How to Add a Turbodial Number to Infusionsoft

In this video, Jeff Helvin, COO of Ballen Brands, shows you how to add a turbodial number to Infusionsoft for redirecting a phone number or text to another phone. Turbodial is the software we use with infusionsoft for our auto-dialing and text via Auto Pilot ISA.


  1. Pull up a contact in the account.
  2. Click the green star beside the name.
  3. Another window will pop up and then login using your Infusionsoft login information.
  4. Click the plus sign beside “Inbound & SMS” located at the right side of the window.
  5. Fill out the form:
    1. Select the country
    2. Voice Requires and SMS Option “ON”
    3. Enter +1(US Country Code) + Area code + *(random number after the area code) in the search field.
      1. Example: +1702*
    4. Choose a number
    5. Enter a Forward-to number in the “Forward-to number for inbound calls” field where you want the call to be forwarded to.
    6. Enter a forward-to email address who will receive the message notification once a text message is sent to the new Turbo Dial number.
    7. Click “Purchase”
  6. You’re done setting up your Turbo Dial number.

Important Notes:

Once logged in in the Turbo Dial Account make sure to change “Caller ID” and “Inbound&SMS” to the Turbo Dial Number assigned for the user.

If you have automation running for automated text messages that go out through the campaign. Please change the number in the “Phone 1” field to the new Turbo Dial Number in the User Account. (Turbo Dial Number should be in the “Phone 1” field because if it’s not the text message will fail.)

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