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5 Great Tips to Ensure Real Estate Video Marketing Success

5 Great Tips to Ensure Real Estate Video Marketing Success

5 Great Tips to Ensure Real Estate Video Marketing SuccessRelated posts:

As the digital revolution has totally taken over the real estate marketing world, marketing concepts and methodologies have totally evolved. Companies that used to pour 80 percent of the budget into offline marketing mediums have totally flip the script in the opposite direction. One of the most powerful online marketing mediums – hands down – is video marketing. Video is engaging and it translates across a vast number of cultural, business and demographic lines. It is the most universal method of customer engagement available.

One of the things that deter some real estate agents and marketers from fully embracing video marketing is the belief that creating a video campaign is inherently expensive and that the price point to obtain the type of response that they are looking for will be too high. The truth is that there are some basic tips that will help you improve your chances of launching a successful video campaign right out of the gate, and it will not cost a fortune.

Use YouTube

There are a plethora of video cites on which you can host your video, but YouTube is – by far – the platform with the broadest reach and the greatest viral impact. First of all, YouTube is actually the second largest search engine on the internet behind Google who happens to own YouTube. YouTube has more than 1 billion unique visitors each month, while over 6 billion hours of videos are watch on the site every month. Uploading your video content on YouTube will present immediate exposure. Click this link to find tips on embedding your video on your site.

Make Content Relevant and Compelling

Whether you are providing educational content about your particular industry or area of expertise, it is vital that you take the time to consider what you will present and how you will present it. Keep in mind that users are in a situation in which there are an endless number of sources vying for their attention, if your content is not relevant and compelling they will lose interest and move on to your competitors content.

Compelling video content will create an opportunity to boost your organic growth. People are searching for content that addresses their particular needs and wants, the more you focus on delivering that, the better off you will be.

Optimization is Key

Once you have actually completed your video, you will still need to make some strategic decisions as to what keywords you wish to use. It is these keywords that will carry great gravity in determining how high your video ranks in particular searches. It is also important to be aware of the fact that Google gives a great deal of weight and authority to the videos from YouTube – for obvious reasons. Click here to find more ways top optimize your video.

Create a Strong Call-to-Action

An effective call-to-action is an extremely important element of successful video marketing. Don’t assume that the user or visitor will innately take the action you desire them to take. Create a directive that tells them the next step after engaging the content. If the content is compelling and relevant enough and the call-to-action is precise and effective they will follow through.

During the editing process you can create a graphic in the lower third of the frame that provides distinct instructions including your URL address.


Create a sharing campaign. Take the time to share your video across numerous blogs and all of the multitudinous social media channels. The more frequently your video is shared, the higher your visibility. This sharing campaign will also help to increase your search rankings, much in the same way as link building does for written content.

Increase Interaction

Find ways to encourage viewers to like and share the video. The more likes you get the more viewers you will get. It is exactly like the posts that you see on social media cites. The more of a buzz that is created by the post the more often you will see it appear off feeds.

It does not take a hefty budget to ensure the success of your video marketing campaign, only planning and persistence.

  Secrets of Powerful Video for Real Estate Agents- eBook  

People do business with people they know, or think they know. Video makes people think they know us. They can see how we move, hear our voice, see our style and personality – all in a video. When done properly, video can be a very powerful tool to reach the audience with YOUR message, and drive them to YOUR product. We are in a very visual world, and we have to feed into that world to get the desired results for which we are looking.

Video is also incredibly popular with all search engines. When a video is made correctly, and the proper steps are included in the video, the search engines will index them. Pay Per Click with video can also be a good choice. Video stands out on the page, and therefore if you have to pay to have your video featured this can be a win-win – when controlled properly. But with any pay per click you must be hands on, set strict budgets, carefully choose the audience you want to see your video, and be sure it’s set properly with the right keywords. Download the eBook now…

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