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A Guide to the Seven Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

A Guide to the Seven Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

If you’ve been thinking about getting involved in affiliate marketing but haven’t started making moves yet, now is the time to get moving. But which are the best affiliate marketing courses?

What if your ability to make money was not intrinsically tied to your time and your effort? What if instead of commuting to work and working your butt off for a salary, you could create a setup that makes money for you while you spend time with your family, watch Netflix, or work out at the gym.

The popular book The Four-Hour Work Week got many of us hooked on the idea of passive income.

For many, this is the appeal of affiliate marketing.

Statistics indicate that about 81% of brands use affiliate marketing to leverage the power of content creators and grow their revenue. 

You don’t have to be a model, actor, musician, chef, athlete, or other social media star to pad your pockets with income from affiliate marketing. 

You probably already have a lot of the skills you need. You have to figure out how to implement those skills and get started. That’s where affiliate marketing courses come in.

Why You Should Consider Signing Up for an Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate marketing isn’t like being a doctor or a lawyer. It doesn’t require years of training, study, and certification. 

I’m not saying it isn’t hard work, but the skills it uses — like writing and using social media — are ones many people already have, and most others can get the hang of quickly through practice.

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Still, it’s important to get some training to really understand how the system works and the best methods for using it to your advantage. 

Are you ready to take this journey? If so, there is a big decision ahead of you. Which affiliate marketing course will you choose? 

Different courses offer different benefits and cost different amounts, so it is an important decision. Consider your options carefully.

Read on to discover our suggestions. Note that these are not listed in order of preference. 

Rather, they are alphabetized. Which one is “best” ultimately depends on your personal preferences.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Affiliate Marketing In 1 Day: Home Business Success

This course comes from Udemy, a marketplace offering all kinds of courses on a variety of topics and in a long list of languages.

Affiliate Marketing In 1 Day: Home Business Success is a great choice for absolute beginners. You won’t dive into landing pages and the ins and outs of promoting on Facebook and Instagram right away. 

Instead, you’ll start at the bottom with the fundamentals.

You don’t need to have already a website to get started with this course — that process will be covered. 

All you need is a strong desire to gain your independence and become your own boss through affiliate marketing.

The course has eleven hours of video lectures plus forty-seven other resources to download. The author of the course offers wise insight into newbie mistakes you should avoid to save time and energy. 

He is also available to answer your questions. In fact, he answers almost all of the questions students ask him within 24 hours.

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Once you purchase this course, you have lifetime access, so there’s no rush to finish in a set amount of time. However, as the title explains, it is possible to do this course in one day if you’re focused and willing to put in a long day’s work!

It usually costs $39.99, but sometimes it goes on sale for as low as $14.99. That’s a steal for the amount of knowledge and expertise that’s contained in this course!

The only downside to this course is that it is only available in English. If you prefer to learn in another language, this may not be the right fit for you. Maybe they’ll come out with translations in the future — we will see!

Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle: A New Entrepreneur’s Guide

This course is marketed more for people who want to make some extra cash on the side rather than people who want to quit their day jobs and fully devote themselves to this. 

It’s available on Skillshare, which is another course marketplace.

If you’re a new member, you can get two months of Skillshare Premium for free. If that’s not a great incentive to choose this course over the others, I don’t know what is!

This course is taught by Jules Tillman, a Portland-based business coach. She’ll teach you the rules of affiliate marketing, how to promote your links, and so much more.

A lot of people complain that affiliate marketing can be a little scammy. 

Reviewers emphasize that this course really focuses on building a good ethical and moral affiliate marketing business. 

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If that’s important to you, check this one out.

This course’s actual video sessions are split into six parts and only last a grand total of twenty minutes. 

You’ll conclude with a class project that puts your newly acquired skills to the test. It’s pretty cool and jam-packed with information despite its brevity.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing + SEO

This is another Udemy course. This one is explicitly devoted to affiliate marketing through Amazon’s affiliate program and the use of search engine optimization (SEO).

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can feel confident in your purchase.

This course has seventeen and a half hours of on-demand video sixty-five downloadable resources, and eight articles. 

You’ll get lifetime access so there’s no rush to complete it all at once. 

As long as you can write and understand English and you’re willing to spend some time writing articles, this course might be for you.  

This course has a stronger focus than many others on keyword research, so if that’s something you are particularly interested in, you should definitely check this one out. 

It also goes into choosing a niche selecting a domain name and building a website.

This one has a lot of content and will take you quite a while to complete, so make sure you’re sure you want to commit before you sign up and take the plunge.

