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SEO Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Business


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizing. This mean you optimize your real estate website so it gets free and organic traffic from a search engine such as Google.com. SEO has evolved a lot over the recent years, and some tips have become more prioritized than others. Diversifying your strategies for your Internet marketing is necessary if you want a well-run website and more clients.

Social Media: a Top Choice in Internet Marketing

Social media gives real estate businesses a chance to connect with clients like never have before and has become an integral part of Internet marketing strategy. Connecting with customers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ lets people interact with your services, not simply receive advertising. By combining your social media efforts with SEO, you will get more social media network discovery and the ability to attract links for improved ranking. Learning the social media game takes practice, study, and mastery. It takes a strategic purpose, and a plan.

The internet marketing and social media road map begins with finding your audience. Know their preferences, behaviors, and methods of publishing and sharing. Many businesses track their customers with a social media monitoring software that identifies conversations and keywords.

The role of SEO in Internet marketing is to influence the discovery of content or social communities via search. For instance, if you search for Zappos on Google, you will find more than shoes. Social media sites are easily on the first page of search results.  

Focus on both interaction and content, because it is content that people read and share. Whether you publish keyword-rich content or make an opportunity for consumer-generated content, you must use proactive promotion and make the content easy to share among your followers.

Content is KEY

Content is important in Internet marketing, and fresh, creative content is what Google looks for.  Ask yourself often If your content adds value to your user. If so, it will attract readers, and Google will credit you by placing your site higher in the search engine ranking. Continued escalation in competition among search engines to present the most relevant information places extra emphasis on information websites contain, particularly on original content and its quality.

Use Longtail Keywords for Better Results

Keyword Use is one of the most vital things you should consider in Internet marketing. To be higher ranked in Google, you need to know who is already dominating page one for major keywords in your area and how competitive the phrases are. Choosing any random keyword won’t help your site because it could be either highly competitive or rarely searched. With proper keyword use (Longtail) you will not only improve your rank but also better find a target audience that can enhance your business. Example. If I were to focus on ‘Las Vegas Real Estate’ as a keyword string, I will be competing against the major players (and spenders) such as Zillow, and Trulia. But I were to focus on a niche… ‘Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist’, I can dominate page 1. 

Press Releases

Most people don’t pay much attention about HOW the news they read, or view, actually becomes “news”, or how it gets onto the web site, or in the news broadcasts. While many people realize that there are News Reporters, what people usually don’t know is that reporters also rely on information being sent to them in the form of a Press Release, sometimes also called Media Release. In many instances news reporters actually look for Press Releases as a source for their news-gathering, columns, and/or broadcasts.

This is particularly true for Internet News, because the world of the Internet moves so fast that what is news now can be old news in a few minutes. News literally devours information. Therefore, as a successful practitioner of The Ballen Method, one of the “secrets” to YOUR success is knowing how to create, construct, and send out a Powerful Press Release. And not just to send it out – but to have it SEEN and READ.

Improve User Experience to Enhance Your Real Estate Business

SEO is all about visitors, and one aspect usually neglected is user experience. When a user lands on your page, the experience doesn’t stop there. Factors such as bounce rate, site speed, and average time spent on your site effects your search ranking. By making user experience a top priority in your Internet marketing, people will stay longer on your site, which naturally boosts traffic and increases your search engine ranking. 

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