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What Content Should I Add to my IDX Pages?

Lori sits on the computer and answers questions about lead generation: question says "what content should I add to my idx pages on my real estate website"Depends on the competition, and on the page. Does it make sense to talk about? Is there something people would WANT to read? Do they want more info on that area? The schools? The income? The parks? The jobs? Or is it just a “homes with a pool under 300K?” page. Ask yourself, if I was visiting this page, what would I be looking for? Don’t think SEO, think VALUE to the consumer.

I use comprehensive data to make decisions like this. For example, I once created a page about horse property in Las Vegas. I wrote about how to find a great horse property, what the best horse stalls look like and so forth. It was probably 600 words of content. Nobody read it. How do I know? I used my heat and click overlay maps to test it. Nobody read the text. Yet my horse property page performed well. Why? Because people were looking for horse property for sale. They already had horses and they already knew what they wanted. Therefore, my content wasn’t necessary. What was necessary was the list of homes for sale.

On another note, I have a community page about a master planned community in Las Vegas called Summerlin. Although people may know they want to live in Summerlin, they may not understand that it’s comprised of a couple dozen villages, each with it’s own feel, energy, look, and amenities. They want to read about the schools and the places to work and the parks and such on a community page like this.

Think like your consumer, and you’ll know how to build content.

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