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53 Blog Ideas For the College Blogger

53 Blog Ideas For the College Blogger

These blog ideas are perfect for a college blogger. Whether you are earning an income with ads on your blog, affiliate marketing, or are building a blog for a school program, this list is sure to win!

If you don’t have a blog yet, you can get a self-hosted blog at WP Engine and soft and feminine themes like Refined Pro, Niche Pro, and Market Pro.

If you are blogging on Youtube, I like TubeBuddy for optimization checklists and strategies and if you are on Pinterest, you can skyrocket growth by using Tailwind.

I’m a 6-figure blogger and use the tools mentioned above.

  1. Long Distant Relationship Gifts
  2. 18th Birthday Ideas
  3. College Halloween Costume Ideas
  4. Graduation Party Themes
  5. Gifts for Your Boyfriends Mom
  6. 21st Birthday Ideas
  7. Dorm Room Christmas Decoration Ideas
  8. Gifts for College Girls
  9. Halloween Costumes For Couples
  10. Graduation cap Ideas
  11. First Date Ideas
  12. Best Friend Halloween Costumes
  13. Dirty Questions To Ask a Guy
  14. Party Food Ideas
  15. Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas
  16. How to Hang Curtains
  17. Care Package Ideas
  18. Questions to Ask Your Best Friend
  19. Things to Talk About With Your Boyfriend
  20. Open “When” Letter Ideas
  21. College Dorm Room Essentials
  22. Sweet Things to Say To Your Boyfriend
  23. College Packing List
  24. Best Book Bags for Girls
  25. Cute Valentines Gifts
  26. The Best Dorm Chairs
  27. First Apartment Checklist
  28. Graduation Centerpieces
  29. Female Halloween Characters
  30. Movie Couples Costumes
  31. Questions to Ask a Crush
  32. Desk Organization Ideas
  33. 21 Questions to Ask Your Crush
  34. Do It Yourself Devil Costume
  35. Picture Day Outfit Ideas
  36. Inspiration Wall Art
  37. Cute Bedding sets for Girls in College
  38. How To Host a Friendsgiving
  39. Healthy College Meals
  40. Game Day Ideas
  41. First Apartment Grocery List
  42. Senior Year Bucket List
  43. Apartment Decorating on a Budget
  44. Dorm Room Storage Ideas
  45. Dorm Room Color Schemes
  46. How to Make a Boho Dorm Room
  47. The Definitive Guide to a Minimalist Dorm Room
  48. Top 10 Things every girl should know about College
  49. Dorm room Cleaning Checklist
  50. College Student Summer Job Ideas
  51. Best Places to Shop for Dorm Rooms
  52. Fit and Fabulous College Workouts
  53. The Perfect Dorm Room Closet

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