the content on this site since it’s from trusted sources. As a result, they create well-researched content, which has allowed them to grow a significant fan base. 

People love an informative source they can refer to, like a website.

Website Setup

If you are looking to build a website, then you can refer to this website for help. Website Setup provides detailed guides on the steps you need to follow to get your website going.

As one of the best affiliate marketing websites, the site continues to thrive regardless of high competition. In addition, the content displayed on this site is easy to digest.

Visitors get to save up on resources to ensure when creating their website, which is quite handy. 

The primary takeaway from the success of Website Setup is that creating engaging content helps to put you in the lead.

Gear Hungry

Visitors looking for a distraction-free site that deals with the consumer goods niche can get a lot from Gear Hungry

They provide recommendations for affiliate products.

They owe their success to their minimalist approach when creating content. 

The blog posts here are well detailed and specific to what the visitor of the website is looking for.

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Lucie’s List

The founder of this site, Meg Collins, has a hard time with her pregnancy. Unfortunately, she wasn’t prepared for the frustration that comes with learning motherhood. 

Her goal was to help new mothers avoid making the mistakes she made, so she created an email newsletter.

Her content targets new moms to help them at the initial steps of motherhood. Currently, she has over 240,0000 organic monthly visitors.

The thing that has worked in her favor is the use of the Registry feature. It’s a different but clever move in the pregnancy niche. 

Visitors to Lucie’s List have to click on Registers and proceed to choose a topic to access the content.

Globo Surf

Global Surf success is all because they go over and beyond to gather broad sports knowledge. 

They mainly focus on reviewing sports gear and giving recommendations for the best outdoor equipment. The goal of this website is to help people choose the best water sports and outdoor gear.

If you wonder how they got to be one of the best affiliate marketing websites, it is all about content strategy. 

They have managed to manipulate keywords to drive traffic to their content and encourage people to buy.


One of the most successful niche websites is Ruled. Me. It concentrates on the lifestyle niche. When creating content, the creators focus on creating factual content about things like Ketogenic dieting.

They have managed to tap into the desire that most visitors have to lose weight. 

The goal of this website is to ensure that people have fun while taking up keto dieting. You can find dietary tips and cookbooks on the website.

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All they have done to get traffic to their website is made available all the tools that one would require to start Keto dieting. The site features a well-thought customer retention system, the Keto Academy.


Safewise is one of the best sites that deal with the home security niche. Their goal is to help people with home security issues. 

Any information concerning innovative home security products is available on the website.

The home security niche is doing well in affiliate marketing. People are always looking to ensure personal and family safety, thus popularity. From baby to senior security, SafeWise covers it all.

Clients already recognize it as an authority site on the subject of home security. Such recognition will ensure that their brand remains relevant as the market continues to grow.

One of the techniques they have found particularly helpful in earning them revenue is ensuring they know the most prominent trends. 

They use Google Trends to stay updated on what is trending so that they can inform their audience.


BestReviews is another giant in the world of affiliate marketing. It belongs in a top position among the most well-known online product review sites. 

The content marketed here is by numerous writers and product testers.

It’s a great point to start looking for a great place to learn about affiliate marketing websites. The websites take the approach of applying keywords and ensuring an increase in monthly traffic to the site.


If you ever have a hard time finding a cheap flight, Sky Scanner can help. Since its creation in 2001, the website helps people find affordable flights across the world. 

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The goal of its creators was to help users save money while experiencing convenience.

A travel company in China currently runs it. To give you an idea of how successful they were, they sold for close to two billion dollars. 

They utilize traffic from direct visits and branded searches—the tools they use to approach a user with deals from their affiliate partners.

It is efficient that visitors get custom deals that suit their plans. Thus, you could say that they could isolate a problem in the audience and outperform competitors at solving it.

Dating Advice

The dating niche is another one of the most lucrative ones currently. Dating Advice is all about that.

The creator of this website relied on the fact that dating is a tricky affair since there are so many sites offering dating services. 

Therefore, this website is a fun place without any sleazy content. 

The goal of the website is to provide expert advice and provide insight concerning dating.

As a customer, visiting the site allows you to improve your dating skills using the best dating site. They have managed to overcome the challenge of dealing with sleazy content to emerge at the top.

The website has access to legitimate sites that meet a certain acceptable standard. 

One thing you can take away from the success of this site is that having a healthy image as a dating niche site goes a long way to creating success.

Making Sense of Cents

Making Sense of Cents is an Affiliate Marketing Website run by a single person. It may not be one of the biggest finance sites, but it is doing quite well. 

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Its owner writes every blog post herself, which is excellent since it has a personal touch.

The reason the consumers find this website appealing is the fact that the content has some soul in it. It’s all about advising consumers on a personal level, which is better than content from experts.

So far, the owner of the blog, Michelle, has admitted to having a hundred thousand dollars worth of revenue monthly. 

Michelle focuses on personal and family finance, where she strives to help people save and budget based on their income. 

She has managed to overcome the challenge that comes with running a personal blog with low resources.

Anyone looking to start a personal blog can take a few things from her success. 

For instance, if you want to stand out when dealing with a competitive niche like finance, taking a personal approach helps sell content. 

That’s one of the ways that revenue will start to come in without you realizing it.

