101 Steps to Generate Business Online

This is your comprehensive guide for getting started with online marketing. If you want to get business online , It’s important that you realize how much a content marketing strategy matters in this digital age.

You’ll want to integrate search engine optimization and pay per click search engine marketing with social strategies, lead cultivation, and conversion techniques.

Here’s a video and guide on 5 strategies you can apply to grow your business.

You’ll want to test, measure, and track for results. Internet marketing is an art. Be creative. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and dive in. There’s a lot of business to be had and money to make online.

  1. Identify Your Product and Service to Generate Business Online
  2. Choose an Audience
  3. Know your Brand Promise
  4. Choose Your Flavor
  5. Create a User Friendly Website
  6. Make it Easy for People to Pay
  7.  Make Offers
  8. Upsell and Downsell
  9.  Use Testimonials
  10. Implement Video
  11. Create a great “about” page
  12. Install Tracking
  13. Use Great Images
  14. Consider WordPress as your Website or Blog Platform 
  15. Work to Rank High on the Search Engines
  16. Blog
  17. Create Press Releases
  18. Tell a Story through your Social Profiles
  19. Use Classified Ads
  20. Personalize 
  21. Internal Linking 
  22. Find the influencers
  23. Test, Measure, Adjust
  24. Turn your Blogs into Ebooks
  25. Create Backlinks 
  26. Use Facebook 
  27. Tweet!
  28. LinkedIn for Business Connections
  29. Maximize your Google Search Engine Results Links with Snippets
  30. Use Instagram
  31. Know your Visitor Demographics
  32. Get the Most out of your Google Adwords Campaign
  33. Curate Content 
  34. Think Value!
  35. Create Slideshows
  36. Use Canva
  37. Make an App
  38. Be mobile responsive
  39. Host Webinars
  40. Create Tutorials
  41. Check your Spelling and Grammar
  42. Answer Questions 
  43. Use Google Alerts 
  44. Hire a Writer
  45. Think Speed
  46. Connect social and digital
  47. Focus on Local
  48. Create Purpose Driven Content
  49. Hold Interviews
  50. Be the Resource
  51. Follow up
  52. Be Disruptive
  53. Use a Logo
  54. Syndicate Content the Right Way
  55. Build a List
  56. Use the Long-tail 
  57. Nail the Call to Action 
  58. Use Powerful Headlines that Sell 
  59. Set a Goal
  60. Use Leverage
  61. Share the Spotlight
  62. Marry online and offline with direct mail
  63. Research your Competition
  64. Know your VIP’s
  65. Grow your Database
  66. Integrate Social Tools
  67. Master the sign up form
  68. Use Landing Pages
  69. In the beginning, bring in Pay Per Click
  70. Answer Questions and Comments on other networks
  71. Use a Newsletter   
  72. Pin it!
  73. Create Infographics
  74. Interactive Demonstrations and Virtual Tours
  75. Reward Referrals
  76. Offer Live Chat and Support
  77. Show you Care
  78. Request Reviews and Testimonials 
  79. How To Guides
  80. Use FAQ’s
  81. Think Quality over Quantity
  82. Don’t send “canned emails”
  83. Publish Often
  84. Include Case Studies
  85. Google the Email address and phone number for more details
  86. Use the Google Keyword Planner
  87. Use Polls
  88. Sponsor other events
  89. Create Best Apps lists
  90. Repurpose your Content
  91. Invite Guest Bloggers
  92. Be a Guest Blogger
  93. Live Stream
  94. Create a Podcast Series
  95. Bring leads back from the dead
  96. Fill the Gap and Find an Opportunity
  97. Create a Core group of Advocates
  98. Get your Free Listings (Google Places)
  99. Give it time
  100. Use Hashtags
  101. Be Consistent with your Contact Information

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