The 5 Year Plan

I keep comparing where I was 1 year ago today to where I am now because of the 50-pound weight loss. I’ve been doing it all wrong! This pic popped up in my Timehop today and I had to step back and take a look at this past 5 years from when that photo was taken.

WOAH!!! I remember how I felt that year. It was the best year of my life (so I thought). I created The Ballen Method, was touring and teaching, and had my largest real estate year.

Now that I look back, I was overweight (213 pounds), struggling with my marriage, and very unhappy in my Las Vegas real estate business.

I had no savings, no investments, and was focused just on making ends meet. The IRS was at my door, and I was struggling to help my X-husband find “his thing” which was beginning to cause a major divide in our business and marriage.

I remember the stress, well.

Fast forward: I’m on my own, feeling significantly less stress, made a huge dent in the IRS debt plus created installments so they are no longer at my door.

I began investing, on my own.

I created a passive stream of income that is dependable, sustainable, growable, and secure.

I found the model I love for real estate.

I launched my marketing company that has indirectly built that passive income stream I know can depend on.

I shed 50 pounds, got very healthy, and began transformational coaching with Keto for weight loss as a focus. I got licensed as “Lori Ballen Coach”.

I began my publishing websites (affiliate marketing).

I partnered with Monat for my 7th stream of income.

I spend quality time with my kids, often. I’ve been on that always talked about, always dreamed out Alaska Cruise (TWICE, with a 3rd booked already for this summer).

Got a couple of my cosmetic surgeries that I always wanted since I was young and more as I aged. (this was a me, personal improvement thing).

I finally accepted who I am, and who I’m not, and where I do my best work. I let go of the “expectations” of others and found my own footing. Now, “I do me”, not what others think I should be doing. (This doesn’t mean I’m not sensitive to criticism, it means I don’t change what I’m doing because of it.)

My 5-year plan may not have wound up like I thought it was going to. It looks very different. And, it turns out, it might just have turned out better.

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