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Content Marketing – the Lifeblood of SEO and Success for Every Online Business

Content marketing has become a vital component – in fact THE most vital component – to a successful overall online marketing strategy and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign for businesses.  Once upon a time, content was created simply for the purpose of keyword optimization.  Today, this approach doesn’t work, and could in fact get your business penalized by search engines.  Instead of an “accessory” advertising tactic, content marketing has become a focal point of effective and successful marketing.

Are SEO and content marketing one and the same?

Girl is doing Content Marketing on her computerNot exactly.  Content marketing is an essential component of SEO, and the two go together like peanut butter and jelly – or chocolate, if you’re a Reese’s lover.  Consumers looking for information about a product or service love information, answers to their questions, and content that provides value – and so do search engines.  In fact, Google demands relevant, unique, fresh and exceptional quality content, one reason it’s so vital to successful SEO today.

Unlike the content of several years ago, it’s not about keyword optimization.  If you’ve been in business for five or 10 years and promoted your business online, you know that at one point it was enough to write content (any old content, really, regardless of its value) and optimize that content for keywords or search terms/phrases.  Today, this is what could get you banned with search engines!

Delivering engaging, informative, relevant content that’s unique and stands apart from your competitors is what it’s all about.

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Content marketing and SEO do overlap – in fact, quite a lot

While content marketing and search engine optimization do differ in some critical areas, it’s just impossible to separate the two.  Search engine optimization is a bit more technical, while content marketing is a broader way to reach your target audience.  The two converge when SEO is applied in a way that channels its clearly defined technical aspects into content marketing, and vice versa – applying SEO techniques in implementing a content marketing strategy is the sole method of ensuring its success.

Looking at it from another viewpoint
Ballen Content Marketing StrategyUltimately, content marketing fulfills the demands of SEO requirements.  Without content, search engine optimization simply doesn’t exist.  In order to reach your target audience, it’s vital to use content, but not any old content.  The articles, web pages, blog posts, social media posts, the very keywords and verbiage you use must deliver what your potential lead or customer is looking for, whether more information, answers to questions, specifications, price, availability, quality when compared to other providers in your industry, and more.  However, even in your content marketing efforts you must consider SEO, because without including the keywords or search phrases consumers actually key in when looking for your product/service, how else would they find it?

However, content marketing is NOT about stuffing content with search phrases.  It’s about context, using synonyms, but most important of all delivering relevant, useful results, valuable content that is everything your potential customer is looking for.  What it isn’t about is rehashing the same old content found on other websites or blogs in your industry!

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Quality inbound links are essential for effective SEO, but formed through content marketing

BacklinksSearch engines consider a quality, relevant link pointing to your article or web page as a “vote” in favor of your content.  How better to attract inbound links from industry leaders and relevant sites to your own than through amazing content?  The very best way to attract strong links that help your SEO is through frequent publishing of killer content!

Essentially, you want to continually develop content that’s worth linking to.  Not only does this make a dramatic difference in your search engine results, your content gets even more exposure as visitors of those sites that link to yours can enjoy the informative, engaging content you’ve shared!

There’s one simple way to tie it all up together.  Without SEO, your content marketing efforts will fail; without content marketing, your SEO efforts will fail.  Success with one isn’t possible without the other.  Also keep in mind that content marketing isn’t about putting an article out there occasionally, but like the Energizer bunny is about content that keeps on going, and going, and going.  Create amazing content all of the time, never stop, and you’ll see why content marketing is the lifeblood of SEO and success for your business.

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