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Adding to Your Business Building Arsenal – Awesome App’s for Marketers

You regularly update your company’s blog with fresh posts. You share engaging posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You thought you were doing a good job at customer outreach, yet somehow your engagement rates are not what they should be. It could be time you upped your visual marketing efforts. No, you don’t need to be a design wizard or a fabulously talented artist. Thanks to the ever-increasing number of visual applications, it is easier than ever to create enticing eye candy for your brand’s audience. Check out the following App’s for marketers with visual marketing applications to see which ones will make your short-list of must-use brand building resources:

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App's for MarketersFor brand builders on the hunt for a visual marketing tool, Assembly is a must-discover iTunes application. This powerful interface lets you create anything from a company logo to a content marketing graphic. With a myriad of design tools at your disposal you can create vector art, layer designs, collaborate with coworkers, and save your files in multiple formats. You may not have gone to school to become a graphic designer, but this application sure can make you feel like one. Be careful; once you discover the power of Assembly, you’re going to have a hard time not using it in your visual branding efforts.

More App’s for Marketers

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Kanvas - App for MarketersIf live-streaming video is part of your consumer outreach strategy, add Kanvas to your list of must-use video marketing tools. Their handy iOS application lets you live-stream 15-second video clips as well as adorn your image creations with multiple embellishments. Add stickers, drawings, and text overlays to your images and even share GIF creations with your audience. If you love Kanvas on an App, you’ll probably like her Desktop sister Canva.com
** Canva is a Ballen Brands Favorite


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Currently accepting early access requests, this app for marketers, Stacker lets brand building teams collaborate on mobile-first visual compositions. Multiple team members can contribute to a presentation and include everything from text to slide transitions and visual elements. With engagement analytics, real-time updating, and multiple format saving options, Stacker is a must-discover tool for companies hoping to increase the amount of eye candy in their content marketing efforts.

With tantalizing tools like these at your disposal, your business can stand out amongst your competitors with ease. Creating engaging content is no longer just the work of professional content marketers and graphic designers. Will you be adding any of the above-listed applications into your company’s brand building strategy?

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