5 Ways to use Real Estate Landing Pages

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If you are looking for an effective way to increase the number of leads you can generate for your business, creating the right Real Estate Landing Pages may be the best solution. Landing pages are often erroneously confused with main website pages. If done correctly, however, a landing page is actually a stand-alone page that is used only for a specific reason with, a specific goal in mind, generally lead capture. When creating an online marketing campaign, the advertisement will lead the visitor directly to this landing page.

When creating landing pages, the main objective is typically to generate a lead.  This means that the landing page is not necessarily trying to make a sale, but to gather valuable leads the can be turned into clients. It is important to understand how to use a lead capture landing page effectively in the real estate industry. Below are five ways you can use landing pages to promote your real estate business and generate leads.

While we only use a couple of landing page software companies, one of our favorites is ListingsToLeads. Your listings can be set up to automatically be imported into the dashboard. From there, you can create blogs, videos and social posts from one screen.

The landing pages for each listing are amazing for Facebook Ads and lead capture. The instant home valuation landing pages are fantastic and can be used under the existing provided domain, set with a vanity domain, or embedded right on your website. In addition, when you get the partial to full upgrade, you get extra information on each lead pulled from Cole Realty Source.

1.     Target a Specific Audience

Landing pages should be used to target specific types of real estate clients, such as first-time Dahomey, investment buyers, and buyers looking for a retirement community. You want to use specific search engine optimization keywords to target the right online users. This will ensure you obtain leads that meet your criteria. You can set up multiple landing pages for various groups.

2.     Use Geo-Specific Real Estate Landing Pages (Think Hyperlocal)

You always want to use geo-specific or Hyperlocal landing pages that are geared towards your specific location. Otherwise, you may waste your time gather leads from clients who would never be looking for real estate in your specific area. It may mean less leads, but they will be better quality leads.

Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86% (Source)

3.     Provide Useful Information

One of the best ways to attract online users to click through to your landing pages and provide you with their contact information is to provide them with some useful real estate information. Consider offering a housing report for your area, real estate eBook guide for first-time Buyers or a neighborhood housing evaluation, in exchange for their email address. This will also make you appear to be an expert in your field and it can build trust with the visitor.

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4.     Go for the Visual Appeal

When people are searching online, they do not tend to stay on one webpage, or landing page, for very long, so you have to be able to grab their attention. Consider using a YouTube video as your landing page. You can use any type of video, such as a video that highlights a home for sale or detail a specific local neighborhood. This will be able to keep their attention long enough to want to know more and follow through by providing their information.

5.     Ask for What You Want

The absolute most important part of any landing page is the call to action. You must tell the online visitor what you want them to do, or your chance of seeing results is minimal. If you are using a form, be sure to ask them to complete the form for more information. Be careful not to ask for too much contact information because many people are very leery of providing this type of information over the internet.

Landing pages are a great way to generate useful leads for any real estate company if you know how to use them properly. The Ballen Method is a proven strategy to help companies, specifically real estate businesses generate valuable leads.

This system knows how to create effective landing pages and how to implement these pages into your search engine marketing strategies to generate powerful leads that turn into clients. The Ballen Method can help you get the landing pages you need.

  1. Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. – Econsultancy

4 Elements of a Great Landing Page

A landing page is the first experience visitors have when viewing your website. If your landing page fails to impress, you are likely to lose visitors and potential customers to your competitors. A great landing page reels visitors in and compels them to explore your website. The right landing page can make all the difference when running promotions, marketing a new product or trying to build an email list.

Specific Goal

Before designing your landing page, it is essential to know what you want to achieve. If you are trying to build a list of email subscribers, your goal may be to use your landing page to collect the names and email addresses of visitors. If you want visitors to buy your products, the goal of your landing page might be to capture the attention of potential customers and entice them to click a link for more information.

A 1 second delay in your site speed can result in a 7% reduction in conversions (Source)

Clear Message

The message contained on your landing page should be clear and consistent throughout. All elements of the landing page, including the headline, content, links, layout, design and any images, should work together to emphasize the message you want to get across to visitors. The headline should be clear and concise, providing just enough information to interest visitors and compel them to read a little further.

The overall message contained on your landing page should gently nudge the reader towards taking the desired action (e.g. entering their name and email address into a form, clicking through to a product description or sharing the page on social media).

Narrow Focus

In order to achieve your goal and get visitors to take the desired action, you need to minimize distractions and keep all of the attention focused on your message. Cut any unnecessary content from your landing page, including advertisements, redundant links and any content that has no relevance to your message. The most important content should be placed in the top third of your landing page, as this is the first impression visitors will have of your page. Some colours can distort text and make it difficult to read, so try to stick with popular fonts and colour schemes that will work on all browsers and platforms. Avoid using auto-play on videos or audio files, as they can distract and annoy visitors.

Conversion rates generally range from 1 to 3 %(Source)


Visitors need to have confidence in the security of your website, especially if they intend to disclose sensitive details, such as their credit card number and home address. If you are selling products or services on your website, it’s important to have the necessary security seals and badges for your site, as this lets potential customers know there are security measures in place to protect their details. Professional design, simple layout and authoritative content are also important for building the trust of visitors.

Before publishing your completed landing page, test the page on different browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, to see how it looks on each browser. In addition, test your landing page on different devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, to make sure that it displays correctly.

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