This is Why I’m Broke

This is why I’m Broke is a favorite among affiliate marketing website reviewers for several reasons. 

The website taps into the pop culture themes to put together strange content that consumers would find interesting. They do so following the latest trends.

All the content on this website aims at gaining the attention of the consumer. However, they know that it is hard for people to dismiss the material they choose to put out, which is novelty items and gifts.

The target audience for their content is people who can afford to splurge on weird and wacky stuff. One thing that may drag them behind a bit is that they don’t follow a specific theme with their content.

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Gear Patrol

Some experts might define Gear Patrol as a magazine besides being an affiliate site. Their focus is outdoors, fitness, fashion cars, and home products for men. 

You will find that they have links that are discreet and come in small CTA boxes. They are also text-based in all their product reviews.

It started purely on an affiliate basis, but they have begun to adjust their strategies to get more revenue. Since committing to change, they have started to use sponsored content as a source of affiliate commission.

While the site has made it an affiliate site, it serves as a lesson on long-term ways of getting income, such as using sponsored content. Getting a sizable fan base requires you to ensure that you have high-quality content.

Headphones Addict

Like the title suggests, this site is all about headphones. If you want to go to an affiliate site with a narrow focus, you should consider this Headphones Addict

Many would consider it a niche site rather than a product review site, although they primarily serve reviewed content.

The primary source of income is the Amazon affiliate website. They utilize SEO strategies to drive traffic to reviews and posts. 

Anyone looking to go into the affiliate marketing website can adapt the values applied on this site.

Sometimes, all it takes is a niche focus to become the best. However, this step is the first one towards outshining other marketing sites dealing with similar niches.

Dog Food Advisor

Dog Food Advisor is a public service website that offers informed advice on pet nutrition. 

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The site provides statistics and information concerning pet nutritional content. All they did to become one of the best affiliate marketing sites specializing in the pet niche with a single focus.

They produce nutritional-based content that covers canine nutrition. It is an excellent direction to take rather than focusing on pets generally. You could say that it’s an authority site on matters of canine advisories.

Looking at the site, you will discover all the tricks to building credibility. It thrives in the canine nutrition department by inspiring trust among dog owners.

If you have a sick puppy and wonder where to turn to, the site can help you out. 

For instance, Dog Food Advisor has a post about dog food allergies and weight loss. Their goal is to keep dog owners updated on the latest good quality products for dogs.

Just a Girl and Her Blog

Just a Girl and Her Blog is a popular affiliate website that has a personal element to it. The blog is one of the many Amazon affiliate sites designed to encourage people to look at and buy their products.

The person who runs it, Abby, creates content based on DIY, crafts, and organization. Abby shares her income reports on the site, which makes it all the more popular.

The website’s goal is to get people to become more organized and make their lives more attractive.

Money-Saving Expert

Ordinarily, people will always look for advice to help them make better financial decisions. Money-Saving Expert does precisely that. 

Their goal is to provide financial education to people to help them make better financial decisions.

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So far, the website gets over eight million visitors monthly. The founder understood that the personal finance niche was a lot of inaccurate and unethical information, and he managed to overcome that.

Visiting this site allows visitors to review the different products to select what they find favorable to them. In addition, the website is well organized, so users have an easy time accessing information.

VPN Mentor

Victors to VPN Mentor get help navigating the VPN market. This affiliate marketing website provides insightful resources for people to guide them through VPN purchases.

You get to go through intimate details about every VPN to help you reach a decision. Also, they update their content regularly, so that site visitors don’t miss out on any new product.


Consider visiting Sleepopolis if you are looking for mattress reviews. The site has faced ownership challenges in the past, but it has emerged on top as one of the best consumer goods niche websites.

It features content on different types of mattresses, pillows, and bedsheets. In addition, visitors have an easy time navigating the site since it features a navigation bar and category pages.

Compare Accounting

Compare Accounting is one of those websites that exist to help small businesses find accounting software. Although the accounting software niche is relatively narrow, they continue to succeed in the field.

Visitors don’t have to click on links on this website to access information. Instead, the website deals with providing advice and then putting interested customers in touch with product providers.

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You find a value-focused and straightforward place when you visit the site. The main takeaway from the site is that focusing on the right content pushes a website to grow to rely on social media.

Fatherly.Com features parenting for millennial men. It aims at empowering men to lead fulfilling lives while raising their children. At first glance, the website looks like a magazine, but it utilizes affiliate marketing tools internally.

They are flexible in the audience they address and the methods they use. The site serves as a lesson that there are different angles you can take when it comes to affiliate marketing websites.


Only by taking a closer look at Snapsort do you discover that it is a data-driven site open to all photography enthusiasts. It is also a resourceful site for photography beginners.

The founder of the site recognized that people have challenges when picking out good cameras. 

So, as an authority site in the photography niche, they help you pick out a camera and guide you on how and where to use it.

They make up for their plain appearance by offering high-quality information. Visitors get to choose products within their budgets without having to read through product reviews.


A lot of work goes on in the background before an affiliate marketing website becomes successful. It takes creating tons of new content every week to ensure that your site receives enough to start generating revenue.

If you wonder how you can get into the game, the best way is to start by looking at materials reviewing the most successful affiliate marketing websites.

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Click here to learn more about affiliate marketing.

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