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Using Clicks to Website for Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for Real Estate:

Want the ENTIRE Facebook is the New Craigslist Webinar?


What URL do you want to promote? This is going to be the URL that you use to draw them to your website. Whatever website it is that you are going to use. Somebody was just asking are we only talking about creating an ad, hang tight with me, let’s get through the webinar and towards the end we are going to talk about conversion and capture and there might be some items on here that you haven’t actually done yet. We’ll keep going through this.

Put your URL that you want to take them to. Make sure it’s that long URL that is taking them exactly where you want them to go. On the next page, as you create your ad, you can include up to 6 different images at no extra cost. Now this is really, really important, you are going to want to be testing and measuring this because depending on what ads you are using, what images your using, you’ll get better responses.

But here is what you need to know, each time you add an image, it creates a new ad. If you are saying $5 a day per ad, you are going to be paying for 6 different ads. You need to monitor your campaigns, are you paying a total per campaign, are you paying a total for ad, then you are going to want to test and measure your pictures in every single one I’ve done, well I have loaded 6 pictures, one out performs the other five by a landslide and there is a second that is significant and then I go back and dump the other four and replace them and start testing those images. The images do make a significant difference.

I do not suggest that you use your KW site guys or your website lead capture page if there is any other buttons or anything else distracting, you are going to have less capture. You want a single stealth site, a landing page. If it’s in your website you can hide the framing, you can hide the header, the footer, the columns, then I would say yes.

Look for example, I have a site called point to agent is one of my sites and on that site I can hide the columns, I can hide the header, I can hide the footer and I can make it look like a three standing page. I could put the code from this page or take this page and put it in a what you see is what you get wizzy wig editor and put it in there and make it a page and I can drive them to that. You might have to be creative. The URL would be the landing page URL once you’ve created it. It wouldn’t just be your home page directly.

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