12 Best Apps Like Turo – Alternatives to Car Rental

Are you tired of traditional car rentals and looking for alternatives to Turo? You’re in the right place! In this guide, we’ll explore a variety of car rental apps like Turo that cater to different needs, whether you’re searching for eco-friendly options, luxury vehicles, or regional services. Buckle up and let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

Based on the provided context, here’s a table summarizing the key car rental apps similar to Turo, along with their notable features:

App NameDescriptionUnique Features
GetaroundA car-sharing platform allowing users to rent cars directly from owners, with a range of vehicle options.Hourly/daily rates, wide range of vehicles, competitive rates, no hidden fees.
ZipcarA membership-based service offering rentals by the minute, hour, or day.Flexible rental periods, diverse fleet, charges include gas and insurance.
SIXTA German car rental app with over 2000 locations globally, offering a wide selection of vehicles.Extensive global presence, premium vehicles, user-friendly app.
Virtuo:24/7Offers upscale car rental service with a select stock and an AI-powered feature for reporting car damage. Available in the UK, France, Spain, and Belgium.Premium vehicles, AI-enabled car damage reporting.
eGo CarShareFocused on eco-friendly vehicles, operating in six major cities in Colorado.Specializes in electric/hybrid vehicles, simple sign-up and booking process.
Gig Car ShareProvides hybrid and electric cars in San Francisco, Seattle, and Sacramento. Run by AAA.Large fleet of eco-friendly vehicles, insurance coverage, 24/7 roadside assistance.
Hagerty DriveShareSpecializes in classic and exotic cars, allowing owners to rent out their unique vehicles.Access to classic and exotic cars, $1 million liability insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance.
LulaA peer-to-peer car rental platform for college students offering luxury cars without membership fees.Focus on luxury vehicles for college students, $1 million insurance policy.
HyreCarA peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace catering to rideshare and delivery drivers, offering a wide range of vehicles.Flexible rental options, insurance coverage, 24/7 roadside assistance.
HertzWell-known for providing vehicles across the United States and Canada for rideshare and delivery drivers.Extensive network, reliable vehicles, partners with Lyft Rentals and Uber Rent.
Hui Car ShareA service provided by Servco Pacific, allowing renters to bypass traditional rental counters and paperwork.App-based service, simplifies rental process.
Lyft Rentals and Uber RentAffordable and reliable car rental options offered by Lyft and Uber, partnering with established car rental companies.Seamless booking experience, broad selection of vehicles.

These apps offer a range of services from luxury and eco-friendly rentals to specialized options for rideshare drivers and regional services, providing alternatives to traditional car rental approaches.

Top Car Rental Apps Similar to Turo

A car rental app that allows car owners to rent their cars to other people

Enterprise, Hertz, and Turo are growing their Monthly Active Users (MAUs) the fastest year to date, with Turo experiencing a 34.3% increase.

Car rental apps provide a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional car rental services. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can instantly rent a vehicle from car owners directly or through established rental companies.

These platforms are designed to save you time and money while giving you access to various vehicle options for your next trip. Compared to other car rental apps, our platform stands out due to its user-friendly interface and competitive pricing.

In 2022, Turo generated revenue of $746.6 million, up 59% from the $469 million it brought into the business in 2021. As of December 2022, Turo had over 3 million active guests who booked more than 19.1 million days’ worth of car rentals on the platform.

Prepare to discover a plethora of great cars at your convenience as we introduce you to leading car rental platforms similar to Turo, namely:

Each app offers unique features and benefits, ensuring you find the ideal car rental service to suit your needs.


Getaround is a popular car-sharing platform that allows users to rent cars directly from owners, with hourly or daily rates and a wide range of vehicle options. Imagine the convenience of instantly renting a car for a quick errand or a weekend getaway without the hassle of visiting a rental office.

Using the Getaround app, you can effortlessly locate and book cars in your vicinity, ranging from compact vehicles to luxury rides. With competitive rates and no hidden fees, Getaround is a top choice for those seeking an alternative car rental service like Turo and looking to unlock great cars nearby.


