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How to build an operations manual ONLINE

That will save you a lifetime of training and repeating steps.

In this 90 minute webinar, Lori Ballen, who owns a top producing real estate team in Las Vegas yet doesn’t sell real estate herself, will show you how to build an online operations manual using WordPress.

You’ll learn:

  1. The Set Up – Where to go, What you need, And how to do it
  2. Installing Users with special permissions to control privacy
  3. Setting up Pages
  4. Using Categories
  5. Creating Instructional Posts
  6. Capturing Video for expanding your  knowledge base
  7.  Attaching Files
  8. Screen Capture for How To Videos
  9. What content matters
  10. How to get your team members involved in GROWING the manual

Even if you have nobody else besides you in your organization today, starting this operations manual will save you a lifetime of training later.

Lori now hires her team members and simply plugs them into the operations manual and then holds them accountable for independent training and results.

The operations manual does not replace accountability, but it can completely replace the “step by step how to” you find yourself doing with each new hire.

***Note – There IS a cost associated with WordPress although you’ll find it amazingly affordable


How to Build an Online Operations Manual – A Ballen Academy Curriculum

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Product Description

No matter where you are in your business, an operations manual is a must have. When you do the work today, you can avoid massive amounts of manual training later. It’s not complicated. You simply record what you do and add it to website as we show you in this training. You can set up users and protect your manual by allowing only certain users to see certain things. When you hire your first administrator, their first role should be to grow the operations manual by constantly adding new procedures to the manual. It will take buy in from the entire team to use it, but it’s a very valuable tool.

This course will give you the step by step guide to building your online operations manual on WordPress

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