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How Do I build a content rich Real Estate Website?

How Do I build a content rich Real Estate Website?

Think about the content. The best content solves problems. If you really think about it, every buyer and seller has a problem. The buyer’s problem is that they want to buy X for X amount of money in X amount of time, and they want YOU to solve it for them. The seller’s problem is that they want to sell X for X amount of money in X amount of time, and they also want YOU to solve it for them – and make it easy, painless, and profitable.

Great Real Estate Website for real estate agents

What they ALL want to know is THIS:

How long will it take?
How much will it cost?
How much will it earn?
What Could Happen?
What Else could happen?

And, what are YOU going to do about it?

A great way to give them these answers is by using actual examples. Write a Blog about a problem you solved negotiating a short sale (if that’s your niche). Or talk about that luxury home you listed and how you sold it in 23 days. Or write about the home your buyer purchased that was new and under construction, and all about how you saved the day on that purchase vs. them using the “on site” builder agent. Every day you are solving problems. The key is to identify that you are doing it, and then put it on the web and publish it. You don’t have to be a fancy writer. You just have to tell your story.

But keep it authentic, and keep it accurate. Don’t “embellish” it. Instead, give the details and always, always, show how YOU solved the problem in the end. This is what is going to get you the business after you tell the story.

Press Releases make great content. Tying in directly with the previous paragraph, press releases are news that tell a story. They can be used for problem solving content in the same way your Blog post can. The major difference is that a press release is written in the 3rd person, while a Blog is more of a personal story telling. But honestly, they can be interchanged. A Blog post can become a press release, and a press release can become a Blog post, and both can be used as web site content.


Another great way to show your problem solving skills and techniques is through testimonials. Testimonials are even better than you telling the story, because they are from a 3rd party. Such 3rd party endorsements tend to be more believable and more powerful. Every time you close a property, ask for the testimonial. Anytime you can also get in on Video – do it.

A Great way to handle that is to tell the client that you have a closing gift for them, and when you deliver it you would like to take a 30 second video testimonial. This gives them time to prepare for how they will look. You can also take the pressure off by giving them a little cheat sheet that tells them what you will ask.

Examples of great Questions for Testimonials:

  1. How was your overall experience?
  2. Did you buy or a sell a home?
  3. How long did it take?
  4. Anything you would like to add?
  5. Would you use us again and tell others to use our services?

Other great content can come from your 3rd party vendors, with permission from the author of such posts or testimonials. Or even better – ask THEM to write the content for you. Your mortgage lender, your title company, your home inspector, your home stager etc. etc. They all have articles and information to share. You just have to ask. Fill your web site with articles and Blog posts from your vendors that tie directly into your field. As long as their content is not being used for the masses on the web, it will appear to be unique content for you. Just remember – the magic word here is: “Ask”. Don’t just take.

Add also Relocation guides, short sale information, government programs for financing a home, seller tips, home buyer guides, home seller guides etc. etc. Just one relocation guide gives you pages and pages of content. And if it is content that is already widely used, then use it as a platform to build your own. Use the guide as an inspiration, and then create your own, one sentence at a time. Soon, you will have a paragraph, and then a page, and then you’ll have a guide of your own, and all the web site content to boot. Now that’s a Win!

Use Video

Video is power. Therefore, whenever possible remember to use video as well. We are in the age of visuals, and consumers want video. Point and click and publish. Make it easy. Use your computer. Use your smart phone. Capture neighborhood events, houses, or shoot informational videos where you talk about your specialty.

Myth busting is always a popular video topic. Interview your vendors. Have your vendors interview you. Talk about a listing you just took, or just sold. Remember, people do business with people they know or THINK they know, so think video! It causes the Think-you-know to happen.

Add Relevant Pages Around Your Content

Something else to think about, as specifically related to real estate, is adding pages or Blog posts around your listings. You can basically create individual landing pages for these listings that have their own subdomain.

You can also www.register.com addresses from a web site such as www.godaddy.com , for example: www.123housestreet.com , and point the URL to the landing page URL in the site itself.
These should include property photos, mortgage calculators to determine what their house payment might be, maybe downloadable PDF brochures, and links for additional info, as well as lead capture with an offer such as: “Be notified if any changes take place in regard to price or status on this home.” Or: “Search the entire [your city] housing market now for homes just like this one.”

This is a huge WOW for your sellers, plus these pages generally have additional search engine “food” such as neighborhood details, keywords around your market area, and real estate terminology that all feed back to your web site’s theme.


About Us – Meet Our Team

Your web site should also have an About, or Meet page, in addition to a Contact Us page. Your About-Meet page is the chance to sell yourself, your designations, the awards you have won, how your team was build, what brokerage you are with, and so on.But even when you are pitching yourself, it’s best to make it as much about the consumer as you can. If you are in the top 1% of your industry, follow it up by saying that this means the customer is getting more when they hire you. If you say you are a Certified Distressed Property Expert, let them know what that means and how that protects and benefits them.

Remember also to use offers, items of value, free reports, lead capture, and urgency throughout your web site as well. It’s great to have your visitor on your web site, but if you are not actively working to capture their information, it doesn’t mean much.

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