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30 Day Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Affiliates will want to consider signing up for the 30 Day Credit Repair Affiliate Program simply because of the sheer amount of advertising and marketing this company does all on its own – advertising and marketing you’ll be able to capitalize on as an affiliate, too.

30 Day Credit Repair promotes a “three-step solution” for helping people get their credit score back on track, guaranteeing better interest rates in record time.

A big part of this organization’s business comes from their services that remove negative items from people’s credit reports (including late payments, settlements, bankruptcies, etc.), often helping people rejuvenate their score inside 30 days.

You’ll find ads from this company on CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox, ESPN, and more!

Commission rates are close to 40% on all transactions, and cookie durations are good for 30 days. EPC averages are all over the place just because of the different services this company offers, though.

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