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How to use SEMRUSH to find Competitor Traffic and Ideas for Blog Posts

So here’s a tip.. (Watch Video for Tutorial)

1.) Go online and google ‘your city real estate’ or your ‘city homes’ or whatever your business is.

2.) Open that website in your browser, Copy the URL

3.) Go to SemRush: http://bit.ly/ALSemRush (use my free trial)

4.) Paste in the URL where it reads “enter domain” – Click Search

5.) Scroll down to Organic Keywords and click Full Report

6.) In the Organic Keywords results, look for the Traffic Column

7.) Starting with highest to lowest, look at the highest percentage of traffic coming from this sites keywords. Now, if the keyword fits your market, go build a GREAT page or post around that keyword!! It probably means it’s a lower competition keyword that still has enough searches to make it valuable. Note where your competition ranks for that keyword. Now, go beat them. I used my Vegas real estate team as an example in this video and WELCOME any and all competition. Feel free to to use me as an example, just don’t directly take the content from my pages please. Thank You!!

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