Zipcar is a membership-based car rental service that offers rentals by the minute, hour, or day. With Zipcar, you can:

  • Reduce car ownership costs
  • Enjoy the flexibility of renting a car only when needed
  • Choose from a diverse fleet of vehicles
  • Access Zipcar in multiple countries

With the Zipcar app, you have the power to rent a diverse range of vehicles, from sedans and hybrids to electric cars, in an instant. With a convenient pricing model that charges you only for what you use and includes gas and insurance, Zipcar stands out as a top alternative to Turo.


SIXT is a German car rental app with over 2000 locations in 105+ countries, providing an extensive selection of leading brands at affordable prices. Whether you’re traveling internationally or need a rental car for a local trip, SIXT offers a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Being a global mobility service provider, SIXT guarantees the availability of premium vehicles at your convenience, wherever your location may be. With competitive rates and a user-friendly app, SIXT is a great alternative to Turo for those searching for a reliable car rental service.

Virtuo:24/7 Car Rental

Virtuo:24/7. Car Rental offers an upscale car rental service featuring a select stock, an effortless booking process, and an AI-powered feature for reporting car damage. This service is available in the UK, France, Spain, and Belgium, perfect for those who desire a high-end rental experience.

With Virtuo, you can choose from fully-equipped premium vehicles, such as a Mercedes A-Class or a Fiat 500X. The app’s AI-enabled car damage reporting feature adds an extra layer of convenience and peace of mind, making Virtuo a top contender among the best car rental apps like Turo.

Eco-Friendly and Electric Car Rental Alternatives

A car sharing service that allows people to rent electric cars

With increased environmental awareness, the need for eco-friendly and electric car rental alternatives continues to grow. You can reduce your carbon footprint by renting an electric or hybrid vehicle while enjoying a more sustainable travel experience.

Two viable eco-friendly and electric car rental alternatives to Turo are eGo CarShare and Gig Car Share. Both platforms focus on providing environmentally friendly vehicles, allowing you to make a green choice for your next car rental.

eGo CarShare

eGo CarShare is a car-sharing service operating in six major cities in Colorado since 1997, focusing on eco-friendly vehicles. This platform lets car owners list their electric or hybrid vehicles for rent, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional car rentals.

Securing a vehicle via eGo CarShare is a straightforward process. Simply sign up for a plan, reserve an available car online or through their mobile app, and enjoy your eco-friendly ride. With eGo CarShare, you can positively impact the environment while still enjoying the convenience of a car rental service.

Gig Car Share

Gig Car Share is a free membership service run by AAA, offering hybrid and electric cars in San Francisco, Seattle, and Sacramento. With a focus on providing eco-friendly vehicle options, Gig Car Share is an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Besides boasting a large fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles, Gig Car Share also offers insurance coverage and round-the-clock roadside assistance for your reassurance. If you’re planning a trip to one of the serviced cities, Gig Car Share is a superb eco-friendly alternative to Turo.

Luxury and Exotic Car Rentals

A luxury car rental service that allows people to rent exotic cars

If the thrill of driving a luxury vehicle for special events or weekend breaks appeals to you, there are opulent and exotic car rental options beyond Turo. These services specialize in providing access to some of the most exquisite vehicles on the market, allowing you to indulge in a truly unique driving experience.

Two platforms that cater to luxury and exotic car rentals are Hagerty DriveShare and Lula. Both offer a curated selection of high-end vehicles, ensuring you can find the perfect car to turn heads and make a statement.

Hagerty DriveShare

Hagerty DriveShare is a car-sharing service specializing in classic and exotic cars, allowing owners to rent out their unique vehicles. With a focus on providing access to some of the finest cars in the world, Hagerty DriveShare offers an unparalleled experience for automotive enthusiasts.

Securing a classic or exotic vehicle via Hagerty DriveShare is uncomplicated and safe. The platform offers a $1 million liability insurance policy that covers drivers and passengers and 24/7 roadside assistance for a worry-free rental experience.

If you want to indulge in a one-of-a-kind driving adventure, Hagerty DriveShare is an excellent alternative to Turo.


Lula is a peer-to-peer car rental platform for college students, offering luxury cars without membership fees. This platform provides access to high-end vehicles perfect for special events, weekend trips, or enjoying a taste of life’s finer things.

Lula enables you to conveniently hire luxury vehicles from peers or local hosts, complemented by a $1 million insurance policy for your peace of mind. For college students seeking a luxury car rental alternative to Turo, Lula is an excellent choice.

