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Getting To Know Your WordPress Site

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So you have a brand new WordPress site, but where do you begin? You need to get to know your WordPress site and how to navigate it, so that you can get started with your online marketing through WordPress.

The Login Process

When logging into your WordPress account, your login URL is your domain name followed by /wordpress-admin.

Example: www.yourwebsitehere.com/wordpress-admin

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Your Dashboard

When you Login to your WordPress site, you will be taken to your dashboard. The dashboard is made up of your left sidebar, top menu bar, and a preview window which will give you access to all of the details of the menu that you select from your sidebar or menu bar.

The SideBar

1Your sidebar (by default) is made up of the following categories.

  • Posts – This is where you can create a new blog post for your site or manage existing posts and drafts.
  • Media – This is where you can manage your photos, documents, etc. that you have added to your site. You can use this same option to add new media to your site.
  • Pages – You can use this option to create pages on your site or manage existing pages and drafts.
  • Comments – If you choose to have comments enabled on your site and posts, you can manage and respond to these comments here.
  • Appearance – In this menu, you will be able to manage:
    • Your Themes
    • Your Widgets
    • Your Menus
  • Plugins – This is where you can add new plugins or manage/update existing plugins.
  • Users – If you need to change your password or grant access to an admin/IT department to your site, you can set them up with a user account here.
  • Settings – This is were you can manage the settings and details of your existing plugins and your general settings such as your site title, url, etc.

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