Authority Hackers

This course is a big investment, as it costs $997. Sometimes you can get a discount, but it is still a considerable chunk of change! This is a lifetime membership. 

Authority Hackers was created by Gael Breton and Mark Webster. It’s not just a course — there’s also a podcast.

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It’s a great idea to listen to a few episodes of the podcast to get a sense of what you can expect.

You know that Authority Hackers means business because they offer a money-back guarantee. They say if the course doesn’t change your life, they don’t deserve your money.

How do they intend to change your life, you ask? Well, it’s through teaching you about researching, planning, and writing high-level content and then using it to make money.

People tend to have excellent results through this course, so check it out!

Savage Affiliates

Do you need a blueprint to build your affiliate marketing business? Do you want someone to take you through it step by step? 

If so, this course might be for you.

This course was created for those who dream of seeing deposits hit their bank accounts even when they are the opposite of busy, vacationing at the beach.

Savage Affiliates claims to give its learners an “unbeatable advantage.” 

It teaches you a proven system that many others have successfully used, so you don’t have to spend years researching and experimenting to build your own system that may or may not even work.

The teacher of this course is a man named Franklin Hatchett. He explains that five years ago, he was struggling just like so many others. 

Now, he has learned the secrets to making his dreams into reality and is ready to share those secrets with you.

Unlike other courses, this one doesn’t just give you videos and then leave you to fend for yourself. 

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Franklin Hatchett provides one-on-one support to his students, who he calls “members.” That’s because he views this as a “program” rather than just a “course.”

If you are tired of the old ways of making income and you’re ready for a new blueprint, this is the one to check out!

The Six-Week Super Affiliate System Pro™ 

This course is taught by John Crestani, who has made a name for himself in affiliate marketing. He has appeared in Forbes magazine and Entrepreneur magazine.

This course is serious. It comes with a sixty-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. That shows some significant confidence that you’ll be satisfied with the content of this course.

This course is really for those who are not just interested in affiliate marketing but committed to it. It clocks in at fifty hours. 

You will need to do homework each day and take quizzes every week. It’s not for the faint of heart!

In this course, you’ll learn about everything from niche research to copywriting skills to native ads. There’s even a bonus seventh week in which you can learn about Bing, Taboola ads, and LinkedIn.

If you need a course that’s as serious as you are, this might be the one you need to go with. Check it out!

Wealthy Affiliate 

Wealthy Affiliate is a very popular affiliate marketing course created by Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon, two Canadian entrepreneurs. They have had over 1.4 million students so far. 

You don’t need to have any experience to take this course. They gladly accept “newbies,” so don’t worry if you don’t have much background knowledge on the subject.

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You can’t deny that Wealthy Affiliate offers an intriguing package. There’s also little risk in giving it a shot. You can begin with a free Starter Membership and then upgrade to a paid package, which includes far more content if you like it enough.

Unlike other courses, Wealthy Affiliate offers hosting for your business, which is pretty cool. You can also get expert coaching when you need advice. 

It’s also a big benefit that there is an extremely active community around Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Decide Which One is Right for You

These seven awesome affiliate marketing courses are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other excellent courses out there, waiting for you to discover them. 

We understand that it can be overwhelming when there are so many good choices.

One important thing to remember is that there are really no bad choices as long as you check the reviews and understand what you’re buying.

In any one of these courses, you will learn valuable lessons and skills. It is a matter of trying to ascertain which good choice is the best choice.

Don’t let it stress you out!

If you’re really struggling to make your decisions, you may want to ask yourself some probing questions about why you want to take an affiliate marketing course and what you want to get out of it.

  • How much time do you have to devote to an affiliate marketing course? Do you want to devote a whole day to it? Do you want to devote a whole week to it? Do you want to spend a few minutes on it every day for a few weeks or a few months? Do you want to spend a few hours on it a day for a while? You have options!
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Next, think about what you want to learn. 

  • Do you want to learn how to make more and more money actively? 
  • Or do you want to set something up that gives you a few extra dollars here and there without much effort on your part? 
  • Do you want to keep your job and make this a full-time gig, or is this going to be your new side hustle?

It would help if you also considered how much you want to spend. 

  • Are you ready to drop the big bucks on a serious program? Or do you want to dip your toes in with something a little less expensive first?
  •  How much can you afford?

What about your connection with the teacher? Does one of these teachers have a style you think you’d connect with better than the others? 

How much you like and trust the person guiding you can have a big impact on your learning effectiveness.

Once you’ve considered all these different aspects of your decision, you may find that it’s easier to make up your mind. If not, that’s okay. Think about it for a few days. These courses will be waiting for you when you’re ready!

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