Rideshare and Delivery Driver Rental Options

A rideshare and delivery driver rental service that allows people to rent cars for their next trip

Rental or rental vehicles are frequently necessary for rideshare and delivery drivers for their professional needs. Fortunately, there are car rental options specifically tailored to meet their needs. These services provide convenient solutions for drivers who need a reliable vehicle to earn a living without the commitment of purchasing a car.

Two standout options for rideshare and delivery driver rental services are HyreCar and Hertz. Both platforms cater to this demographic’s unique needs, offering various vehicles and rental options.


HyreCar is a peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace catering to rideshare and delivery drivers, offering a wide range of vehicles. This platform is designed to provide flexible rental options, allowing drivers to rent a car for as little as a day or as long as needed.

HyreCar allows you to effortlessly search for available vehicles within your vicinity, book a rental, and commence your work commute without delay. The platform also offers insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance, ensuring you can focus on earning money without any concerns about your rental vehicle.


Hertz is a well-known car rental company that offers rentals across the United States and Canada, focusing on providing vehicles for rideshare and delivery drivers. By partnering with established car rental companies like Hertz, Lyft Rentals, and Uber Rent, drivers have easy access to various vehicles for work purposes.

Securing a rental car via Hertz is a simple process, enabling drivers to hit the road and start earning quickly. With its extensive network of locations and reliable vehicles, Hertz is a top choice for rideshare and delivery driver rental options.

Regional Car Rental Services

Sometimes, the best car rental options cater to specific locations, providing unique alternatives to Turo for travelers in certain areas. These regional car rental services offer tailored solutions for local needs, ensuring that you can access a reliable vehicle wherever you may be.

Hui Car Share and Lyft Rentals and Uber Rent are two regional car rental services that merit consideration. Both platforms offer convenient car rental options in their respective locations, making it easy for travelers to find the perfect vehicle for their needs.

Hui Car Share

Hui Car Share is an app based rental service provided by Servco Pacific that allows renters to skip rental counters and paperwork. Servco Pacific imports and distributes Toyota, Lexus and Subaru vehicles in Hawaii. 

Lyft Rentals and Uber Rent

Lyft Rentals and Uber Rent are affordable and reliable car rental options provided by the rideshare giants Lyft and Uber. Both platforms partner with established car rental companies, making it easy for users to book vehicles online for a seamless rental experience.

Whether you require a vehicle for a weekend escape or a business journey, Lyft Rentals and Uber Rent provide a broad selection of cars to meet diverse needs and tastes. With their user-friendly apps and extensive vehicle selection, these regional car rental services are excellent alternatives to Turo.


As you can see, numerous alternatives to Turo cater to different needs and preferences. From eco-friendly options and luxury rentals to regional services and rideshare-focused platforms, you’re sure to find the perfect car rental app for your requirements. Take the time to explore these alternatives and unlock the ideal car for your next trip without the limitations of traditional car rental services.

Is Turo Cheaper Than Getaround?

Both companies offer similar services at similar prices. However, Getaround seems to be a bit cheaper, depending on your usage rates.

Are Car Sharing Apps Like Turo Safe?

Yes, Turo is a safe and reliable car rental company. Before downloading and using any app, you should verify the publisher and look at user reviews. All of the apps listed here are safe and not scams.

Does Uber own Turo?

While both apps allow peer-to-peer ride sharing, they’re not the same. Turo is owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC), while Uber is its own enterprise with no parent company holding it. Uber has also not announced any plans to purchase Turo shortly.

How Do Apps Like Turo Make Money?

As with most peer-to-peer sharing services, these apps make money by taking a percentage of each transaction or charging fees to users. The more people using the app, the lower the costs (in theory) because the company can make more by charging less.

Do Apps Like Turo Include Insurance?

Yes, the best car rental apps will offer their own insurance plans for every rental. However, if you already have car insurance for your personal vehicle, you should be covered by your existing policy as well. So, either way, you should have coverage when driving a rental car through one of these apps.

The Bottom Line

Renting a car has never been easier, and you can access a wide range of vehicles from many different countries. Apps like Turo empower you to rent cars for various needs or situations, and the best car rental apps are reliable, secure, and easy to use. Once you start utilizing these car rental services, you’ll wonder why you have ever worked with an agency.