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The Long Tail Lure: How to Reel in Quality Users to Your Blog



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There are numerous situations in life when size just doesn’t matter. There are also situations when less is far better than more. When selecting keywords for your niche, however, more is the gold standard. The more detailed and extensive your keyword phrase, the better your chances of not only snagging some prime search engine real estate, but also attracting the type of premium, engaged users who will make your blog successful. The following facts will help you understand exactly what long tail keywords are, and show how you can maximize their effectiveness and make your blog successful.

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The term ‘long tail’ is a metaphor for the long, bottom end of a distribution curve representing search engine frequencies. If you have a vivid imagination, the shape of the distribution curve may remind you of a mythological dragon. Keywords are gradated by the various body parts of the dragon. For instance, the head represents the most common and basic keywords used to begin a search. An example of a core keyword search would be ‘washing machines.’ This type of search is so broad, very few people actually use it. The percentile doing so is under 15%.

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Long Tail Keywords for SEO
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The next section of the graph is the middle or ‘belly of the dragon.’ Here, the keyword terms narrow a bit, but are still broad enough to lack any type of specialized information. Instead of simply searching for ‘washing machines,’ the user is now searching for ‘Whirlpool washing machines.’ Since Whirlpool has an extensive product range, this is still a pretty broad term. Belly keywords only account for 20% of all searches.

The 800 lb. gorilla on that distribution graph is the dragon’s tail. Popularly known as “long tail keywords,” these are very narrow, descriptive and specialized keyword phrases. The long tail example of the ‘washing machines’ keyword might be ‘top-loading, Whirlpool washing machines, Canton, Ohio.” People who issue long tail keyword searches aren’t just browsing, they know exactly what they want. While these users represent smaller numbers, since their searches are so specialized, they also represent focused, attentive, and receptive visitors who are looking for specific products or content. Specialized long tail keyword searches account for a full 70% of all search engine activity.

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Users who search for broad keywords tend to jump around from website to website, not really remaining on any particular page for long. These folks carry very high bounce rates. Long tail users, however, are likely to stay on the site that has exactly what they are looking for. Not only will there be a very low bounce rate, but they are also likely to complete any needed transactions there as well.

In terms of web traffic, long tail keywords are far less competitive than head or belly alternatives. Since they are so specialized, the competition won’t be the same formidable, high-authority professionals normally found in the head or belly range. As a result, long tail keyword searches offer the chance for a higher SERP rank (Search Engine Results Page), a higher conversion rate, and greater link building potential.

A steady influx of greater numbers of mobile users has been a boon to the long tail keyword approach. Voice search apps, which allow users to issue searches in their own words, favor long tails.

When choosing long tails, be as specific and detailed as possible. The more specific and on-target your phrasing, the better your chances of ranking and attracting premium users to your blog.

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There are several keyword tools that will help you to find effective long tails. For example, Wordstream’s Keyword Tool will give you tons of keywords along with the opportunity to pinpoint more selective long tails.

Investing some time deconstructing head or core words to come up with a cache of creative long tail keywords is a sound SEO strategy. Today’s trend is toward narrow specialization, and not all-inclusive broad searches.

Tailor-make your keywords to attract a more selective and motivated user. These visitors are more likely satisfied with sites specifically addressing their search intent. Your payoff will be a higher SERP rank, lower bounce rate, better metrics, less competition, and a more successful blog.

Long tail keywords for SEO and Online Marketing. How to be the SEO Expert using strategic niche marketing and long-tail keywords.

Summerlin Las Vegas Real Estate AgentLongtail keywords have been around for nearly a decade now, but many companies are still confused as to what these specialized keywords are and how to use them effectively. The term long tail keyword was coined by editor of Wired, Chris Anderson, after he realized the power of more specialized keyword  placement.

The theory is that by not focusing on generating the most traffic to your website, but rather bringing the most valuable traffic to your website, you will be more successful. These keywords consist of three to six specialized words together that create a longer key phrase.

Long tail Keyword Marketing

The trick with long-tail keyword marketing is to use very specific SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keyword phrases that are geared toward a specific targeted online audience. Studies have proven that when consumers get closer to making an actual sale, they perform more specific online searches. The goal of longtail keywords is to attract those specific online users who are ready to make a purchase.

For those in the real estate industry, the use of longtail keywords will  help to attract those online users who have already done some research and are ready to start looking for a new home to purchase. This significantly increases your chances of obtaining a lead that will translate into a client. While you may not generate as much traffic to your website, the traffic you get will be of better quality.

Benefits of Long tail Keywords

One of the most significant benefits of longtail keywords is that is a less competitive iinternet marketing strategy. This also improves you chances of obtaining a valuable lead. For example, if you simply use a short keyword like Miami Homes, you will be competing with every single realtor in the Miami area. However, if your use a long tail keyword like Retirement Condos in Miami, you will reduce the number of realtors you are competing against.

In addition, you will only be attracting those people in the Miami area who are looking for retirement condos in Miami. If you create a landing page that provide valuable information to this targeted group, you improve you chance of obtaining a new client.

Long tail Keywords for the Real Estate Market

The idea of using long tail keywords is to create keywords that match what the consumer is searching for in the search engine. This type of keyword marketing will target a specific type of home buyers. With SEO tactics in mind, you want to create strategic longtail keywords that include important real estate features, such as specific neighborhoods, or areas, such as beachfront, downtown, or gated-community. You also want to use keywords that include various types of properties, such as townhomes, single-family homes, vacation home, or investment property.

In addition, you always want to be location-specific when using longtail keywords to ensure you are targeting people looking for property in your specific area. The more specific you are, the better able you will be at attracting the right clientele to your real estate business.

The exact long tail keywords that you will want to use depends on your specific location and the type of real estate you have available. However, you want to always think about what the homebuyers are looking for, such as a large yard, nice schools, or prime location. The Ballen Method is a proven SEO marketing strategy that is designed to help real estate agencies create the right type of longtail keywords that will work best for their specific area. This strategy will help attract high-quality leads for those who are ready to start searching for a home.



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